Monday, December 29, 2014

MH musings and grocery shopping... happy Monday !

Once again, I think I got out of Monster High at the right time. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it, but I don’t see my old wild ‘gotta get ‘em all’ worship returning anytime soon. Tell the truth, I kind of miss it. The things that drew me into it in the first place seem to have been left behind and forgotten, and that makes it so much easier for me to let it go on without my support. The first real crack was the Zombie Shake series – how in the (expletive string deleted) could Mattel possibly create this line and leave out all the already-established zombies ? Just a few already overused characters made up to look like zombies much fancier than the (chortle) authentic ones. It just didn’t make sense to me. If they weren’t gonna include Slo Mo or (gasp !) Ghoulia – who appeared in the ZS video only in her very first issue clothes – they could have maybe brought out a limited number of Don of the Dead or some other cleverly named undead… but, no. Denied.

I kinda felt that way all over again when I saw the first Geek Shriek doll today. Of course it’s Frankie, there’s almost always a Frankie or DracuLaura in any MH series, narrowbox or otherwise. But there’s Abbey, who is beginning to take Ghoulia’s place in the ‘overused / shelf sitter’ doll space, and Howleen, who isn’t as over used, but I’ve yet to see anyone having a desire to own all the ‘leens. Yup. No Ghoulia. Oh, the three GS dolls have oversized glasses and semi-scientific emblems on their clothes, but who was the character who’s had that all along ? If Mattel’s gonna drop Ghoulia, well, there’s a reason I’ve only bought two male dolls in the last six months, when I used to buy a doll at least every other week, and playsets and clothes whenever I could find them !

Anyway… got to do some Aldi’s grocery shopping. Spent a bit over my limit, but it took forever because they had so many post-holiday markdowns. Some were definitely worth it, others weren’t, and it takes time to discern that the Black Forest Cake Kit (frosting and cherries included) at $1.35 is worth it over a 99¢ box cake mix. Many items were unmarked, or the price for them was several feet away, and some were marked down and still the same price as the regular non-holiday item. It’s kind of fun, though, and part of the challenge for getting the most for the money. Since Dearest Son has mentioned how much he enjoyed making – and devouring – the cake this week, I bought several cake and cookie mixes, and if I can remember if the flour is regular or self-rising, we may make our own from scratch. Of course, if the flour is that old, I should probably pitch it regardless…

There’s also a new GoodWill near Aldi’s, which I was hesitant to visit, since the one down the street is a total BadWill – most stuff is broken, it’s in random piles, and the prices are still a bit high. The new one is much cleaner and better organized, but there wasn’t much I wanted. Had tons of Valentine’s Day cards – good ones, with pencils and stickers included – for a buck each, for early holiday shoppers. I nearly bought a couple themed ‘Candy Towers’, miniature boxes with sweets inside, marked down to 99¢ until I saw the date on them. 2011 ! I might have taken a flyer on last year’s, and just used the boxes, but yikes ! Should have known something was up when the glue holding the boxes together was giving way, and it looked like only the cellophane was holding them together.

Tomorrow – Dollar Tree… and maybe Big Lots !

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