Friday, December 19, 2014

I will health check again, someday...

We finally figured out why my health check device stopped working after a few days here and isn’t working anymore. After, of course, I spent all day with the VA representative and by myself, troubleshooting the thing all over the house. I had laziness I could have enjoyed, ya know ! Anyway, I got the new one installed and it sent a successful test.. but the actual tele-check… you guessed it, nada. Nada in the Parlor. Nothin’ in the living room. Nothing in front of the twelve-foot bow-shaped dining room windows. I had some frustrating fun relating it all to Beloved Hubby over text in obscenely descriptive rants – if you type it yourself, you can even use the worst of your common swear words – but aside from cleaning off several places for the thing, the day was looking like a near total wash. I couldn’t even get my rep to return my calls.

But later she did, and as it turns out, it really isn’t my fault. The day it quit working was the day after a cell tower malfunctioned and is still out. Even moving the devices around didn’t change the fact that both of them locked onto that one tower, and as far as either device was concerned, it was that tower or nothin’. As it's only partially working now, the tower has just enough presence for the test, not enough power to transmit data. So, what’s gonna happen now is that I’m getting a third device, this one set to use a different carrier, hence, a different tower. Gosh only knows how long it’ll be before I get that, but it takes as long as it takes.

Good news was, I’ve gotten my weight back down – it was creeping up a bit just as the tower went south on us. I will say having a staircase ( I call it my personal StairMaster !) has helped. I don’t get winded climbing them now, the backs of my ham-like legs don’t ache, and actually make sure to take a flight at least three or four times every afternoon. 

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