Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sending out 2014 with a big spending bang !

Have you ever gone to a fabric or hobby store, intending to spend maybe five or ten bucks, and walk out having blown about $25. ? Reason I’m asking is because I don’t want to feel like an idiot alone. ‘Cause that’s exactly what happened at Jo-ann’s today – and that’s with a 15% off everything coupon !

Well, $6. of it wasn’t mine – I got Dearest Son a Transformers poster-and-stickers pack, and he selected a pack of silver Sharpies to plus-up his Optimus Prime, from his allowance. He spent the rest of it on a Deluxe Age of Extinction Bumblebee on markdown from Amazon. We really get the most for our money in a Prime subscription – just in free shipping ! And I got to see two great documentaries on Drive-In movie theaters this week, also for free.

So, yeah, I did go a little crazy. Got a MH ‘charm pen’ for a dollar, and couldn’t decide between the $1. green sequin tiara and the blue one. So I got both, and got the discount on ‘em, too. The only post-holiday markdown item I got was some pretty blue ribbon at 75% off. They had some gorgeous wreaths, also at 75% off, but I’d rather pick one out with Beloved Hubby, so even at $10., I had to turn them down.

Jo-ann’s also had a lot of Frozen stuff, but it was mostly what I’d seen at Hancock Fabrics earlier, so it was easy to move along. Not to even mention I’d already bought three Elsa embroidery designs this morning… Only reason I even got off my round rear was because of the 40% off batting sale – I finally found a free tutorial for microwave bowl potholders, something I’ve wanted to sew since I saw the pattern offered for $5. on . These are kind of floppy fabric bowls that go under a bowl in the microwave, so you can remove it without burning your fingers trying to get a potholder under it. Only problem is, you need non-polyester, all cotton batting for them, and all I had was some Poly-Fil from a yard sale. So I bought a package of Wrap-N-Zap, made just for microwave projects, same price as regular cotton batting. It even comes with a free pattern for microwave potato bags on the back. Between the coupon and the sale, I snagged it for half price – and for less than the pattern cost ! (grin)

Fat quarters were on sale for 99¢, so I snagged two, and got half-yards of three lovely fabrics from the discount racks. Their remnants are just as confusingly labelled, price-wise, as Hancock’s are, so the two I was interested in got put back. I wanted the discount half-yards more. They also had the black elastic I originally wanted for the MH bleachers, so I snagged an eight-yard pack. I’ll probably just replace the three bottom rows' elastic, since even I can’t see the bands on the upper rows.

A sheet of glittery white fun foam  and the craftsy shopping bag I’ve wanted for months wrapped things up, just as it started to snow. Only a light dusting, it was nearly over by the time we arrived home. And that’s how I went for about $5. and came home with $25. in a tote bag. It’s also why I rarely go to Jo-ann’s. I may be an idiot, and yes, a broke one – but I’m also a very happy one !

And the green tiara is quite comfortable.

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