Saturday, December 27, 2014

Coming Soon to a doll shirt near me...

You know I had to have this one.
From MMD Embroidery, on Etsy.
Yum. Made a huge pot of ‘ham beans’ – basically red beans cooked with a meaty ham bone and stuff like garlic and onions for two hours or so – yesterday. While I meant to make a double batch, I really didn’t mean to make so much, though. Forgot the beans were 16oz bags, not the all-too-familiar 12oz, and didn’t realize it ‘til I went to check their soaking and over half the water had been absorbed, and the beans were peeking over the pot. Ended up cooking them in two pots and combining them after some got eaten. Still delicious, and I swear, they taste better the next day. While Dearest Son and Beloved Hubby will eat them fresh, all the leftovers become mine. And I’m just soooo upset about that, too ! (grin)

We also made a cake, Dearest and I, and I’m reminded of why I rarely make them – I can’t frost to save my soul. Not that he cared ! We tried to do a simple two-layer cake, and while it looked fine from the top, the sides were just terrible. Glad it tasted much better, ya can’t go wrong with whipped cream cheese frosting no matter how bad it looks.

Awoke to a light dusting of snow at 5am, and woke back up at 8 to a full-on snowstorm. Well, about a two to three inch accumulation may not seem like a storm to areas used to measuring by feet and yards, but to me, it was like living in a stirred-up snowglobe for several hours. So beautiful. About 3pm, it started to melt, but it was gorgeous while it lasted. Wheeled the trash cans back around, tossed a few handfuls of snow back and forth with Dearest. If it’s gone tomorrow, we’re going to Dollar Tree ! Hopefully the more ruthless bargain hunters have bagged their limit by now and moved along.

Decided to spent my most recent PineCone funds on new embroidery designs – big surprise ! – but I wanted to get the most for the money, so only bought the ones on sale. A mere $12.68 got me a load of designs totaling $26. without the discounts, and I got some nice freebies, too ! There’s still several more I want, but they’ll have to wait a week or so. That $17. worth isn’t on sale anywhere right now. You know I checked. And subscribed to mailing lists, just in case. So don’t be surprised if you start seeing more embroidered doll clothes in ’15. I gotta justify spendin’ all this cash, ya know…

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