Sunday, December 14, 2014

Nightmare stands guard until the students, faculty, and parents of Monster High return...

Was planning on not unpacking my dolls for a bit longer yet – even though I miss them like crazy and almost can’t create anything without them, there were so many other ‘house’ tasks I needed to complete, it seemed almost selfish of me to take care of my things first. But then I watched Beloved Hubby enjoy his stuff and internet hobbies with quite a lot on his ‘to do’ list, too, and decided they’d been penned up too long. So, while he napped, I cleared and swept the space, then Dearest Son and I moved one of the bookcases into our ‘parlor’ (i.e., where the Arena is, I’ve started to call it The Salon) and took a break for lunch. Another dismal, no-sun day, so we had soup and I tried to perk m’self up with some coffee.

I could hardly wait to get my dolls back, but I knew if I rushed, I’d probably end up with another tummy-ache, as I’m starting to think at least some of these too-frequent roils are stress or just plain psychosomatic. The pain is real, but I’ve come to wonder if it isn’t a bit convenient at times. Not to mention I had to clean the shelves and bookcase first.

So I dawdled a bit, strung out my coffee, and plotted where the MH shelf would go. I almost hate to mess with the doll bleachers again – removing one (or attempting to) wrecks the whole thing – but I doubt the shelf could hold 60+ dolls on stands. Plus I’d most likely run into the whole ‘touch one and spend the next ten minutes picking the rest up off the floor’ thing just the same. So I’ve come up with two amendments to the bleachers, and until I’ve attempted the ‘fixes’, the MH crew has to stay boxed a bit longer. Beloved woke up and installed the shelf, a bit lower this time, so I can reach everybody. Much as I loved where it was at ThatPit, between the shelf’s height and the width of the Arena table, I could barely reach anybody anyway. I want all my dolls accessible this time !

So as night – and a hail-loaded thunderstorm – approach, nearly all my dolls are out, but none sixth-scale are posed or arranged. But that’s OK, I have the rest of the week to get that done. At least now, I can see everyone, and I have plans. Yaaay ! 

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