Saturday, December 13, 2014

Odd Sequence Day

It’s 12/13/14 ! I didn’t realize it until I ran to the bank for a deposit for Beloved Hubby. When I told Dearest Son, the bank manager laughed.

Since Beloved actually has the weekend off, we decided to make one more run to ThatPit for our stuff. Which M&FIL had thoughtfully moved into piles on top of piles, on top of piles. Gee, thanks. It wouldn’t have been such a pain, but half the stuff in the piles wasn’t ours. Don’t know whose it is, maybe they’re trying to give us stuff, but we don’t have space for much beyond our own junk at this point.

I know it’s petty, and they’re helping in their own minds, but…  I left the MH bleachers on the shelf where they were displayed. Shelf is still anchored into the wall, located behind one of the bookcases. Why they felt they had to move two of the bleachers to the bookcases and the third on the floor is beyond me. The shelf was still there, anchored to the wall. They relocated a bunch of our stuff – fragile stuff at the bottom of piles of not-our junk – for no apparent reason. I understand they wanted to move back into the main house for as long as they could, but all that stuff was already in the still-abandoned living room, why did they waste their time messing with it at all ?

I ended up repacking everything I could and shoving boxes into the car while MIL told me everything but what I wanted to know – by now my allergies were at FULL TILT !! – and taking out most of my blistering verbal aggression into the innocent air of Emmy-car’s front seat on the way home. I was so glad to be alone, as it was my only option. That, and the simple knowledge that the few things left are too big for me to get, so while there may be one more trip left, that’ll be it, and if there’s a Christmas present for me, it’ll be that I never have to go to ThatPit ever again.

But my jewelry armoire, my bike, the bookcases, my sewing fluorescent light bar, the MH bleachers, and some random everybody’s crap boxes are home now, staged in the garage, waiting for eventual placement. The few things that remain at ThatPit I really don’t care about, but a couple we may be able to sell, so… During the upcoming week, I hope to get most of our things moved out of there, as both Beloved and I like that he can park in the garage at night – better security for all those pricey tools.

We also put the camper shell back on – it’s been off since the last ThatPit run last weekend – so at least his tools will have shelter on the way to and from work again. Emptied three small boxes that have been in the way for the last couple weeks while watching Dateline episodes - Beloved and Dearest napped – and dumped the boxes in the recycling cart. May have it filled by next pick-up if I keep to my schedule !

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