Thursday, December 4, 2014

It was busy today no matter where I went. Even Harbor Freight !

"Cool," Billy thought. "I got sent to a house
with a disco ball in it !"
Whoof. All the books are home now. Dearest Son and I used every last box we scored from the liquor store – I thought I’d overestimated, but it turned out just right – and they all fit in Emmy-car on the first run, although it was a pretty tight fit. I found more books on today’s second run, but they’re Beloved Hubby’s textbooks, and thanks to the mortgage mess, he’s not going back to school next semester. (sigh)  So I’m not sure what to do with them, I may just snag ‘em next trip and let him decide. My PineCone survey funds deposited to Checking, so  we also stopped by Harbor Freight and picked up the anti-fatigue floor mats I wanted. Last week, they were $10., this week, they’re $7. It’s a set of four that interlock, but I’m putting two in the kitchen, by the sink and stove, and two in the garage Shop, Beloved Hubby can decide where they go in there.

Also hit up Dollar Tree. We needed a cat box sifter (desperately !) and bread, and since Monday and today are bread truck days, it was good timing. I also got everyone a snack and another bottle of ibuprofen for Beloved’s glove box. Seems the last bottle vanished, darn the luck.

So I’m broke again, but it’s perfectly fine. Nothing I really want right now, besides a washer and dryer, anyway. Dearest Son was amazed at how the liquor store just puts out neat, colorful cardboard boxes with awesome dividers in 'em for anyone to take. For free ! Even someone not old enough to go inside can snag as many boxes as they please. I explained that it actually helps the business, since every box we claim is less cardboard the liquor store has to pay to get rid of – most businesses are billed by weight for their trash service, instead of by the can like he’s used to. Which is probably why most of our favorite Chinese restaurants employ at least a pound of cardboard in every take-out order. That, and it does help to keep the dinner containers separate and upright in the bag. Possibly even hot, the food is always steaming when we open the lids, whereas McD’s stuff is usually half cold by the time we get to the driveway.

Reused two wine boxes and got another load of booze boxes and filled nearly all of them up after lunch. I’ll soon be very grateful for the recycling bin ! I even moved my single-shelf bedside bookcase into Emmy-car’s trunk and up the stairs here, by m’self. That wasn’t much – four of those book-boxes, now getting those more than five feet was a Feat of Strength for me. Dearest couldn’t even lift them.

And we about have it all. Beloved has some tools and there’s stuff too big for Emmy – my emergency O2 tank, three tall bookcases, one midsize one, my jewelry armoire, the computer desk chairs, my bicycle – and I’m sure I’m forgetting some stuff. But everything I can think of, or have missed, is already here. Or is a bookcase.

Busy day for the house, too. Our second CityOf trash pick-up can got delivered today – we’re gonna need it for a while to help get rid of all the (expletive deleted) the previous tenants left behind. Just in time for tomorrow’s pick-up. And, amazingly, as night fell on a foggy, dreary day, Invisi Billy made his debut. I really wasn’t even hoping that he’d be here tomorrow, but here he is, barely three days after I ordered him. Wow.

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