Wednesday, February 29, 2012

And now for something completely different !

Current Mood : Weary, but ready for the next challenge ! 

I fully believe that today, I did in the pooch, for once and for all. Not a real dog, just a dog that's been bothering me for years. I finally wrecked Doll Shop Deluxe beyond any possible repair, so the $100. I spent on it in 2003 is gone completely. (sigh) I knew better, but decided to take just one more chance, like an idiot...

Y'see, Doll Shop Deluxe (DSD) and I have a long, painful history. My side of the story is long and painful, DSD's distributor's is a shrug. I bought it way back when for the promise of having patterns for any and all of my dolls, forever and ever, in a time where just one pattern for one size doll, not even vintage, could cost $40. So having something to generate any size was surely a bargain, even for a hundred bucks.

LivingSoft, now LivingSoft NorthWest, truly had an amazing promise. Too bad DSD never performed as advertised. Within a year, we'd posted bunches of problems from patterns not working to geometrically impossible pattern generation, to just plain and simple 'why is it doing that ?' to LivingSoft. LivingSoft knew of all these issues, and knew even more, but since it wasn't their flagship program, they just didn't care. They weren't gonna fix jack unless they had time, and seeing as how this wasn't their bread-and-butter, it'd hafta wait, so there. Meanwhile, we bought it, it was up to us to figger out how to use it, how to get over the issues, and whether or not we were even gonna use it. As stated, they honestly didn't care what we did.

I was thoroughly schooled in their brand of customer service when an 'upgrade' ate my version, and LivingSoft again shrugged. I also noted that the 'upgrade' actually took away several features and a buncha patterns, so I swore I'd never upgrade again.

I really should listen to m'self more often. Years pass. I'm running DSD 5, they release DSD 9- with all the bugs removed, all the wonderful new features restored, and just so much more WOW ! programmed in ! It's only $129. ! But since I'm a valued and loyal customer (hacksnortsneeze), they'll let me upgrade for $99. ! Aren't they just the best people on the planet...?

Nope. Business as usual. My DSD is on its last legs, and it's too frustrating now to use. It barely works with Windows 7, and LivingSoft no longer supports anything older than DSD 8. So I have a choice - upgrade to version 8, which is free, or pay for DSD 9, which is now only $70. I backed up what I could, and downloaded the free upgrade.

Which is even more confusing and worse than what I had ! Every last 'included' pattern warned me that I'd need to pay to use that, and the resulting printout patterns I got were beyond nuts. Armholes six inches above neckholes. Sleeveless shirts twisted in on themselves like a Spirograph drawing. And these were the same measurements that worked in DSD 5 ! I couldn't find anything, and all the super extra wonder features were there, but had to be bought separately. I could use them, but anything I made with them wouldn't print. I tried nearly 20 of the 'included' patterns, everything from bathrobes to swimsuits to everyday three-pattern-piece pants, and it was all garbage. That I'd have to buy separately. I could (and have) drafted better patterns using a pencil and a roll of paper towels.

I dumped out of DSD 9 and tried to go back to 5. So sorry. There's no way out now. Yes, it ran right over DSD 5, and even removing 9 didn't help. Since they no longer support DSD 5, I'm out a program. And I have no way to use DSD 9. In short, I'd best hope I enjoyed having that program for as long as I did, and convince m'self it was a good investment - 'cause it's gone now, and so's the hundred bucks. With not one single thing to show for it but years of frustration and semi-fitting doll pants.

Maybe it's better so. Maybe now I *can* draft my own stuff and share it. It can't be any worse than the crap I made with DSD ! And it'll be mine. Which may be my final 'eff you' to LivingSoft NW.

It's about time I pushed off the rotting dock that was Doll Shop Deluxe and sail my own ocean !

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Whoo-hoo ! I got to SEW !

Current Mood : Joy at finding joy in sewing again...

Finally got to sew ! But it didn't go well. It's been so long since I used Doll Shop Deluxe, I forgot that sewing up their pants designs require a few tweaks to work. So the pants I was so careful to take my time on ended up not fitting. ARrgh. But since they almost fit, I got to see that the color wasn't really that good anyway. It wasn't a huge tragedy to toss 'em.

After that, I played with the shape for a bit and printed out a new version. Better, but the butt is super-tight. Ah, well. I got plenty of fabric to practice with ! Can't find the last version I did that made good pants - it either got trashed in the move or it's in a box somewhere. If I figured it out once, I'm sure I'll do so again - or craft my own pattern  because I'm tired of fussing with DSD again.

Cupid's also wearing the shirt from Abbey's 'Snowboarding Club' fashion pack. I was gonna pass on that one, since there really wasn't much I wanted in it - not the shoes or shorts, but it was nice to see Mattel make a simple white blouse. Even Barbie rarely gets a plain, undecorated shirt, with or without a blue fur vest. But I found it so cheaply, I decided to go ahead, and I've had fun playing with it. I may even find some use for the boots. There's little pegs on the semi-transparent snowboard that fit in the boots, so it can double as a stand - with devil horns on the tail ! And the little trading card included is just a hoot. I'll scan both sides of it for you Friday.

Speaking of Cupid, when ParaReality sent her, she included the most adorable sketch again ! I immediately ran out and bought a frame for it, but it took me a while to get it safely behind glass. Today was the day ! I also cut a cool mat for it, using a fabric that one of the ghouls has a dress from, and it looks great. With Para's kind permission, that gets posted tomorrow. It's so cute !

Got yet another 'big sales now' message from yet another embroidery design place. I just don't buy those things anymore. But it reminded me that they did a fundraiser pack sale last year, and I bought one of them, but it was in the middle of my sickness, so I never sorted through it. I didn't even remember downloading it, and it was only through PayPal's records that I could prove to m'self that I even bought it. Events are still kinda hazy in my mind during that time period. Eventually, I found it and got it placed. It'd been kinda bugging me. Especially since the 'big sale now' message contained the one design I wanted that was also supposedly in the fundraiser one. It was. Glad I don't have to buy it again, I'm broke !

But I'm having more fun creating than buying again, and that's a relief, too !

Monday, February 27, 2012

New things often jar the heck out of old, familiar things...

Current Mood : Shell-shocked

Sorry to run late on this one - we kinda had a bomb drop on us, and it took time to deal. By the time it was dealt with to the point where we could sleep, we more or less passed out. I'm still kinda groggy and unsettled, but I can't let things I can't really control or even influence totally destroy my over-inflated sense of self. After all, what else would an over-inflated sense of self be for, if not that ? (grin)

With the repaired shelf and the new lamp, I had my work cut out for me today. Ended up shuffling around darn near the whole room to make everything fit, but it does now. Got the 'back behinds' all swept up, and even dusted, if you can count knocking a broom over everything. Tossed out a couple MH boxes we simply don't have the space for, but I kept the whole back panel of Cupid's box. What can I say, I love the graphic. Thin piece of cardboard, I can keep.

As usual, ya make space by eliminating what's in it now, and for me, that meant a small folding table, holding the air cleaner, the MH shoe box, and Chatty Cathy had to go. It wasn't long before I had the bed full of stuff that had to be replaced elsewhere, but some minor repositioning soon had Cathy sitting on a shelf where the dolls I'm sending Deborah were, and I took a second, third, and fourth look at the others that were in 'keeping but not using' status. Like Dawn of the Dance Frankie. She's still in the pink with white microdot kimono, with her dress belt serving as an obi, and I like that. So I made space for her, Classroom Lagoona (not to be confused with After School Lagoona, who's going to Deborah's haunt !), and Skull Shores-Classroom hybrid Ghoulia. Not to be confused with Classroom-Skull Shores hybrid Ghoulia. It helps if I refer to them by their now-heads.

And yeah, as predicted, I went ahead (ha-ha) and installed SS's head on Classroom's broken-arm body. I need that elastic cuff to be maybe a quarter of an inch bigger, so I hope to find something next time I'm anywhere that sells notions. With her hair pulled back, and less confrontational, hard-wearing glasses adhered to her face, SS can be quite pretty. But compared to a 'regular' Ghoulia, SS's eyes aren't nearly as wide and blue.

After class, Beloved Hubby was home to study, but we went out for a soda and rented Puss In Boots, the Antonio Banderas one just released. It was much better than expected. I willingly watched it twice, on Dearest Son's request, something that's pretty rare for RedBox rentals. Between family time and the bomb, I had to forego sewing today, too. But I am gonna sew tomorrow, if I have to do so at 2am !


Sunday, February 26, 2012

After a long fabric drought, all this !

Current Mood : Better educated in Art Apprec. 101 now.

Today was a really great day ! I didn't get to sew, but I had so much fun ! Beloved Hubby noted how badly my Monster High shelf was sagging, and retrieved the drill. After some tapping, he redid the drywall screws and added two more, and it's perfect ! Dolls don't fall over if I don't put them 'just so' on stands anymore, and I can use it for photos ! It had sagged a good couple inches, as a box I couldn't slide all the way under it now fits with about a half-inch to spare. So much better !

We had a relaxing morning until it was time for Beloved to go to work. Surprisingly, he asked me to go with him, help him study for a test tomorrow, and keep him company. Dearest Son wanted to stay and watch Curse of the Black Pearl again, so we were off. It took longer to repair and touch up some spots than he thought, but we still got home before dark - and we did a bit of prowling !

The GoodWill there had clearly been given a collection of Cabbage Patch Kids recently, as I found six without really looking. No toys were of interest, but Beloved found a luscious charcoal shirt that fits him beautifully, and a tie that, from a bit of distance, looks like metal 'diamond' plate - you know, that industrial-looking pattern ? It is a real 'power' tie.

I found a lamp. A really awesome lamp. It looks vaguely Asian, and is basically four narrow, square shelves, with a light fixture and screen over the lightbulb on the highest one. Someone had drawn Japanese characters on each of the four sides of the screen, then gone over them inexpertly with a Sharpie. It was all black but for the screen, which was your usual unbleached muslin color. Only ten bucks ! I really liked it, but wasn't sure where we'd put it.

Beloved liked it, too, and we figured we could shuffle stuff a bit. So we got it. Finally - a place for my library books instead of a stack on the floor by the bed ! And I could always shift the books elsewhere if I needed it for a doll photo. Awesome possibilities for not much cash !

And I got to go to Hancock Fabrics, too. It was in the same strip. I'd wanted to paw through the fat quarters during the almost month-long 99c sale, but didn't think we'd be anywhere near one. We were ! And I didn't find a single one I wanted. I did, however, find an awesome tiny skulls and dots in swirls print that would look incredible on darn near any of the ghouls. I'll hafta get a photo of it to you tomorrow, since I haven't sewn anything yet.

Played a bit with my dolls while I was rearranging them on the repaired shelf. I somehow forgot that Skull Shores Ghoulia's white earring isn't a palm tree - it's a set of lungs and esophagus. Oddly, this icks me out a bit, while Cupid's vertebrae wings don't. So that's gonna find a new home somewhere. I was gonna let my 'new' Classroom-SS Ghoulia hybrid keep her original left arm, since only the right was broken, but as it turns out, Classroom has a shiny finish, while SS has more of a matte one. It was noticeable when I looked at her on the shelf. Still haven't put SS's head on the old body, but I probably will. Her hair looks better in a ponytail, and her eyes, free of the too-close green glasses, look a bit more half-lidded and more mature, somehow, than most Ghoulias. So it may turn out that she remains with me after all ! 

Edited to add : It's this exact lamp, with the lattice removed, and some scratches added - . We did really well for ten bucks !

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Forbidden Lego Fruit !

Current Mood : Unsettled.

Well. The last few days have certainly been interesting. Things are a bit tense with FIL, we may be leaving soon. Too much going on, too much pressure, too much...well, I don't wanna get into it.

So I kept busy today. Dearest Son left one of Lego Captain Barbossa's apples on our bed last night - it doubles as a pirate ocean some days - so I let recently re-boil permed DracuLaura borrow it for today's photo shoot. I loved how vivid the green looked against her and the dress. And I'm getting much better with the 'depth of field' option in PaintShopPro !

I'd intended to sew with some of the new fabric - you'll see swatches of it tomorrow - probably the brown with dots piece, but the aforementioned unpleasantness took quite a bit of the day to process. It may not surprise you to learn that I keep a separate, private journal, and have since 1983, when it was the back of a rarely used Bookkeeping notebook. I typed over three thousand words in it today. I was pretty upset. At least having a journal option allows me to record it, put it outside m'self, and let it go. May not work for everyone, but it does for me.

But I wasn't gonna waste the rest of the day on it. I looked up some guidelines for removing the heads of Monster High dolls on the LiveJournal group, as I completely broke that damaged DracuLaura's neck when I got an idea for paint practice (that I never acted on). Turns out it's more patience than skill, although some of both are required. The bottom line is that you only gently pull - never twist ! I fully admit, that's what did in DLaura. MH necks are much thinner and more fragile than Barbie's, so those 'safety' stems inside the heads are very easy to twist and destroy. Hot water helps by easing the head open easier, and it's mostly pull and tug, gently, and use a slim tool (I used the embroidery scissors) to ease the vinyl neck-hole over the barbs on the stems. It took me about a half hour and a few gallons of hot tap water to do it, but it got done.

Yup. My Classroom Ghoulia now has two functional arms ! Her neck is more loose than most other MH dolls, but when she tilts her head to one side, it's so adorable, I actually squeee out loud. Ru_debega, I salute and thank you !

Unfortunately, the hot water completely demolished Skull Shores Ghoulia's 'waterfall' hair. If you really look at it, especially from the back, tilted a bit, her hair really does resemble a waterfall. The curly bangs are like the source, the hair tumbles down her back, ending in a sort of frizzy-fuzzy spray-like manner, like a waterfall hitting rocks or a river bottom. I didn't much like her hair, but I kinda hate that it wrecked so easily.

Of course, when I removed her glasses, her face didn't seem quite so angry. The glasses fit right on top of her 'eyes', which sort of push against her face. Without them, she's not quite so mean, but that swipe of yellow eye-shadow is still garish with her undead skin tone.

Dearest Son asked if I was gonna install SSG's head on Classroom's former body, but I'm not sure yet. Any head I put on it is gonna hafta stay there. I agree completely with Ru_debega's assessment that the neck won't support a second round of tug-and-pull. So, for now, I'm happy with what I did, and can table the rest for later.

I'm still hoping to sew tomorrow, though...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Looks like Skull Shores Ghoulia knows what I have planned for her...well, her body, that is !

Current Mood : Gleefully happy

Another busy day - good thing I slept so well last night ! Even dreamt a little, which hardly ever happens. This morning, before he left for school, Beloved Hubby handed me some cash and told me to take Dearest Son out for some fun ! When asked, Dearest said he wanted to go to Mal-Wart and 'look around'. Uh-huh. I know full well that's code for 'see if there's anything I wanna buy' ! But that was fine with me, I wanted to go, too !

After lunch, we left. The local Mal-Wart still has darn near nothing in the Monster High space - a few more dress-up sets, four outfit sets (all of which I already own), one Sweet 1600 Clawdeen (that I studied heavily), and some wigs. No vanities, no cars, nothing else at all. Sad.

But Dearest found what he wanted, thanks to a nice day stocker - a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black Pearl. He's been wanting to see it for months. We actually used to own a copy, but we ditched it for cash because it was gathering dust. (sigh) Ah, well. Our new copy comes with one regular DVD and two Blu-Ray discs. I'm really starting to resent the Blu-Ray push...

I still had some energy after prowling the Clearance aisles - nothin' there either - so we headed up to Target. I confess, there is something I'm looking for, the new Toralei outfit. And even though I've made a difficult decision concerning Toralei (she's gonna be searching for a new home soon), I kinda want her new outfit, for the cool 3-D glasses and black shirt. Like Operetta, I wanna find it m'self, locally. I'm sure it'll show up eventually - heck, of the four outfits Mal-Wart had, one was the one I whined 'I'm never gonna find it !' over and over - Ghoulia's 'Comic Club' set. All good things to those that can wait.

Target wasn't any improvement. They had more kid dress-up clothes, and some makeup and eraser sets, and two Skull Shores Ghoulia dolls, that was it. Well.... I'd been giving major thought to SS Ghoulia. While I really didn't like her - her face is downright mean, especially compared to her box art - I did like her swimsuit, and I could do a head-swap with my very-much-preferred broken-arm Classroom Ghoulia. Ever since I got Operetta at Justice, and saw SSG there, I'd been thinking about it. And since Target had her for Justice's sale price, and I wasn't gonna find Toralei's clothes this week, I picked the best of the two outfit-wise, and grabbed a snack for Beloved.

From there, it was Library time - and I staggered out with an armload ! Plenty to keep me reading this week or two. Dearest picked out two and a DVD (Chicken Run, which we only have on VHS), and we were both ready to go home. What a nice day !

Oh, and ya'll know I'm gonna cut those 'drips' right off Ghoulia's shoes, right ? I already have a pair of red sandals for the ghouls, and I could leave these alone, but I really hate that drip motif. And I don't want it to give me insomnia ! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

At least this time,I used my insomnia, instead of letting my insomnia lead me through merry heck...

Current Mood : Sleepy as anything...(yawn)

Last night was sure fun. I think FIL was looking for sympathy (which I didn't have to give to him) when he suddenly started telling me how bad his insomnia has been while I was typing yesterday's entry. He ate dinner at 5pm and was sound asleep and snoring at 9. Meanwhile, as if challenged, my insomnia came roaring back, and despite yesterday's busy day, at midnight I was still awake. Well, skittles.

I went through my mental attic. Anything there bugging me ? Nothing unusual. The surprise bill is well on its way to being taken care of, and not being our problem anymore, and Dearest Son's classwork went really well. Aside from the business with FIL (which is bog standard around here, really, it was just more of the same, hence very frustrating), things were going as well as could be expected. I was pretty satisfied with me, having created something I liked earlier this week, and keeping up with home and school needs fairly well. I'd had only one glass of caffeine, and that'd been hours prior, washed down with ice water for the rest of the day. So why was I unable to sleep ?

I looked around the room. Anything there bugging me ? Well, I'd just cleaned and taken care of the laundry pile that day, and most of my view is the Monster High dolls, nothing really there either. Well...actually....Remember that 'Dead Tired' handless DracuLaura I got from that GoodWill a couple months ago ? I really hated her sticking-straight-up hair, and took it down the day I got her. And never liked it since. It seems like no two strands of it are the same length. Despite two rubber-band boil perms and several gentle-soap shampoos, it still refused to lie down, too. Well.

So I fished out a couple small clear elastics and played with her hair for a while. Put it into low ponytails, since that's the style she's rooted for, and it was cute, but she still had one half of her hair in her face, hanging untucked, being too short to reach the bands. The other half was, of course, just long enough. (sigh) I got a small snap clip barrette to tuck it to the side, but it still didn't look right. And I was tired of messing with it.

I banded it again, this time, making sure it was held down and not 'poofing' above the elastic. You know how doll hair is, it often slides up when you're trying to attach a rubber band or clear elastic to it. It looked like that's what'd happened during the last boil perm, honestly. It wasn't gonna happen again. I got a pot of water going, and spent about 15 minutes redoing the elastic, due to poof. I finally got it secured with a second band, and we were ready. Bonus - it'd be done and dry by the time I woke up.

From there, I did some minor storage, and wondered just how many MH doll shoes do I have ? Paired 'em up and counted 'em - 53 pair, just for the girls. Five for the guys. How odd. I'd counted 52 pair last year, and I know I've bought more shoes since then ! I looked up - duh ! I forgot to count the ones already on dolls ! Which gave us ten pair of 'guy' shoes, 76 pair for the ghouls, all together. That sounds about right. Sad, but right ! (lol)

At 4am, I was finally tired enough to sleep. And I was heartily confused and a bit sick when Beloved Hubby's alarm went off at 5am. I remember sitting up, wondering where all those sounds were coming from, nearly panicking about it, while he turned it off from his new laptop. Oh. That's all I remember until two hours later. I was not feeling well. Coughing, gunk in my airways, headachy, generally miserable. Ugh. Beloved wasn't much better. I wondered if that little girl coughing in the quilting shop yesterday passed along some new bug. Arrrgh.

Passed out again, and woke up at 9am, feeling much better. I didn't have a lot of energy, so I knew the library trip was postponed 'til tomorrow, but this way I could easily get the piled-up dishes done without rushing. Still felt a bit shaky, but it passed after some breakfast.

DracuLaura's 'new' hair may not look like much of an improvement, but to me, it's now a sleek fall, instead of a poofy ball. So I'm happy. No chance of her giving me insomnia tonight ! Got all the dishes done, and crashed again. Sure hope I'm done with this already, I don't wanna be so off-center tomorrow, too.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Laundry day is also Explore Day !

Current Mood : Tired but happy

Didn't get to sew after all - today was a busy one ! Beloved Hubby got a call that my oxygen suppliers would be here to replenish whatever I used up during the previous month, so he told them what we needed. I never know what time they'll be here, or when they need to check the exchanger unit, so I always make sure our room is clean and the equipment is dusted. Needed a good sweeping - and a general de-cluttering - anyway. That took most of the morning.

Then, when my guy was home for lunch, I sorted and loaded our laundry into Starlight. Yup, it's laundry day already. Since their dryers really are good, and pretty cheap, we've begun using those, too. Hour and a half later, the baskets were full of clean, mostly folded and sorted clothes, ready to go. It made putting it away this afternoon much easier.

But I didn't go straight home. I promised to check out the downtown quilting shop a block over next time I did a solo laundry run, and today was the day ! It's actually two store-fronts combined, and they have loads of crafting and sewing supplies. If it weren't for the very high markup, I wouldn't need Hancock Fabrics !  But when basic cottons that are usually $4. to $6./yd at Mal-Wart or Hancock's (less with coupons) are $8./yd on markdown, I kinda cringe. The store had lots of prints I've never seen before, and for the most part, I was glad of that. I guess that 'country primitive' thing is either much bigger than I thought, or I just don't like it more than I thought. Most were lovely, but much too big for my uses.

I found several in the 'budget section' I liked, but the one yard minimum kept  them on the bolt. I lucked out with some starry fabric on the $1. Fat Quarter markdown bin, and paid $2.50 for a brown with multicolored dots one. Nice stuff, just more expensive than I'm used to. I'm sure they don't get the bulk-buy discounts the larger merchandisers do. There were all sorts of goodies and supplies for ceramic painting, tole painting, wool roving, rug hooking, knitting, crochet, and sewing of all kinds. And tons of tons on top of more tons of 'country primitive' cutesy signs suspended from repurposed doors hung with chicken wire. Whole place smelled like cinnamon. And roughly half the craft stuff had no prices whatsoever on 'em. I really hate that. It's not so bad when you can use a UPC scanner in-store, but... Still, with as much as they had on the shelves, I'm sure it's difficult to keep signs attached and such.

I was complimenting the older woman who rang up my purchases on how much I liked the shop, but she was rather short with me, and seemed to want me gone, so I reined it in and left. Nice store, but not much to recommend my return any time soon. 

Once home, the laundry got put away in record time, and I got Dearest Son's schoolwork and then his shower accomplished, all before Beloved came home. He had a rough day, and FIL wasn't much help - I'd get into it, but it'd take all night and I'm still angry. And it won't change anything. So I made dinner and we read aloud from one of Dearest's library books. Did you know there's an entire 'youth of Jack Sparrow' series of Pirates of the Caribbean  books for kids ?  They're not that bad, either. Really simplistic, but I've read worse.

Tomorrow, the library ! And maybe I'll get to sew yet ! Got some new fabrics I'm just dyin' to try out...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have 5 pairs of shoes. The MH Ghouls....I've lost count at 52 last year...

Current Mood : Quiet

I got the accompanying 'Vampire' shoes from the MH Create A Monster kit off eBay, again just for a couple bucks, and was astounded at how good they looked with the 'de-snitched' outfit. So I took Lagoona's picture again, this time with an old Barbie backdrop I found at a thrift store for a quarter. It was out because Beloved needed the cheap art portfolio I had it stored in, and I kinda shrugged and said 'what the heck'. I didn't realize I had it at such a weird angle...

Didn't get to sew yesterday, but I did today - and you get the photos tomorrow ! Operetta looks great in a slim skirt. If ya sell me a doll in pants, I'll make her a dress or skirt, first thing. Put her in a dress, I'll have her in jeans the day after I take her outta the box. It's just the way I roll. The simple 'four-dart half-hour ~ forty-five minutes, tops' skirt took me about an hour. It'd been so long since I made one, I wanted to take my time. Plus, I learned a few new finishing tricks since the last one, and I wanted to try 'em out. Went OK. Skirt really looks good with her issue blouse. But darn near any doll can benefit from having a black pencil skirt in her wardrobe. Except maybe the guy dolls...and even then, some of 'em really do have the legs for it ! 

I tried it on my broken armed Ghoulia for fittings...and wouldn't you know it, the glue's not holding. So, while I had KJ out, I sewed up a simple tube of elastic to at least hold the arm together. So now, she has an arm brace that looks like sporting equipment or a white ACE bandage for a strain. Can always say she hurt her elbow skating... or CLEPing out of her first year of University. Those essay tests'll kill ya ! You get the photo of that on Thursday.

And it occurred to me that I had to break the plastic protection off that cone of black thread to use it - so while KJ was out, I also made a little drawstring cone cozy. It's funny, but years ago, I bought some white cone thread, and made a 'cool cats' on black fabric cozy for it when I noticed it was getting dusty on top. Today, without thinking, I decided to use some white fabric with cats on it. So now I have a white thread cone in a mostly-black cozy, and a black thread cone in a mostly-white cozy. Too bad they're too widely different sizes, or I'd swap 'em out. Guess I could take photos of them for Friday...

Or not. I hope to have some other goodies sewn by then. I wanna make something new for Cupid, and poor Gil is still wearing his issue clothes ! Yikes. I really gotta pay some more attention to the fellas. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

I feel like I had a 'long strange trip' m'self, actually...

Current Mood : Recovering

Sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to leave ya hangin', but we had a lot to deal with over the past week, and basically, I just shut down. I got the necessities done but not much else. I guess it was a long time coming, and I shouldn't be surprised, but suddenly everything hit me (and rocked me !) like a hurricane, and it's taken me this long to right m'self and move on. (sigh) It's not even really crazy wild stuff, it's just mundane unexpected bills, desperation, frustration, fear, and some other worries all mixed together in a soupcon of anxiety, and it got overwhelming for a bit. I got so wound up that I forgot to take medicine several times, which even I have to admit is pretty bad. Still, I think I (and we) needed it to happen when it did, then needed to get over it and past it, and here we are. Shaggy, smelly, and scraggly, but still standing.

In the may have heard I got a new doll. There she is ! In this photo, the fishing wire used to secure her comb-mask has been removed, it's supported under its own power now. I'm surprised each time at how much I treasure the new dolls. Each time, I think I have enough and there's no more room for new characters and characteristics, boom ! I'm in love again. And being in love with this one makes me look at all my others anew. I wish Barbie had done this to me. It'd be a lot cheaper and easier to sustain !

Ah, well. I kinda knew my personal world-view had taken an uptick when I cut out the pieces for a slim black skirt for her. Wanted to see how it'd look with her issue blouse. I've already removed the white jacket - it's amazingly well made, but the tiny little 'Skullette' button popped off. That's OK. I found it and got it tucked away, along with her 'dice' ring, so I won't lose it. Again, the tiny button can be used as a doll's ring, it's that small. Love to buy a packet of them !

Seems like more folks are stepping in to fill holes in Mattel's marketing. I know of at least three sellers on eBay and Etsy custom-making Monster High shoes, and two of them are also getting into custom 'Create A Monster' bodies as well. As for me, when I came into some cash a few days ago, I immediately thought of going back to Justice for that Skull Shores Ghoulia, for her swimsuit and as a body replacement for my broken-armed one, but ultimately decided against it. We're looking at moving out of here as soon as possible, and while that was part of last week's kerfluffle, I still want to think I'm helping, not harming, that goal. Besides, I have a huge tote bag fulla doll clothes. Do I really need another doll just to harvest more from ? Even at 40% off ? Well....

In any case, here's to more sewing and less shopping ! I think my recent lack of creative output either was a factor in or a result of my emotional turmoil. Could be both. One way I know of to fix that ! I'm gonna go sew !

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I guess it was Justice at work...

Current Mood : Joyful !

I had today all planned out. While Beloved Hubby attended class and Dearest Son still slept, I was gonna strip the bed, fix a torn sheet, and bundle both sheets, the quilt, a pillow, and some other laundry off to the Laundromat. That was planned out for me, after Oliver yarked on the quilt and one of my pillows this morning. Poor sick kitty seems fine now - you should have seen him run !

But Beloved needed Starlight today, and I'm just not confident about driving Diesel Venus, his large truck. So I amended it to going out when he got back and traded Starlight for Venus, after lunch. Instead, his plans changed, and we ended up in FormerTown, bidding a job, then Big City for another. I rode along for fun - and a promise to visit Hobby Lobby.

I also got to go to ToysRUs and Mal-Wart, both in FormerTown ! Nothin', though. Not even the new fashions. I only want one, Toralei's, and that's mostly because I wanna see how awesome those vintage 3D glasses look on Ghoulia. Saw more Sweet 1600 (no Clawd) and Skull Shores (no DracuLaura or Gil) at TRU, and the car, but they really didn't have much. SS Ghoulia was tempting, but at $19., not all that tempting.

Mal-Wart was even worse. Three Cleo vanities, two cars, and a couple Sweet 1600 Clawdeens, with some Electro-Pets and two dress-up sets. That one was even sold out of the Valentine's mailbox set, but they did have two boxes of the lenticular ones on post-season markdown. The candy, at 2pm, was long gone.

So I sighed, figuring that today was not the day Operetta was gonna spring out at me. We visited Hobby Lobby, and I didn't see anything I really wanted, but Beloved finally found the art portfolio he was destined to enjoy. We walked past the Justice store where I'd been lucky enough to find Abbey, and Beloved asked if I'd like to check. Well...Justice normally doesn't carry dolls past Christmas, but five minutes wouldn't hurt...

Three minutes later, I had two Operettas in my hot little hands, trying to figure out which was more beautiful. Well, I kind of already knew, but wanted to get his opinion. Her shirt was neatly tucked in, her 'note' mask fit flush against her face, and she was just that lovely. I also found the hard-to-locate Nefera, and at least three Skull Shores DracuLauras, all of which I left behind. No Gils, I noticed. The cashier said she was surprised when they got that last box in, since she also figured the dolls were just a holiday special, but she was glad I was so happy ! may be the greed talking - and the small Want for a 'real' Ghoulia swimsuit - yet, I can't help thinking that, since they're all 40% off, I may go back for that SShores Ghoulia...

Maybe later. For now, I got Operetta ! And I deboxed her today, a rare event. Especially when you remember I just got Cupid ! My already sagging shelf is gonna collapse if this keeps up !

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ghoulia sends her complements !

Current Mood : Loved. 

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day ! After yesterday, Beloved Hubby was off the hook, I never expect him to do anything for Valentine's. Our anniversary is more important, and I don't need that much chocolate. That's funny. As a teen, I couldn't get enough chocolate, and now I'm nearly indifferent to it. It's a very rare day I get a sudden yearning for it. I'm really into exotic crackers these days. Aldi's has spoiled me rotten. Heck, I'd pay $3. right now for a small box of water crackers. Or a big bag of Goldfish crackers !

Anyway...quiet day today, which I sort of needed. There's a billing problem stemming from my medical issues last September, and today was the first I'd heard of them. So I get to run around and figure out what went wrong, 'cause we don't even have that kinda cash. If we did, we certainly wouldn't be living here ! (grin)

Started reading Thinking Small : The Long, Strange Trip of the VW Beetle that I snagged from the library. Dearest Son still loves VW 'Bugs', and I thought maybe we could read it together. Um, nope. It's very interesting, and I'm enjoying reading how Ferdinand Porsche (yes, that Porsche)  was involved in it's initial design, but I'm really getting tired of reading about Hitler and pre-war Germany. I know they're eternally entwined, but that doesn't mean I really wanna read about how much Adolf loved his mamma. Over several chapters.

I hope your day was fun ! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Current Mood : Joyful !

Isn't she *wicked awesome* ?!!1! Beloved Hubby finished her today, on our 14th wedding anniversary. And I fell in love with her all over again. Just like I do with Beloved at least once a day ! She still needs a bit of varnish, but I'm gonna give her a few days to thoroughly dry. Squeeee !

I actually tried to do it m'self. I did OK, but nowhere near as deliciously as Beloved. I could NOT get those darn 'points' on her upper lip to come out even. Guess that's why artists have to slave away for decades, enhancing and practicing their craft. I have no art in me at all !

Well, I have decided. I do want an Operetta doll. In a way, it's Cupid's fault. When I grew to like her permanent lace, Operetta's facial scarring and tattoo sleeve didn't seem to matter as much. Which is rather hilarious, if you know Beloved Hubby. He's a tattoo artist, and is pretty much covered in 'em. I never had a problem with it, although my mother did (or it was a convenient excuse to be hateful, that's a definite possibility). Tattoos or other body ornamentation don't much change what's inside. However, having horns surgically added and thinking splitting a tongue is a good fashion statement probably means some folks will still give you a wide berth anyway. But it's an independent choice, and when ya do stuff you know won't get you acclaim and approval, you kinda choose to run the gauntlet. I just won't be in it. Even with my indolent life, I got other stuff ta do besides point and whisper. Guess I was too much on the receiving end of that to do it to someone else when I know what it feels like.

So. Operetta. Want one. But. I'm going to let this doll come to me. No wild hunts, no eBay trawling, no shipping, nada. If I get one, I will find her on a shelf, and I'll buy her if I have the money. I'm done with the usual crazy stalking time. Besides, there's at least two more Operettas coming out, and you all know I'm buying all four Roller Maze girls ! Not such a big deal, don't care much about the pet or diary on the Basic doll, although I may buy her shoes on eBay. Just ranks when the shoes from a $20. doll cost $10. with nothing else included.

Oh, Beloved's folks got us a cake ! How sweet ! Between my favorite restaurant, Cupid, and cake, I'm half-convinced it's my birthday or something ! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Can't Believe I Forgot Toy Fair !

MHSchool, left

Sincerely, I did ! I got so wound up over it last year, only to have it come down to nothing, which was annoying. I was so furious about the 'Ken and Barbie, Together Again !!!1!!!' hoopla that I literally shoved the whole mess down a memory hole, and it stayed there until today, when photos of new dolls started showing up in my Flickr photostream. Then I clonked m'self on the head. And started looking for more photos !

Well, after last year's rankage, I have to say, Mattel brought their "A" game this year. Wow. While I'm not much interested in the Halloween 'Ghouls Rule' series, they really are amazing. Those are outfits that will *definitely* re-sell for more than the dolls retail. As for the new characters, I'm intrigued by Venus McFlytrap and Rochelle Goyle - they're both beautiful. Ya'll know I'm a total sucker for green dolls, and those wings...! (happy sigh) Robecca Steam, I'll need to see in person, as well as Jackson Jekyll. I already have him, and Robecca just seems too...uninspired in the photos I've seen. Ranks, 'cause I really liked her, and I *love* me some steam-punk.

The new Create A Monster is also intriguing - soon, it'll come with a coffin-like 'mad science lab' that helps apply water transfers to various limbs. Yup, those old water tattoos are back ! They even have it so you can create your preferred *face* ! Wow. I'm still holding out for the guy set, but thanks to various eBay shoe wins, I have two heads and several lower legs and arms, with hands, to play with. All I gotta do now is find me a torso...

Not on display at Toy Fair, but found elsewhere, there's 'Dot Dead Gorgeous', dolls in pretty polka dots (seen so far : Spectra, Lagoona, and Operetta),  Roller Maze (with Ghoulia, Frankie, Operetta, and Lagoona going full-bore roller derby) and...The School ! It's not a three-story one as rumored, but it is amazing, as pictured above. WANT !

I got most of my info from the LiveJournal group, but hit up YouTube, and you'll see some of the most envied people, posing with the new releases, or check Flickr or Google for more. Wow.

Some links for you !

Dot Dead Gorgeous -

Roller Maze -

New characters and Ghouls Rule -

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm not the only one listening to Whitney Houston songs tonight, right ?

Current Mood : Wistful

Can't help but feel a little sad about Whitney Houston's passing. I mean, heck, she was part of my youth, talented and beautiful, maybe a punchline in her later years (heck, aren't we all ?), but still part of my own history, even though I never went to a concert of hers, and only bought the one cassette tape, Whitney. I'm always surprised when I learn celebrities' ages - to me, she was an adult when I was a teenager, and come to find out, she's only three years older than me. It's a shame she had so many issues, especially when those are stacked next to her amazing voice. Maybe she has the peace she's longed for. I hope we all will gain it someday.

Not a lot else going on. We were all set to journey to Hobby Lobby this evening after Beloved Hubby came home, since they're never open on Sundays (they're actually a religious store, but you probably already know that). There's one place I know where there's a HLobby and a Chick-fil-A on the same plot of land, and it really is deserted on Sundays. Anyway. Aside from just general diggin' through the Clearance section and drifting through the aisles, I mostly wanted to go to choose a paint for Cupid's lip repainting. When I told Beloved that most doll artists use acrylics, he told me to sit for a bit, then came back with a huge open tote of paints ! Turns out, they were from Aunt and MIL's days of ceramic and tole painting, and they'd been sitting around waiting for a while.

After making dinner - and no, we never left for HLobby ! - I dug in. Found and shook up several likely colors, and after smearing some on cardboard and letting them dry, I chose my favorite. It's darn near the color of her eyebrows, maybe a bit darker. Since I wanted better light to paint in, I put off the actual work for tomorrow. Still gonna hafta buy a sealant - but those are fairly cheap and easy to obtain from almost any craft section of a good-sized store. If it goes well, I'll let ya know what I used !

Meanwhile, Chatty Cathy got her clean-up off and on during the past few days. I don't think her dress has ever been off her - her legs and arms have stains from it. She has that so-typical thinness of hair right where the Mattel-issue headband goes, too. Every last doll like her and Timey and Dottie, and others both smaller and larger, from that era has that same bald spot. Also some melt marks at the arm and leg joints. Several of her stains are below the surface, and I've heard Magic Eraser-type cleaners work wonders, so next time I'm out, I may invest in one. 

But I'm always drawn in to that sunny, sweet smile. It's $1.99 well spent, in my opinion !

Friday, February 10, 2012

Don't care, love 'em both !

Current Mood : Playful

And the hits just keep on comin'. I got to see the 'Why Do Ghouls Fall In Love ?' special today - two days early - courtesy of a British kids' website. (sigh) I'm starting to think the US isn't Mattel's primary market anymore. In any case, it's cute as anything, although I really didn't need to see more 'Bad Toralei' when I'm already regretting getting the doll. If you'd like to enjoy early, go here -  . You don't have to join or anything to see the video, but ya can if ya wanna. Don't wanna give any more spoilers until Sunday, so...

Not a lot going on...Beloved Hubby's first few tests have been aced, although they began with much anxiety and worry. He's happily working on extra credit, with a 102 average in two classes. Goes to prove my Mass. Comm. professor right once again - 'The only people who want and will do a decent job on extra credit opportunities are the ones who don't really need 'em.'.

We were up at 1am last night in the 24-hr. Laundromat, a quiet, warm place for him to study and me to get some stuff done. Long as he carries the baskets, I'm OK for light housework, and our dirty clothes piles was reaching Jabba the Hutt size. Got it all done, and I got it all dried, folded, and put away today. Thinking of making a solo run Monday, to get all these blankets cleaned. We can use the washer here, but it floods the Garpartment unless I sit in the dank, dark garage to watch that the machine doesn't overflow the drain. Nope, it's well-worth $6. to get it all done in an hour, and only use the dryer, which doesn't flood anything.

Played with my dolls a bit, hope you don't mind another mini comic-strip. About half yer Monster High fans truly believe that Cupid shares a head mold with Ghoulia, and are kind of disappointed to see the first 'repeat' in the line. Others are just as convinced Cupid has her very own mold, since even the Create-A-Monster line has original heads, it'd be no problem for Mattel to originate one for her. I kinda think it is, but don't have any incontrovertible evidence - even side-by-side, profile to profile photos taken by near-professionals haven't swayed most attitudes, so I'm taking a 'meh' stance and enjoying both. It really doesn't matter one way or the other, especially since they're both awesome, either way.

Yaay ! Beloved's home ! Hope your Friday is fun and free of people whining !  In other words, see you tomorrow ! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love Cupid ! Her Dad gave me the bestest husband, after all...

Current Mood : Whimsical

(sigh) Mattel, Mattel, Mattel...why do you keep shooting yerself in the foot ? Guess where the new Clawdeen-Howleen two pack showed up yesterday ? If you guessed Argos in England, step up and get a sticker. I have no idea why they wanna send hotly anticipated toys overseas first, but they've done it several times now. Heck, if it weren't for Presto, I'd yet to see a real-life Sweet 1600 Clawd or Cupid, and evidently both are more easily available overseas than here.

I don't even want the dolls. Them or the were-cat twins, they're just not my bag. But I worry when the company who makes the toys I really like seems intent on teasing a very loyal customer base which may one day turn on them, and that's the end of that line. Ah, well. Life in the fan lane...

I'm determined to enjoy what I already have, especially when I find little things, like outfits and props for a buck or three on eBay. Scored this cute outfit a couple days ago, it arrived today, and since my original Lagoona hadn't gotten to model yet, I put it on her. This is one of the Create A Monster outfits from the Vampire / Sea Monster set, I just removed the 'Golden Snitch' decoration from the bodice. If Lagoona wanted, she could wear it as a wider-than-her-hand ring to the next Harry Potter fan club meeting.

I'm still plotting what to sew for Cupid's first new outfit. I've seen her model several DracuLaura outfits, and she's adorable in both the Sweet 1600 fluffy dress and the Newspaper Club set. So I'm thinking of something sort of 50s-ish, if I can find a suitable pattern...or fiddle with making my own. I've always thought that all you really need is one good bodice that fits - then you can sew any number of dresses, skirts, blouses, etc.

Beloved Hubby likes Cupid, too. He hopes we'll have some time Saturday to hop up to Hobby Lobby, and select a paint for her lips. I really can't wait for that ! I've been surprised by how much I like her, even though she's more accessory-lean than the least expensive swimsuit dolls. She comes with her purse, a bubblegum-pink stand, and a trading card with her 'bio' on the back. That's it. Not even a brush ! Not that I need any more of those things, but it was kind of a surprise that she was the first no-brush doll. I mean, she already didn't have a diary or a pet - and her price is the same as what Mal-Wart charges for any other Sweet 1600 doll, and they come with an extra outfit, keychain, and props.

But I'm glad to have her. She's really amazing, and the things I thought I didn't like about her - the black-to-white gradient, the embossed 'lace' design on her arms and legs - have grown on me, very much. I'm still kinda 'meh' on Spectra, but I'm taking a second look at Operetta these days ! Her facial 'scarring' was a bit jarring, but it is quite lovely, and I adore her hair. Still haven't made up my mind yet, though...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Well... she *needed* me ! Sort of...

Current Mood : Gleeful

Oh, wow, did I have a wonderful day today ! Beloved had a cancelled class, so I rode up with him to school and hung out in the library while he took a test. It didn't take him long, and we were on our way to the GoodWill down the street, where we found the Bakugon for Dearest Son and the Dead Tired DracuLaura for me. I wasn't in high hopes of finding anything else good...

But you know me. If I see a doll leg sticking up from a pile of random, semi-broken toys, I'll haul it up, see what's there. And today, I found her. I wasn't sure, but she had all the markings - an embossed Mattel trademark on her back, a pull-string that worked but raced through gibberish, and those fingers and toes I'm already so familiar with through Timey Tell and Hi Dottie. But...really. I'd just gone through and eliminated so many dolls, and most of the few I kept are still in boxes. Did I really need another ?

But she found her place in the crook of my arm while we investigated for more treasures. Found Beloved a new jacket, Dearest some magnetic Bakugon Valentine's Day cards, and me a cute little purse, perfect for hanging off the oxygen tank cart during those long days at the VA - it even had my initial in various bright colors, an obvious knock-off of Louis Vuitton design already several years old. Still, I liked it, so I got it.

Now, about that doll...As usual, Beloved took it out of my hands by taking her out of my arms, and she was rung up with the rest of the finds. Of course, she didn't stay in the bag for long - I had her out and back in my arm-crook as soon as I was settled in the car. I could hardly wait to do her research.

And I was right ! Well, the dress was a give-away tell, but doll clothes can easily be swapped and put on a different doll...although I mostly knew from those freckles. This is 'Chatty Cathy', not to be confused with the late 50s doll darling. Mattel has a penchant for reusing names and keeping copyrights. Nope, this lovely is from 1969 or 1970, depending on which source you read, and she has the exact same head mold as Timey Tell and Hi Dottie. Nearly the same body mold, too, just without the watch / phone arm and Dottie's battery compartment. I'd been kinda~sorta wanting one for a bit, but figured having Timey and Dottie should be more than enough. But now my collection is complete, as far as I know, of dolls with that particular, much-loved face. I can hardly wait to bring them all together.

We also made a quick run to Target, where they had four Sweet 1600 dolls - two DracuLauras, one Clawdeen, and one Frankie - and a lone Create A Monster (the one with the Werewolf) set, that was all. No clothes or accessories, but they did have the eraser-puzzle sets for just $2. each. Tempting as Clawdeen's glitter-tux outfit is, I decided against it, since I haven't even deboxed Cupid yet. But that's tonight ! (gleeee !)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm so loved !

Current Mood : So happy...

Look who flew my way today ! Thanks, Para - the doll is lovely, but your sketch even more amazing and sooo beautiful ! Look for a note from me Wednesday ! Beloved Hubby isn't letting me up much today.

Can't really blame him, but I'm healing right on schedule. Pried the bandage off, as ordered, and it took me a couple minutes to even find the incision. I've had angrier, bigger paper cuts. Cats have scratched me deeper when they were happy with me. Gosh, those guys are good. It hasn't even really hurt much, especially if you don't count bandage removal.

Today was kind of a carbon-copy of yesterday afternoon. Finished Mercedes Lackey's 'Owl' series, and started Beauty and the Werewolf - yeah, ya'll knew I'd start with that one, even with One Good Knight , Fortune's Fool, and The Fairy Godmother  waiting for me, too. Propped up Cupid where I could see her all day. Finished the cauliflower and the last of the oranges. I enjoy my luxuries.

And I'm really looking forward to starting that MH box. Whenever that is...

I'm home safe and sound...

...but I'm on bed-rest. Kinda~sorta had to sneak away to type this. Promise to update ya tomorrow, but didn't want anyone to worry. Made it through the surgery, just very, very tired. 

Special thanks to Para - she's beautiful ! Your sketch, I mean ! That and Cupid arrived safely today, but I have to say, your drawing made me smile bigger. So pretty...Thank you !

And thanks ya'll, for your kind thoughts. Lemme know when I can send hopes, wishes, and prayers your way, and I'd love to do it. 

Ugh. My jailer (Beloved Hubby) has clued that my latest 'bathroom break' is going long. Gotta split. See ya tomorrow ! 

Monday, February 6, 2012

This wasn't quite the dye job I always thought I'd try someday...

Current Mood : Still sleepy, if you can believe that.

Well. Today was the big day. And I survived, although I'm terribly late writing this. I was so jittery even after it was done that I still don't think they gave me a mild sedative during the surgery. I felt some of it, and that really surprised the doctor. The 'hot fluid' I felt that they told me was heated dye was blood. I kinda knew. I mean, they're cutting into an artery, there's gonna be some. I had no blockages and was told my kidneys are 'pristine'. Now if we could just get one of those to circulate blood for me...

I had some fun. When the question was raised several times whether I was getting a left *and* right cath, I called out that I was, I had a 'buy one get one free' coupon. And, boy, weren't they gonna be in trouble, all my friends bought that same coupon, too. I got to discuss the difficulties of finding a first-issue Lagoona Blue doll with a devoted Dad who'd spotted the MH key-ring dangling from my purse, and chatted about Mercedes Lackey books with another medical professional.

While the two older dudes on either side of me in Recovery snored peacefully, even after, I was too wired to actually sleep. I wished I had the MP3 player - not that I could've taken it into surgery, but after would have been nice - and really regretted forgetting my cell phone. For some reason, they couldn't find Beloved Hubby to tell him I was fine and resting comfortably. Plus I was hungry - it was another 'fast' day. Some joker turned the Recovery room TV to a cooking channel, may they go off their diets soon. I watched the clock tick past the two hours I had to rest, and they tested the incision - it was holding. I got another replay of the after-care instructions and we were outta there at 1pm. Whew !

Beloved took me out for lunch, and once in our room, I immediately crashed. For four hours. Only reason I woke up was biological necessities. And I fell asleep as soon as I kicked my slippers back off. At least it was done, I was following doctor's orders, and I was at peace.

We'll see what the cardiologists say when they review the photos taken. It was kind of funny, but the guy who did that - take the images - was really happy with the quality of them. He actually said I took beautiful images, some of the clearest he'd ever seen. I guess that's nice to know. Not much I can do with it, though.

Believe it or not, I'm still tired. So I'll catch up a bit more later. Thanks for all your get-well wishes and prayers. I have so many wonderful people who get me through every day - and especially through the big days like today. Thank you. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once more, I regain what I thought was lost for far longer...

Current Mood : High Anxiety

Oh, my, did we have fun today ! Beloved Hubby finally got his new laptop, after ages of not being able to decide between it and a tablet PC, Dearest Son got a new Wii game, and I got a new MP3 player ! That's it there, the SanDisk Clip, and it's just as fun as the other Sansas I've enjoyed. Only problem was, some of my ripped-from-CDs music is showing as 'out of license' when I try to transfer it. This is why people hate you, RIAA.

So I spent most of the afternoon - after going grocery shopping and verifying that our Mal-Wart has absolutely no Monster High in stock, as usual - loading music and enjoying it all over again, for about the fifth or eighth time. I may be spoiled and lazy, but at least I'm easy to please. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Why can't I get off my butt today...?

Current Mood : Really lazy

I really, really should have started the Monster High  box today. There's the cover to the directions - I only paid $5. for the pattern and instructions. I really have no reason why I didn't. I read the directions, verified that I already have all the materials needed (I got enough 6mm thick craft foam to make the Large size, twice !), and even know about which fabrics I'm gonna use.

But instead, I watched MST3K episodes, ate some more cauliflower, re-read the catheterization information, and mostly just read one of my library books. If you ever get a wild hair to see some of those classics online, visit this site -  . It's a solid listing of where to see darn near every episode that's ever been available. Hm. Just now, as I was typing that, I got a weird yen to see Untamed Youth again.

Got to go out for a while with Beloved Hubby to a job site, and it was great to have some time together again. We had a nice late lunch together, and I learned what he's studying now. Not a lot of much, but in some ways, it was very necessary that it happened.

Gonna go curl back up with a favorite movie - hope your weekend is more fun-exciting ! 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Clawdeen knows good 'claws' when she sees almost 60 of 'em !

Current Mood : Semi-relieved

Well, I'm done with the easy half of my medicals this month. Fasting from midnight to 10am isn't difficult, but eating a ton of good stuff (two apples, and orange, and a double-fistful of raw cauliflower, three glasses of ice water) mixed in with a ton of junk (a cupcake, a bowl of pretzels, half a bag of Fritos, a ham and cheese sandwich, and half of a Big Gulp soda) isn't wise. My stomach hurts...

But I got some good news. I'm healthy enough for the procedure scheduled for Monday, my blood sugar has gone down further (I'm not considered even pre-diabetic anymore), and my cholesterol is around 70, far below anything remotely unhealthy. They honestly don't expect a heart blockage or anything, but they're still gonna check it Monday, see how bad the damage really is. If it's necessary, while they're in there, they'll install a stent if there's a serious blockage, but otherwise, it's routine for folks with heart issues. We went through the whole procedure, and I'm less on edge, but I'll be a bit tetchy and worried until it's over.

I discovered this morning that about half my usual 'medical anxiety' is actually worry that I'll oversleep and miss the appointment. When it's in the afternoon, I sleep fairly well enough, but crack-of-dawn appointments usually have me tossing, turning, and checking the alarm clock constantly. By the time the appointment / procedure is over, I'm wiped out, and Beloved Hubby usually finds me asleep shortly after we get back.

(embarassed grin) Even though it was nearly all lab work today, that's about what happened. Beloved changed clothes to go to work, and I was sound asleep and probably snoring. He left me a note, asked Dearest Son to take good care of me, but let me rest, and left. I woke about two hours later, and ate some of the junk, some of the good stuff, and picked up my book right where I left off. I'm lazy and spoiled, but at least I know it and enjoy it !

There's the paper doll from the last outfit I bought, Clawdeen's 'Fashion Entrepreneur' club set. Hey, if it can get the kiddies to learn to spell 'entrepreneur' and know what it means, there's another point for Monster High  ! She's posing with some Dollar Tree finds, tiny little hair clips that are perfect for dolls. There's another pastel set, but I decided on these two - enough contrast and blend-in for darn near everybody !

Yeah, I got to visit DTree while driving UncleIL to get the last of his stuff out of his wrecked car, then to his job site to pick up a check. It was so sad to see the car I'd seen 'forever', it seemed, parked next to Starlight in the driveway, all smashed and torn up. I hope someone finds good use from what remains. Uncle himself is probably doing well, he's just complaining a lot of pain, and I can't do much about that. Wish I could. Hope the insurance companies, if they can't make it go away, at least make things a little easier for him for a while.