Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's the most spendiest day of the year...

Beloved Hubby asked me to run up to Mal-Wart, pick up some mechanical pencils he likes. I agreed – it’s been a while since we went, we needed a few random grocery items, and Dearest Son had a list of stuff he wanted to look at. It wasn’t until about midmorning when I realized – today’s the last Saturday before Christmas. Quite literally the biggest cha-ching sales day of the entire year. And I was going to Mal-Wart ? Oh, my !

I put it off for hours, and we ended up not going ‘til 10pm. It wasn’t very crowded then, but our very weary cashier told me it’d been a full-court press of humanity all day long ‘til about 9pm. We’d driven past earlier, about 2pm, and I took note that the parking lot was so full, cars were lined up along the ditches, in the traffic islands within the lot, and even the auto service lot was filled. Both turning lanes to get in and out were slow as parade routes. I was glad we were headed elsewhere !

So I spent the morning cutting up cardboard – a resource I am well-stocked in right now ! – for the MH bleacher adaption. Got it all measured and taped up and ready to go. If tomorrow is as grey and blah as today, I should have them all deboxed and seated by that night. About time ! I miss them… Before I knew it, it was time to face the retail music.

Dearest found the Transformers aisle – he’s back into them now – and decided to spend his allowance on one. He was all settled on “Lockdown”, a Lamborghini-style bounty hunter, because his currently very thin lineup contains no bad guys or morally ambiguous characters. Then I found a “Bumblebee”, and poor Lockdown had to deal with shelfdom once again. Even though he still has his old ’07 ‘Bee, that’s his favorite character, and the new version is fun to transform. Even I played with him. He will probably find a few new ones under the tree shortly. Maybe even a Lockdown…

Nothing new in MH, although ours had an entire case of Casta Spellas sitting out. I love the School Lounge playset, for both the Ghoulia and Slo Mo paper dolls modeling and the pieces themselves, but there is simply no way I can either use or store them. Got a good look at the Catacombs playset, and it really looks cool, but I’m still just not interested. Eyed the DP&M knockoff Sparkle Girlz (Girlz come in every size from 4 to 19 inches) since they now come with clothes other than ‘Ballerina’ and ‘Generic Princess’, but even the new clothes are more ‘HyperPink Pop Star’ than anything else, so I didn’t buy one.

About all I did buy – besides mechanical pencils, Miracle Whip, salsa, and malt vinegar – was eight yards of quarter-inch braided elastic. I had just enough to finish my amendments to the MH bleachers so I can get them out of their boxes, hopefully tomorrow, so I needed to restock. Beloved can’t complain about $1.77 ! 

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