Friday, December 5, 2014

Some greenery for the scenery !

We have a washer and dryer now ! And to think, we were planning on making a Laundromat run tomorrow. Found several great deals on Craigslist – ‘tis the season to consider listing your unused stuff to buy more stuff ! – but nearly all of them were already sold. The one that wasn’t was a slave to bad timing. I couldn’t drive to CapitolCity today in Emmy-car to pick them up, he didn’t have any time at all this weekend. However, for a few extra bucks, he’d deliver. Sold American ! Dashed out to drain House Checking, and two hours  later, I was fishing out a toasty warm, clean towel. They work great. I’m on my third load – 97 more, and the set will have paid for itself over going to the Laundromat. Yes, that number does include power and water. Laundromats are kinda pricey here.

Beloved Hubby was thrilled – he didn’t have to bust his back to haul and install all weekend. He’s off, and we all want him to rest and do whatever he wants to, for a change. After we get the last of our stuff from ThatPit, that is ! Meanwhile, I’ve done three loads of laundry, and they’ve all come out great. Now to get the clothes from upstairs…

I'm also very happy because washers and dryers make great cutting tables ! For me, they're the perfect height, especially when I'm using the rotary cutter and mat. Heck, I may start stashing that stuff there, I got plenty of cabinet space ! 

The last big football game of the season is tomorrow. I plan on sewing and staying out of traffic – at least until the game’s underway. This town is darn near deserted-looking when there’s thousands of people in the bleachers ! 

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