Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Belle !

Finally ! Not sure what changed between yesterday and today – other than I’m tired of being upset and impatient about the tax refund – but I’m grateful for it, whatever it was. ‘Cause it got me over to the sewing machine, where the pink gingham ‘Hospital Gown Dress’ waited. It came out pretty well, I think, but the full lining kind of meant I made two dresses and sewed ‘em together, which took longer than expected. I’m sure I’ll do it again, as any thin, light fabric means the dolls’ painted panties show through, which I hate as much as I like thin, airy fabrics. Maybe next time, I’ll at least make it so the dress is reversible. Won’t take much more effort, just a couple seams and more ironing. Or I’ll learn to make slips ! 

The belt is a tattered piece of fold over elastic (hisss !) that I've used and reused several times. It's kind of standing in 'til I decide what I want to do for a belt or sash... but to be honest, I like the 'pop' of color it provides. 

Saw a sort of thermal blanket today that drapes over a dryer, so you can iron on that instead of dragging out an ironing board. I laughed, because that’s where I put the fold-down ironing board we got years ago from a thrift. It’s about the right height, and the space between the dryer and the wall is just right for storing it. Too tight a space to hang it on the wall, and this works.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blah Wednesday, too.

Another going-nowhere day. At least I got some good news. My diabetic test strips arrived – thank you, VA ! – and I got what I thought was a two-month supply. That’s great, I normally only get a one month at a time, so I’m constantly re-ordering and/or running out. But when I looked over the actual prescription papers, it said I was now down to finger-stick testing twice a day, instead of three times. So what I got was a three month supply ! Wonderful ! While I still hate the injections, the finger-pokes actually hurt more. Numbered the boxes, so I’ll know when I’m down to the last one, so I can re-order in time. 

It’s odd, though. My diabetic numbers have been very good. At least five days out of the week, I test at 90 or slightly below, usually just before lunch. That’s not a major achievement, that’s doable if you fast for two or three hours. So that’s the thing. I’ve had all-day nibbling going on for the last two weeks, and my numbers are actually lower than when I do on purpose fast. And I haven’t been drinking as much water lately, I’ve had sugar sodas on days other than the weekend. I’m really looking forward to my next A1C ! And my next appointments, with both Cardiac and my Primary, on the 14th

This’ll eliminate over seven boxes of test strips a year – and at $70/box (Mal-Wart prices, I have no idea what the VA pays for these), that’s a lotta money. I feel good when I save funds for another veteran !

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

At least, I hope I'm using the term 'jacquard' a kid, that was 'brocade' or 'Chinese pattern'.

Most of the tape residue on the thrift store jacquard came off in the wash, and I managed to ‘roll’ most of the remainder off with my fingers. The bits that remained, though, were tacky and still snagged the rest of the material, so I rubbed it with one of the alcohol pads the VA sends with the diabetic supplies, and it came right off. Rinsed the whole section and let it dry, and it’s fine. No trace of the tacky ! 

Unfortunately, that’s about all I got done today. I still feel completely uninterested in pretty much everything that doesn’t involve sitting around. Not sure what’s wrong with me. I don’t feel sad or even upset, I’m just stuck in neutral. I’m starting to understand how Emmy-car feels.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Blah-filled Monday...

The Spin Mop set is gone, but the rest of the trash across the street lingers on. I say that, but we’ll put ours out Thursday, and it’s waterlogged sofas (two days of rain), nasty carpet, and an old water heater, just as much junk, but bigger. After Big Trash / Spring Cleaning is over, I’m calling City Of to pick up our second trash cart. It’s only six bucks a month, but hey, that’s $72. a year I don’t have to spend anymore.

Well, according to, we should wake Wednesday morning to a nice fat Checking account. Given the long list of stuff everyone wants, the largesse will only be temporary ! Have to admit, while I’ve been impatient about it, they did good by us – from mailed in forms to refund, it’s been only a month. And that’s with a reduction in staff ! I’ll do my best to stimulate the local economy with the funds, that’s a promise.

Got all the new fabric ready for the washer – I’ll be glad when thrifts stop using packing tape to bundle material. Yeah, the blue jacquard I got this weekend has some tape residue on it. I doubt it’ll come out in the wash, but it’s only about a six inch strip I’ll have to cut around, and it’s by the selvage, at least. It could have been smack dab in the middle of it !

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cosmic nothingness

Forgot to check the mail ‘til this morning. Please, give up, Capitol One ! Things between us didn’t end well last time, remember ? Three applications a week makes me think of you like you’re drunk-dialing the ex or something !

I got another fabric sample offer from Spoonflower, so I requested this pretty galactic image printed on their new Cotton Lawn Ultra. Feels so soft and airy. Very nice. Very too expensive for me, but I love looking at this ! 

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the heavily-advertised Hurricane Spin Mop, I can’t help you, but I can tell you this much – amid the collapsed tires, slashed kids’ sofa, water-damaged pressed ‘wood’ end tables, and broken folding chairs that make up the house across the street’s post-move trash pile is a Spin Mop bucket. Draw your own conclusions. 

Hope I get my rear in gear Monday…