Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cheers ! Happy 2015 !

(lol) Made from-scratch hash browns from some starting-to-go potatoes, and they were delicious ! It’s a big effort, takes a long time, and makes a huge mess, so I don’t do it often. Dearest Son, despite loving the hash brown patties we buy at Aldi’s, didn’t want any… but just as I was putting the last shreds on, he said that maybe he’d like a couple of the patties. Not my home-made crispy delights, which was kind of like telling your Mom you don’t want her made-just-for-you peanut butter and favorite jelly sandwich, but you’d really like an Uncrustable. He got the stink eye for that one. And made himself something else for breakfast.

Otherwise, I was busy. Put the new Dollar Tree calendars up. For the first time in three years, I don’t have an MH one. Was tempted to get the little one for the February image of Ghoulia and Slo Mo, but (spoiler alert !) the same image is included in the classroom-exchange Valentine’s Day cards I also got at DTree. Did three loads of laundry – had to get that freshly cheap-serged new fabric washed – and finally got off my lazy rear and conquered the last four cabinets I’ve put off since we moved. Got tired of moving and working around stuff that was supposed to be *in* those cabinets, so I got to work getting them clean and ready to use. The previous tenants had a real bug problem, hence the delays. I didn’t wanna deal with it either ! But the vacuum cleaner is my new friend, it’s done, took less than a half hour (ain’t that always the way with something you put off for weeks/months !), and the last of our kitchen / laundry area clutter is home where it belongs. Whew ! I’m very proud of that.

Waiting ‘til tomorrow to take down the tree, but I went ahead and got about half the Junior-fur out of the tree skirt and put that away before he claimed it again. He liked to drag it over to the vent by the patio door and have a nice warm nap several times a day. Still trying to figure out how a cat untied the thing, several times, but some mysteries are never solved.

I’m not sure what got me so charged today – I’m exhausted now ! – unless it’s possibly reading a bit from unf** (and yes, it is spelled out correctly at the site. It uses some language but is quite encouraging, so if you can tolerate (or even kind of expect or sort of like) the profanity, you may wanna check ‘em out. The challenges are simple, don’t take very long, but so far, each one has left me with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Oh and Aldi’s pouch-style dishwashing detergent  (20 for $2.49 here) works very well. I’d have bought the regular powder stuff, but it’s hard to compare cost per use when nothing on the box says ‘use Q ounces per load’, so far all I know the powder is a worse buy.  We may need a rinse agent, as the melmac plates often end up with some residue on them. Sparkly clean otherwise, though.

Blue tiara fits well, too.

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