Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It'll be a while - I love this place so much !

    Yaay ! Invisi Billy is on his way. Mattel shipped him late last night, and he’s already in CapitolCity ! I might have him here by Friday – too bad all my other MH dolls are still in the boxes I packed them in yesterday. Without the bookcase and shelves, my dolls have to stay safely stored for a little while. But the bookcase will probably be here tomorrow, as Beloved Hubby has the day off. Hoping for shelves soon !

    I really should have gone after the books today, but I was just plain wiped out. Instead, I shuffled and stored all my fabric and doll props and other stuff. That took hours, but I now have everything where I can get to it and there’s still space to move around in. The doll boxes are where the bookcase will go, kind of reserving the space.

    From there, I started cleaning up the kitchen. There’s evidence of bugs, so I’m vacuuming out the shelves and putting down some shelf paper. We lucked out – Beloved found several rolls of new Contact beige shelf paper in a house remodel, headed for the Dumpster. I now have several beige shelves, with more to come. Hard part is getting to the back of some of those shelves, I have to hold up the vacuum with one hand and wave the hose around with the other !

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