Friday, January 31, 2014

Random junk Friday !

Current Notes: Just imagine the junk I'm keeping ! Oh, wait, don't -
I'll post pictures of it all eventually ! 

Quiet day since Dearest Son seems to be catching cold. Went out for generic Robitussin and several favorite drinks this morning, since primarily he has a cough and sore throat. Hope he feels better in the morning.

Had some fun today. I’m going to earn a small stipend Monday for participating in a product test. I already know what I’ll be testing, and it’s really exciting if it works. I forgot to ask if I can talk about it, but I think saying it’s a non-invasive medical device is vague enough yet tells you a little something. It’ll only take an hour, and I’ll be in the city anyway, because the Lab didn’t run half the tests my Dr. requested yesterday. Since they’re necessary, I gotta get ‘em done, but at least I won’t have to drive twice.

And Rapunzel’s stains are gone ! I know they didn’t even show in the photo I posted of her, but now, she really looks just like that ! While I’m gonna try to hit the thrift Sunday, at least it won’t be to get another doll of her.

Today’s image is all the pieces in those two FormerTown thrift’s 50¢ grab bags that I know  I’m not keeping. I may ditch the little dolls and other items later, but no way I can use any of this stuff. There’s a Happy Meal Madame Alexander 2003 Pink Fairy doll, with a bad snarl of hair. I thought the frog toy was a fast-food promo too, but it turned out to be the pet of a 2005 Bratz Big Babyz Yasmin doll. I also can’t find a use for a heart-shaped peace sign necklace or a heavy blue star bracelet that flashes red in the center (both are too small and not ‘me’, and too big for any dolls), and what I thought was a Littlest Pet Shop figure carrier – it even showed LPS-like toys on a loose cardboard in the back. Turns out it’s made by Mannix, a company which either pioneered LPS or knocked it off, depending on which auction page you read. I can’t find out anything else about them. Lots about Mannix the TV show, though…

May get to visit Target tomorrow, if Dearest is feeling better. Poor guy ! 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

I got this awesome free Spoonflower sample for Ghoulia...

Current Notes: But Miss Rarity likes it, too !

Cleaned out the freezer yesterday for dinner ideas. Used the last of the flounder – which we’ve had for the last…what, six moves ? – in a delicious pan fry. I finally get good at it, and we’re out of fish. I also found bits and pieces of a variety of frozen foods, like three steak fries, eight fish sticks, etc., and cooked them up, too. I have no idea why FIL does that. Since he and I are the only ones who cook, and I’ll overcook for leftovers (plus it’s hard to judge the appetite of a 14-year-old sometimes), it must’ve been him. I just don’t get why. I know we bought that stuff a few weeks ago, if we’d had bits and scraps like that before, I would have trashed them before the move. Still…three steak fries ? Why save them, it’s not like they’re gonna grow into a meal later on. At least they’ve been dispatched and they’re not cluttering up the freezer anymore.

Anyway… today I drove myself to my annual (if slightly late) physical at the VA. I don’t know why I’m so afraid of driving on the interstate in my old age, I used to do it every day for years. Suffice to say, I made it there and back safely, no trouble at all. I even made a quick side-trip to the CapitolCity TRU. It wasn’t quite open yet, so I killed a few minutes at the mall next door.

Talk about depressing. I’d never been to that mall before – Hubby hates ‘em – but it was probably really nice back in 1998. In 2014, however, it was 90% empty, with half the shops still in the throes of ‘going out of business’ / ‘store hardware for sale’ demise. Oddly, the few stores remaining all had Spanish names, except for one that sold variations of Belle-level ballgowns for toddlers to teens. There were a few mall-walkers, getting a quick speed-jaunt on out of the cold, and some very loud kids and oblivious mothers using the indoor playground – you could hear the shrieks and cries from the door, although they were a level down and as far away from the doors as you could get. If you meandered closer, the glare from various cell phone screens got harsher, as did the kids’ screeches. A small carousel shone brightly, but with no attendants, it was eerily quiet and still. Various vending machines vied for attention at random moments, but that just added to the air of desolation and abandonment, as no one was interested in kiddie rides, an can of Coke, or Proactiv.

I didn’t last 25 minutes before I preferred a cold car to a vacant mall, and couldn’t talk myself back in there to so much as find a bathroom. Besides, TRU would be open in a few, so I drove back and waited there. Hubby had bought me some sunflower seeds for after my appointment – I had to fast from midnight yesterday for lab work – so I munched and let a woman and her tiny daughter demonstrate when the doors opened.

Once in, I wandered around and decided how best to use my $5. expires-tomorrow Rewards certificate and the few bucks I had in change. Left $3. lighter, but with a box of 1000 Monster High stickers and two cans of Pringles. It’s silly, but I used to look for MH stickers on eBay – not anymore ! TRU’s running a special, too – buy one set of boxed stickers, get a second at half-price. I’d have gone for some MLP stickers if they’d had ‘em, Dearest Son would have gone nuts. As it was, he truly appreciated sour cream and onion Pringles !

I had a small gift waiting for me, too – Spoonflower offered another free sample, this time of Silky Faille. I selected an adorable owl / cat/ flowers/ stars print – and even got a quick ‘thank you !’ note from the designer, who’d love to see what I make of it. It’s perfect for Ghoulia, and as soon as I decide what to sew, she’s getting something really cool.

Once back at Chez Insanity, I was a puddle of tired, and still am. Managed to pre-make dinner so it just had to be stuffed in the oven when Hubby announced he was on the way, but I’m exhausted. I have no idea why I’m so weary…

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Big one day, little the next.

Current Notes: And here’s the first of three tiny dolls I got from the FormerTown thrift’s 50c grab bags. She was just like that, and the only ‘glitter bow’ / permashoes version I could find in my research labels her as 2010’s Favorite Moments. I think her clothes help her stand, at just under four inches. 

Lol. Soon as I wrote all my plans for Cinderelsa, I found that not only is the toddler doll and kid dress version of Elsa on sale at Target, it’s in stock at our local one. Well, shoot. It’s tempting, but I think I’m gonna stay the course I’ve plotted. I don’t want or need the child dress, and even on sale, my version will be more fun and still cheaper. The licensed version’s stock gown/dress isn’t even all that fantastic, in my opinion. Plus, and this will sound very silly, but after getting her all cleaned up and pretty again, I think it’d break this doll’s heart if I donated her back to the thrift. That’s kind of why I didn’t go back for the Tinkerbell LDP – I’m not a huge Tink or fairy fan, and I already have too many dolls to give each the attention he/she deserves. I  hope she finds a home before my next visit, which I’m hoping for Sunday.

Speaking of the thrift store, last time I went to the ‘new’ one, I walked around with a baggie full of plastic-rubbery clothes for the tiny Disney dolls I got in the two grab-bags from PreviousTown thrift. I ended up putting the doll clothes back, because even though, thanks to prior eBay research, ten dresses and additional clothes with various accessory pieces for $5. was a really good deal, it seemed silly to spend that much to clothe a doll I spent less than 50c on. So I was happy when I found directions on how to make a simple dress for that – or really, any – size doll, here. Don’t think I’ll go all out with wings and crown, but I can modify and have fun with that dress. Less chance of suddenly tearing, too - the rubbery stuff was prone to that.

Here’s where you’ll laugh at me – I was up about two hours late trying to get a Finnish website pattern for LDPs to print at the right size. All I had to go on was a 5cm mark, and it took me about six prints before I had it right. Oh, the last two were maybe 2mm too big or almost 2mm too small, and they probably would have worked, but… well, I got it right, resized it and left notes, so here’s hoping it’ll work. Here’s the funny part – the pattern’s made for the Animator’s version of the LDPs. I have no idea what the differences are between those, the regular Disney Store ones, the Playmates versions, the Jakks Pacific ones, and the Tollytots series. ‘Toddler’ Disney princess dolls have been made for at least twelve years by many different manufacturers. All that ink and eking out millimeters may not mean a darn thing if it can’t fit because the Animators dolls have a chest an inch bigger or smaller than either of the dolls I have. Oh, and I have no idea if the pattern has seam allowances built in or not. I’ve read the few directions several times, and someone asks, but it’s never answered. I really like this yoke-style dress, though. Arrrgh.

And it kind of reminded me how I used to be. When someone else asked how she made the pictured – but no pattern – jumpsuit, the author said she started with a gown and just sewed in legs and kept going from there. I used to do that – and I want to again.

Oh, and good news. When I went to clean yesterday’s oxy-10 off Rapunzel’s face for a reapplication this morning, I found that one of the stains was already gone, and the big one has faded noticeably. Yaaay ! 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Life goes on...

Current Notes: ...and on, and on, and on...

Quiet day – we woke to about a half-inch of snow ! Very pretty, but gone by early afternoon. Not sure what’s up with Hubby, he’s acting like nothing’s happened. I can’t just pretend all this didn’t happen, but if I keep worrying over it, I’ll never be stable again, so I’m going to let it go. Oh, things have changed, whether he knows or likes it or not. But until he’s more stable, for Dearest Son’s sake, I’m going to play nice but not oblivious. It’s stupid, but I’m not cleaning up after Hubby anymore. He wants his clothes cleaned, he needs to get them in the hamper, not scattered all over the house and three inches from it. Or he’s welcome to do his own. Same for dishes and dinner. I’m not a robot maid, and I refuse to act like one to keep the peace anymore. It’s not like I’m asking for the moon here.

Since I got most of my housework done yesterday, I took some time and got Cinderella/Elsa cleaned up this afternoon. Water took care of most of her surface dirt, a gentle paste of baking soda and more water scrubbed away the deeper, more stubborn stains on her cheeks, leg, and foot. I also brushed and braided her hair, which I may just leave. Yeah, the ‘real’ Elsa has much whiter hair, but it’s not like I’m gonna get an exact replica either way, so I think I’ll leave it as-is. Besides, buying enough hair to reroot her will probably cost more than just buying the Disney version. When they ever become available again !

I also started Rapunzel’s acne medicine/ sunny window treatment. You can barely see those spots, and in some light, ya can’t at all, but I know they’re there, so they’ll bug me ‘til I do something about ‘em. I don’t really have to – for $4. at that thrift, I can buy another Rapunzel, but I wanna try to save the one I have first. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Any picture appropriate to today's words would be immediately censored... or I wouldn't care to share to begin with.

I’m still in shock over yesterday, and no, it didn’t get any better. It didn’t get any worse either (not sure how it could have), so I’ve learned to count any blessings when I find ‘em. Hubby reposts about 70 Facebook pictures a day, plus about ten status updates, and I just couldn’t take any more pithy quotes (from other people), gorgeous redheads in lingerie (that I couldn’t wear if they sewed three of ‘em together), and puzzling enigma / attention pleas today. When I complained before about the sheer volume of messages in my e-mail from the ‘he posted something new !!’ notifications, he said he was gonna do what he liked, and if I didn’t like, I could just ‘unsubscribe’ from them. Nope, I have to go ‘all messages or no messages’, so today, I went ‘none’. I hate Facebook anyway, and I’m tired of using that to figure out his mood because he spends more time with it than me. Let his precious FB friends help him figure out where his life went to h#ll, I’m getting off his rocket-sled. Perhaps permanently.

Oh, I don’t know. I really don’t. I should stop talking before I say something I regret because I mean it. I just wish I knew what’s really going on, so I can do what I have to and start cleaning up and moving on, like usual. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

If I had less of a clue, I wouldn't be able to find the bathroom...

Current Notes: Right about now, I'm wishing for one of our 'boring' Sundays...

Not a good day today. Hubby went on a tear and pretty much bent everyone’s feelings over his knee then stormed out when we asked ‘WTF ?’. He came back texting (presumably anybody but us, at least he spared Dearest Son from whatever the h#ll that screed was) and barely paid any attention to me for the rest of the day. I’m… pretty upset, and thinking about contingencies I thought I’d never have to. I honestly don’t know where my life is going, and the only reason I’m still here is because I’m at a loss as to what’s next.

Luckily he did this mid-afternoon, so I at least had a decent morning before our rapid descent to Hades. Broke a comb trying to straighten out Rapunzel’s locks, but they came out very prettily. She has a couple odd highlighter-orange marks on her forehead, but I hope to treat those out. Or go to the thrift store again – there’s two other Tangled dolls still there ! I’m not sure if she’s Royal Artist or just her dress is, but it certainly is a lovely gown on her ! 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thrift Store Girls...♫

Current Notes: Elsa ? Is that (gonna be) you ? 

Oh, forgot to tell you another tale of the thrift store. While they had little in the way of dolls, but tons of stuffed animals, they held two box-liberated MH dolls in the locked jewelry cabinet. Huh. One was the very-available Scaris Abbey, the other was Dead Tired Cleo. Hmm. Her slippers, mask, jewelry, card, stand, tube sleeve, and lantern were missing, her hair was a snarled mess, but she had her jammies…guess I could justify the $4.99 price. Oh, wait. That’s $24.99, with a note that says she’s $50. on eBay. Forget it. If I wanted to pay eBay prices, I would – and that doll’s missing way too much to be that expensive. Frankly, I wasn’t sure her outfit was worth $5., much less five times that. I didn’t even look at Abbey, having not bought her twice when she was $5. at Mal-Wart. I’m starting to think I haven’t missed much by not being able to go to that particular thrift…

Especially since I found a new one – local ! Literally about five miles from Chez Insanity. It is awesome, too. Everyone was so nice, and it was nice and bright, with tons to look at – even Dearest Son was impressed. While they do the ‘Barbies in a bag lot’ thing, instead of selling them individually, they’re pretty inexpensive, and in great shape.

As you can tell from today’s image, I bought a bit today ! That magnificent lot you see was less than $6. total, with tax. I got a nude Rapunzel – that store had three identical ones, fortunately in three separate bags – a generic Barbie in a Rapunzel-style dress, and a soft-body Aurora/Brier Rose/Sleeping Beauty.

As you can also tell, I miss my Little Disney Princess collection. I’d thought to get Frozen Elsa’s LDP, instead of the kinda wonky-faced Mattel fashion doll, but I can’t find her, either. Then I realized what I really wanted was Elsa’s dramatic blue snowflake gown on pretty much any doll – but mostly on LDP Dorrie(embarrassed sweatdrop) – so I could just challenge m’self to make one on my own. Much cheaper, less clutter. And today, I find this very lovely Cinderella LDP, nude and so very much wanting a home…it helped that she was only $1.49, and all those icy blues probably wouldn’t look good on PDorrie anyway, so… I had my choice between Cinderella and Tinkerbell, and may go back for Tink. They have a big sale every Sunday…is it wrong to hope Beloved Hubby’s working ?

For now, though… I did my research while devouring 75% of a can of Pringles (lightly salted, at least) and thanks to the ribbon still stuck in her hair, I know she’s an Ice Cream Party Cinderella, from Tollytots. Tollytots is an odd toy company – I can never find their logo on a doll’s box anywhere. I don’t know if they even have a logo. On, most of the current LDPs are listed as being made by Disney… or the Little Disney Princess company. Cindy here only has a ©Disney mark on the back of her neck. The Playmates LDPs were marked with numbers and all the trademarks embossed on their butts. Oh. Tolllytots is a subsidiary of Jakks Pacific. Odd, ‘cause JP always marks their stuff fairly obviously. Doesn’t matter, but it seems odd.

She fits the few LDP dresses I still have, and the varied shoes, too. Some of the footwear I have for them comes from the large-size Babysitter’s Club dolls, shoes just squishy enough to fit. Ironically, she’s now wearing a pink Cinderella dress and the string of blue beads that came in the other thrift’s grab bags. It’s like I’m reenacting movie scenes over here. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

♪ My frizzy pony, my frizzy Happy Meal ponies...♫

Current Notes: G3 is not held in esteem by current MLP fans... but I rather like these two ! 

I confess, I’m not sure which I wanted those two small-toy grab bags from the thrift store for – the G3 Happy Meal MLP toys, or the tiny dolls. I’m probably gonna keep nearly all of it !

Since only one doll needs my attention – the other two have molded hair – I got a brush out and started working on the two ponies. Researched while I worked. I have a Sparkleworks  and Star Swirl (who’s not bearded at all !), both from 2005. Wow. Nearly ten year old toys, and they show up in a baggie at a thrift store. They’re both so cute, even if they’re not the current Friendship is Magic versions. Their manes are both really ratty at the ends, but I got them looking a little better.

Sometimes I wonder about Happy Meal-type toys. I mean, these ponies are almost as nice as the ‘real’ ones on toy store shelves at the same time. Maybe the molded-plastic tails put them in the cheap seats, but I’d have played with them right along with my ‘real’ ones as a kid. And my parents would have seen a $2. meal-with-toy as a much cheaper alternative to the $5. packaged ones, so I’d have probably snagged two or three, even back in the day when a trip to McDs was on the same level as a birthday party. Still, it’s the company – Mattel, Hasbro, etc. – that provides the toys to McDs… are they aware that, while the HM toys will probably end up trashed or in a 25c bin at the yard sale, for a while, they replaced the retail-for-sale version ? I think that’s why Mattel doesn’t do Barbie shoes or accessories in kid meals, just small, darn near useless dolls. New enough to excite a kid for a few minutes, good for promotion, but not even gonna cost them one $8. doll or $3. doll outfit sale. Mattel makes sure those mini Barbies are in no way compatible with the miniature Barbie or Disney Princess dolls and playsets they sell, it seems.

Anyway.. on to yesterday’s TRU visit. While we spent most of our time with the ponies, I got to peruse dolls for a few minutes. No beheadable Equestria Girls Rarity dolls in stock, otherwise I may have come home with one. I’m giving serious thought to obtaining a Jane Boolittle and calling her Luna. I’ve seen her in person, so to speak, at Justice! before, but was resolutely uninterested…now I’m having second thoughts. Still, at $22., I can think about it a bit longer. I’m also considering a 2009 Rainbow Brite  Moonglow doll for that slot as well. If I can find one inexpensive enough…

Finally saw the Mystixx dolls in the harsh light of retail. Glad I held off, I wasn’t attracted at all. Not to the vampire line or the zombie one. In person, they really looked cheap and, frankly, kind of repulsively reptilian, both lines. And I kind of like snakes ! Perused the Barbie and Disney Princess aisles – and had a repeat of my Mal-wart experience in the Frozen section. Not a single Elsa anything there, except for a ‘twirling sisters’ kind of mini-doll set. Nope, every doll, infant to Disney Princess and Me, dress, prop, t-shirt, accessory, or side items like banks and crayons was Anna. All else (Elsa) was sold out. I read on a message board that this was unexpected, but Diz and Mattel plan to have lots more out in time for the March release to home video. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the Disney Store Elsa I want. (sigh) Like I need more dolls around here…and I need endless expensive chases for ‘em…

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Endless Day ... is finally over !

Current Notes: All I want is a big glass of soda (or water), some chips, and a book. I feel like I've earned them !

Today was…very long. Hit the grocery for milk and what Beloved Hubby needed for lunch in 19 degree weather at 5:30 am. Barely lay back down after he left when MIL said we needed to talk. Raced through a shower, gulped a piece of hard candy, and settled in for what soon devolved into a repeat of the family classic, ‘Let me tell you everything I think you’re doing wrong, explain everything we need you to do, and then leave to let you fix it’, but I was too busy to dwell. Soon as she was done berating me for the two times I neglected to provide taxi service – was too sick Tuesday to go to my own appointment (which FIL already knew about), much less safely drive him to his, and another pharmacy run I don’t remember him ever asking me about, just vaguely muttering that he needed to go, but not where or when – and ignoring the ten or twelve I have provided, even the driveway ambush one, (irony alert !) I had to hurry to taxi FIL to the cheap cigarette place halfway across town, past the closed road that makes me go about six miles around town to get there. But first, we had to go to the grocery store where his bank is, so he could ATM some cash for the smokes. Too bad he decided to grocery shop while I waited, engine running, parked barely legally, thinking he’d be out any minute, because all he was going to do was withdraw cash from the ATM. I darn near floored the gas and left him there when he came out with grocery bags…

He then got me lost on the way there, thinking a dirt path connected to the service road. It didn’t, and I ended up less than three blocks from home, so basically had to start all over. By the time we got back, I was about to explode. But, I didn’t have time. I had less than an hour to get Dearest Son dressed, fed, and ready to go to his playdate – and I hadn’t taken my meds or eaten anything besides a piece of hard candy all day either.

Our time in PreviousTown made up for the whole day. Dearest played with the other kids – yaaay ! – and participated far more than he ever has before. I’m so proud of him. At his request, we toured TRU, and he saw a large stuffed Octavia and the ‘Queen Chrysalis’ TRU-exclusive set of MLP figurines he’s wanted since Christmas. I’ll talk to Beloved, but I think he’ll have the money saved up from his allowance when the next game day comes around on Feb. 06. I’ll tell you about the rest of our TRU visit tomorrow – this is already pretty darn long ! J

We also hit up the thrift store I’ve missed so. Spent a big $9. – he got a nearly-pony sized Spider-Man playset (this one, in fact) for $4., only missing a car and two figures he wouldn’t have wanted to begin with. He saved over $20., and plans to use it in his pony videos ! He also found a like-new baby Rainbow Dash in a bin of 25c stuffed animals, and she was just too cute to leave there. Turns out, she’s a bathtime toy – and she has an ‘outie’ belly button !

As for me, I got a pristine copy of The Von Hoffman Bros. Bigger D@mner Book of Sheer Manliness for Beloved Hubby. It’s actually a really cool book ! Everything from movie reviews, beer, and punkin’ chuckin’ is in there. I also snagged a dozen much-needed coat hangers for 50c – cheapest anywhere ! – and two grab bags of small toys. Mostly for the fun of going through them. Guess what you’ll be seeing over the next few days ?

Of course, all that took nearly all day, but Beloved worked late, so I finally had a little time to relax. Then it was time to start dinner and such. Still so proud of Dearest – and I can’t wait to go back to TRU soon !

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Okay… apparently I lied. I'm not back up today. 

I feel worse. Going back to bed. Ugh. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

And I don't even *like* badgers, especially....

Current Notes: I feel like I ate a live badger, and he's stabbing his way out. Also kicking and clawing. 

Very sick. Be back tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, must share keyboard symbols with you.


PS – ‘Infinity symbol’ is wrong. It’s ALT + 236, not 8236. So far, all the others I tried have worked. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday fun with a few bucks.

Current Notes: I don't know why that one on the end shows up as navy blue - it's actually a nice purple that coordinates with the sheer flower print next to it ! 

Believe it or not, Dearest Son and I were back at Dollar Tree today ! Not sure why, it was Beloved Hubby’s idea, it wasn’t like we needed anything available only there. But it was nice to wander around for a while. I thought about picking up a package of the small felt sheets, but I didn’t like any of the colors. Got a few snacks and house needs, spent eight bucks total.

The things Beloved asked me to pick up – socks, soda, and acetaminophen – were available next door at Mal-wart. So we went there, too. Nothing at all new in the MH aisle, and even the MLP section was pretty bare. Not many toys on the Clearance shelves, either. I found an interesting red and black outlined diamonds print fat quarter and had a quarter-yard of pretty green-with-blue-cherry-blooms cotton cut for me. M-W may not have a huge selection, but a dollar for each quarter-yard is really good !

And a quick funny find – there was a Frozen section next to the usual Disney Princess one. And aside from a moose and a single guy doll, every other doll was of the ‘good girl’ Anna – not one single Princess Luna  Elsa could be found, at any age or any scale. All of ‘em, from Polly Pocket-size up were redhead Anna. Babies, Barbies, even the dress-up clothes and props, it was all of or pertaining to Anna. Did Elsa sell out, or was her stuff shortpacked ? Kind of ranks, I was toying with obtaining an Elsa, if I could find the one without the goofy expression some of ‘em have.

We also met one of our neighbors, one that FIL is currently feuding with. You know, the one that helped him for years with trips to the grocery store and doctor visits, and tried to tell him they cared enough about him to worry he was doing himself harm with all these prescription ODs… ? Yeah, she’s persona non grata to FIL now, which is a shame, as she really does care for him and MIL. But I can kind of understand being a bit resentful at an intervention the same day you spend most of in the ER from a seizure. Perhaps that was the best time to confront him with what he’s doing to himself, but she knew there may be a potential backlash – ‘cause I told her so.

I just wasn’t prepared to hear what FIL is saying about us on Facebook. It isn’t complementary. I guess FIL wants sympathy and attention by slandering me and his (working far too hard for their stupid choices) son, but he’s pretty much burned his last bridge with me. He can say whatever he wants about me, but when he’s accusing Beloved…. arrrrgh ! You can buy your own slarking groceries now, &^%+bucket ! Can find your own way there, too. If you think that little of a man who’s killing himself to save you from dealing with your own bad decisions, well, you don’t need him or his money, do you ? I am so beyond ticked…

I think I was right the first time. It’s best to just let it all go, and let them go too. Beloved says he already has, and he’s infinitely more calm and relaxed about their antics than I am. It’s not my nature to not care, and I hate feeling forced into behavior like this, but sometimes you have to bug out to save yourself. Ask my mother. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

♫ The Art of the...skirt ?♪ Oh, well.

Current Notes: I'm sewing for a pony who makes clothes. Am I meta yet ? 

Whoo-hoo ! Beloved Hubby needed a tool from Harbor Freight, so we were off to PreviousTown today ! Even got to make a quick run through Hancock Fabrics. So now, I not only own Simplicity #1713, I also own two new pretty fabrics, and I spent less than five bucks total. Not bad, considering the one piece was from a $13. bolt, and the other used a 50% off coupon, so a half-yard was $1.25, cheaper than the $2.29  fat quarter just a few feet away. I’m good !

Only problem is, I now know that #1713 isn’t gonna work for what I wanted. Oh, it’s a one-piece jumper-style dress – problem is, the yoke / ‘blouse’ is fused to the front of the dress, not sewn. Ah, well. It was still only a dollar, and I’m sure to get some use out of the other pattern pieces. Wonder if the pants will fit. And who knows, I might just tweak View A to make it what I want, just for kicks. I’m sincerely glad #2454 worked as well as it did, or I’d be completely discouraged !

Once home, everyone split off to their own projects – Beloved to use his new tools, Dearest Son somehow got MIL’s ancient, defunct laptop to work, so he wanted to play with it some more – which left me time for a short sewing project. Decided to take my first swing at pony clothing with my new Rarity. Decided a simple waistband skirt would serve as a good jump-off point, and earn some sewing experience for a completely unique body to sew for. Even waistband skirts only take about a half hour, and the fit and any issues would teach me a lot.

I’d wanted to make my own stuffed pony, but I’m glad I got this one. She’s so pretty and fun to play with. Despite her manufacturer, she’s not a ‘beanie’ toy, she’s solid soft-stuffed. The one I was looking to sew would have been much bigger, possibly not as much fun to work with. Besides, I may have to make my own Luna at this rate, anyway.

It came out well, but I made the classic blunder of not thinking how the skirt would hang. As in, a skirt that’s one length all the way around would be too long in ‘front’, barely cover the haunch in ‘back’. Still, it looked good, and with a bit of plucking, photographed OK. While my pattern might have been two paper rectangles, the skirt part’s been altered to start off an inch higher in front, so Rarity won’t trip. Yes, I worry how a toy pony might somehow move in my clothes creations. I’m cray-cray ! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Letting go...again.

Current Notes: I wish I knew who painted this, it sums up so much of my life right now...

And, with Saturday, I can breathe a sigh of relief. Because, as much fun as Dearest Son’s birthday week was, I’m wiped out and a bit glad it’s over for this year ! He loved all his gifts and the cupcakes he picked out were all delicious. He did pretty well with the multitude of candles, too ! Beanie Baby Rarity has a place of honor on his desk, the pretty bow from the bag she was wrapped in around her neck. While we couldn’t spend a lot this year, we made sure all week was fun. He’s had popcorn every day since Monday, between the bank and Dollar Tree – and I’m regaining my skills with the stovetop version. We rented Despicable Me 2, a movie he’s wanted to see, and finished the leftovers from his favorite home-cooked dinner for lunch today.

Evidently, the smell of popcorn has driven MIL nuts, even though I only made it once, because she and FIL used the last of it last night –  despite the fact that she’s under doctor’s orders to avoid the stuff. FIL then requested a ride to the grocery today to replace it… but somehow managed not to. He did, however, replace the loaf of bread that vanished somewhere between when I bought it Thursday and today – but after FIL’s usual four slices of burned toast breakfast, they’re keeping the rest in their hidey-hole. This is after I made them dinner for Dearest Son’s birthday. Yes, whatever we buy belongs to everyone, what they purchase is theirs alone. Some things never change, as it was the same way last time we lived here. (sigh) Beloved insists I buy groceries ‘for everybody’, but we can’t really afford to, since their preferred dinner is steak and fried potatoes, every late afternoon. We’re talking seven or eight pounds of potatoes a week, not to mention the five pounds of coffee and three 12-packs of Diet Pepsi. It’s amazing, because despite it all, neither of them are near as fat as I am, and MIL gets far less exercise.

MIL even shoved the key to their prescription lock-box into her sock today, muttering that she’d better keep it because FIL knew where the hiding spot was. I offered to move it, but she believes her sock is safer. I’m about to wash my hands of both of ‘em. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

I hope you don't mind...

Current Notes: As much as I love to host a new photo every day, it's often what slows up my posts. In hopes you like the words more than the images, when I don't have something to share in a picture, I'm just going to skip it. I don't think it'll happen that often, and hopefully I won't get so far behind so fast ! 

It’s the small changes you may not notice that really make a difference. Today, for instance, I was super-happy because my prescriptions arrived. I’d put off filling out some very necessary annual VA forms to get them, so much so that I’d had to skip a few days and still ran out yesterday. I went from last month’s ‘ I have to go take pills’ to  ‘I get to take pills today !” – a small yet big difference.

They gave me another form to fill out – Direct Deposit for mileage claims – and that’s already been done and mailed off. Perhaps I’m learning to not dawdle over VA forms in my old age !

Kind of a quiet day – laundry day, to be precise – FIL doesn’t want to show me how to not make the washer flood the ‘garage’ part of the Garpartment, says he’ll do that himself. It’s very nice of him, and I appreciate it, but we had three loads waiting, and a fourth if I’d tossed in the semi-smelly blankets and towels that need it. But I thought expecting him to babysit three loads was enough, so I let ‘em ride another week. Hopefully next week, the drain will either get fixed or we’ll have quarters for the Laundromat. Seems like all my options rank. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Until I can snag a Luna, I have a Rarity !

Current Notes: Now I wish I'd gone ahead and bought those curlers at DTree...

Look who arrived, in time for Dearest Son’s birthday ! This one is mine, and if you can believe it, Dearest’s Beanie Baby Rarity is even cuter. I’m thinking next time we hit Dollar Tree, I’ll buy some of those old-fashioned foam rollers to put a curl in her mane and tail. From what I can tell, all the longer-mane ponies ship with their locks in a clear elastic band, and it’s up to their new owners to style them. Really, of all the ones I’ve seen, only Pinkie Pie’s mane looks ‘right’ straight from the store.

Had a few errands to run, and saw members of the Patriot Guard Riders outside a local church on the way home. Had to explain why these motorcyclists were the good guys to Dearest – most of the bikers who live around us are super-noisy for no real reason, and he’s seen too many episodes of Knight Rider and Dukes of Hazzard  to think positively of them. A few minutes of research showed the family of a Master Sergeant (Retired) requested their presence as flag bearers. Pretty cool, I must say. Even Dearest was impressed, when he understood their mission. Only problem is, if anyone ever introduces himself as Fred Phelps to him, Dearest will probably kick him in the shins !

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Yaay ! My eyes are fine for another year or five !

Current Notes: Except I picture mine with a cigarette between two fingers...

I tell ya, if/when I get growly and unappreciative of Life, all I need is a VA appointment. I am so darn lucky, and need to enjoy my life *now*, while it’s good ! My eyes are fine, and I learned that my doctor, who was due to go on Maternity leave the day before next week’s annual physical, has already had her baby, a seven-pound boy ! She’s fine, her baby needs a bit more attention, but he’ll be home fine soon, too. What fantastic news !

I also verified my address for the third or fourth time, yet it still comes up as PreviousTown once in a while. Since I qualify for travel expenses, they gave me the now-required Direct Deposit form, which is, as we speak, hangin’ on the mailbox waiting for pick-up. For today’s visit, they’ll mail me a check, which is nice, but I hate to even ask. But every buck helps ! Even if it does end up  funding one of my horrible doll and fabric addictions…

Came home relieved and tired, as I never sleep the night before a medical appointment, no matter how benign I know it’ll be. Last night was no exception. I pretty much passed out meditating, but if that works, it works ! But Dearest Son hadn’t had breakfast yet, and I hadn’t made Beloved Hubby’s lunch before we left, and it wasn’t very long ‘til lunch, so…

I also got tired of some relocated chairs being in the way – Beloved’s taken over the dining area for a project – and moved them where they’re out of (hopefully) everybody’s way. And wrenched my neck in the process. It wouldn’t be so bad, just that nobody noticed what I did ! 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Still happy !

Current Notes: Gotta remember this image...

Not really much going on today – still nearly dizzy with yesterday’s Timey dress success ! Ran to the bank first thing, to deposit the non-birthday ‘emergency’ funds, since we’re already pretty close to pocket for the week. But hey, two days down, only three to go ! Plus, our bank offers free bags of popcorn and tiny lollipops, so Dearest Son opted to go with me, to get out of the house and for the treats. Can’t blame him, I usually snag a bag and a blueberry or cherry lollipop m’self.

The props I ordered from a fellow MH fan came in today. I’m now the proud owner of a set of MH  markers I could never find around here, Equestria Girls  Deluxe Fluttershy's pink dress, Honey Swamp’s clapper board and camera, and dupes of Elissabat’s doll-scale DVD and award, plus the spoon, whisk, and measuring cup from the Heath/Abbey Home Ick set. Did you know the spoon, whisk, and cup each fits perfectly in the award statue’s hand ? Instant cooking award !

Dearest had a memorable day. Even cooler than popcorn, his big birthday present arrived today, a day early. See – UPS only hates me, it loves Dearest and Beloved Hubby ! He’s waffled all day between keeping it for his actual birthday or opening it today and getting it all put together with Beloved tomorrow. It’s a very large, rather expensive computer tower- but it was his One Big Wish for his big day, so we made it happen. It’s kind of why things are so snug, but we’re both glad to be able to make the efforts. It comes with four fans installed – they even have controls for them on the side. Whoa.

Not sure when the Rarities are due to arrive. I was hoping for Thursday, but USPS tracking says Friday. Darn. I didn’t sew today, as I’ve had off-and-on head and tummy aches, and didn’t want to start anything, not even pony clothes. I don’t think it’s due to tomorrow’s medical appointment – it’s just a diabetic eye screening – but it’s possible. I’m more worried about next week’s annual physical, because I plan to drive m’self there, something I’ve never done before. It’s been a while since I drove the interstates all alone ! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh, yeahhhhhh ! Go me, go me, go, go meeee !

Current Notes: I'm reasonably satisfied with today's efforts. 

I had time to sew last night, what I lacked was the energy. I was limp after dinner, but too awake to sleep, and too off-focus to do anything creative. So I read one of my Library books, spent quality sofa time with my guys and  old episodes of Knight Rider on DVD, and let the weekend wind down. Poured m’self to bed, vowing to sew tomorrow.

But first, groceries ! I enjoy the challenge of getting as much as we can with what we have. I scan the local ads online, dig through the pantry, check the levels of staple foods, clean out the fridge, just in case. FIL has a slightly annoying tendency to put containers back with miniscule amounts inside, and a quick glance won’t tell me if he’s done it again. Small budget this week, but I got what we needed, so I was happy with me. Tucked aside $20. for Dearest Son’s birthday this week – Rarity is on her way !

I also got an unexpected bonus. Stuck to the grocery cart was a beautiful sparkling rhinestone cherry… something. Thought it was a pin, but there’s no pin back, just a large magnet. I asked the cashier if it was hers, she said no, but no one’s reported anything like it missing, so I may as well keep it. Wow. It’s really pretty. Ghoulia would love it.

After lunch and a quick nap, I decided there was no time like the present to solve the great mystery – would View B of Simplicity 2454 work well enough to approximate a forty-year old doll dress that I’ve wanted to make my own way with my own fabric ideas  since I was six years old ? It took about two and a half hours,  and that’s with it already cut out, Fray-checked, and ready to go. Directions were so standard, I barely read them. My pattern drop doubles as a great directions holder !

You should have seen me lock up for a good five minutes when I came to the set-in sleeves ! I haven’t done those in years, and back when I did, it was mostly in Barbie-scale. I wasn’t sure if I could even still do them correctly… I didn’t do them that well back then, either. Had to try, though. And I could ! Much easier when you’re working with more than three inches of fabric, I can tell ya that ! I wasn’t sure about the elastic on the sleeves, either – Timey’s watch is non-removable*, and all her clothes have to work with it. But that turned out fine, too. It’s funny, though, that I have three copies of Timey’s issue dress, and on each of them, the sleeve elastic is shot. The new dress is the only one with it intact !

And, as you can see from the photo, I’m really pleased with it. I need to use thicker fabric, so her speaker holes don’t show, or make her a slip, but aside from a few tweaks, that’s a good pattern. Not sure if I’m still gonna get #1713 now. I might, if I don’t have to drive all the way to PreviousTown just for that. I think I can wait ‘til it goes on sale at Hobby Lobby – or I can work on uniting the two pieces myself. After all, #2454 is pretty darn close to the original issue dress as it is !

Still have closures to put in, and I’ll do that tomorrow – I’ve somehow ended up with a headache, even though I’m really happy ! May start another project tomorrow, just not sure what yet.

Ya know what really makes me happy ? I didn't have to tear apart a vintage dress to get the pattern ! Whoo-hoo ! 

(Technically, Timey’s watch is removable, but it’s bolted to her arm, and takes a lotta effort. And once removed, it leaves a huge hole just above her wrist, dooming her to long sleeves forever. Not worth the effort, really. If you could get a good match, you could always head/body swap, or maybe arm-swap, if the watch was really annoying. To me, she’s not Timey without it. )