Friday, December 12, 2014

Total Flea Market Disappointment

The Flea Market was a complete wash-out. Last time I saw that much valueless junk in one place, I was trying to move it to our new house ! I mean, do you know anyone that wants a large still-in-box John Goodman ‘Fred Flinstone’ doll from the live-action 1994 movie The Flintstones ? Maybe if your American Girl doll wants a father figure…

We walked around twice, and about the only interesting thing, besides the sheer volume of crap nobody wanted, was the birds who flew around inside, dining on spilled popcorn and perching on booth walls. Mostly sparrows.

My stomach started up again towards the end of the second circuit, and we left for home without visiting the nearby thrift I’d planned to. Didn’t buy a thing. I’d promised Dearest Son a slushie if we didn’t, and I want him to see that Beloved Hubby and I will do all we can to keep our promises, so off we went. He had to go in by himself, though, I was really in some pain. I kept an eye on him, and he did fine.

A nap at home, and I felt better. Made lunch, but couldn’t eat much before my tummy was ticked again. I think I’m gonna give up eating, it only ends in pain for me ! 


  1. Ow, any clue what's going on with your stomach? Hope you're feeling better soon!

    1. It's that darn hernia. My actual digests-food stomach is protruding outside my belly muscle wall. Not much I can do, it can poke without warning, and it hurts like anything. It sounds odd, but it helps to pass gas, belch, or divest myself of my last meal. They're gonna try to fix it, once they're sure I won't croak on the table. In the meanwhile, rest, soft, gentle massage, relax, and try not to eat stuff that'll make ya bloat. Easy for them to say ! :) Went all day today without so much as a twinge - even while dealing with the ILs ! - so I'm hoping to have a few more days without writhing around praying for death.

      How are you ?