Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday of the Purple Pirate

I thought this Elsa was so pretty ! I’m a member of D23, a Disney fan club, and this was one of the ’23 Days of Christmas’ gifts. It’s drawn by supervising animator Mark Henn. D23 membership is free if you’re curious – there are higher levels, but I can’t afford Silver, much less Gold. If you know what the ‘23’ refers to, you’re probably already a member – or should be !

I finally got to make something today ! An eyepatch. Woke up this morning with a sty in my right eye, right in the outer corner. Hurt like the grain of sand in an oyster. Not wildly painful,  just very distracting and annoying. I’ve had luck in the past getting rid of them by simply keeping the affected eye closed as much as possible – I had them frequently shortly after I got my first modem-bearing computer in ’95 (although I still count my ’86 Commodore 64 as my very first computer !). So, lacking the pantyhose I used back then to make a slightly compressive band from, I snagged a t-shirt that’s already cut up for doll clothes. Snipped off the longest part, folded it up and made a nearly fashionable headband with it, then snugged it a bit over my eye. Beloved Hubby made cute ‘purple pirate’ jokes all day. Hopefully it’ll be gone tomorrow.

In the meanwhile, I tackled my long-neglected e-mail in-box, busting it down from 462 to 48. Most of those are unread WebMD advisories about diabetes, diets, heart disease, and hypertension, which I don’t have, but they come with the diabetes and heart issue messages. I’ve read the same articles over and over, so I should just delete all the WebMD messages, but there may be one with information I can use. So I’m going through them, three a day, plus whatever new gets delivered. Hope to have them deleted or saved by next week. I read at least a dozen today !

Also ordered some new checks. The ones I have now are from three addresses ago ! They still work, but while we had a few bucks, I wanted to update them. There must be fifty check companies online – and at least twice that many dodges and hustles. If the checks are cheap, check the count, you may be ordering a lot less than ya think. I’m so ancient, I remember when a box of non-duplicate checks held 200 ! And everybody charges a ridiculous amount on shipping – not even gonna get into the ‘in-plant rush’ ploy. Ended up going with a single box of a design I liked, not very expensive, but not the uber-plain ones either, and even with my slightly upgraded shipping, don’t expect them until the day after Christmas. Heck, my last box has barely been touched, and I’m gonna hafta scrap the lot. If we stay here a while, they’ll probably last forever.

The headband and some warm water compresses eased my sty a bit, so I was able to go to Dollar Tree – again ! – with my guys without being a public curiosity. I got a pretty plastic light-up snowflake that flashes several colors. It’s now attached to the front door via the included suction cup. Not bad at all for a buck ! 

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