Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Or, they could be a very noisy Advent countdown calendar...

Nearly all my oxygen supplies went bye-bye today. Too healthy to retain the prescription. Beloved Hubby’s worried, but even with this cold, I feel pretty good. Sure, I’m horking up gunk and the coughing hurts a bit, but at least it’s moving, and in between coughing series, I feel fine. Tired, but fine. I’m hoping the coffee I just made helps.

Gained about half a closet of storage space, and immediately filled it up. Of course, once I put the vacuum away, I needed it out. Just like my sewing machine, if I leave it uncovered, anticipating some activity soon, it ends up sitting around untouched for a week. Soon as I start covering it again, I’m sewing like a fiend. Never fails.

Speaking of sewing, I actually did a bit today. Beloved found some beige Velcro ® during the move and asked me to make him some extension cord / power cord straps for him out of it Basically, six inches of loop sewn reversed to six inches of hook, so it’ll work either way. Cheap-serged the raw edges so they won’t fray, too. Five finished off the length, and he’s pleased. Me, too – that stuff’s been kicking around for weeks, so I’m happy to have it somewhere else ! I also repaired a washed-twice potholder the previous tenants left behind.

Thanks to other things forgotten, and misdirected mail, I know a lot more about the people who used to live here than I want to. I had hoped the bag of kids’ shoes was just forgotten, since very little other kids’ stuff was left here, but I think the truth is a bit sadder than that. I hope that, wherever they are now, they have a great holiday and better 2015. And that we don’t get anything else from the county’s CPS department. Or any of the local casinos. I mean, how many ‘frequent player’ cards could they possibly have collected ? 

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