Tuesday, December 30, 2014

At least the tree was still up to hang it on !

I did it ! I made a Christmas ornament last night ! True, I’m a few days off, but better late than never, right ? It doubles as a demonstration of how chintzy cheap I am – the designer (Bee Stitchin') sells a blank version but gave away an identical one with a tree applique added. So I saved three bucks and subtracted. Came out just the same. Don’t worry, though, she has several designs on my wish-list that I’ll definitely order in January. Heck, I can buy more ‘cause that one was free !

This was my first trial, and it’s rife, I tell you, rife with errors. Had to re-sew the bottom ‘cause I cut too close to the line and popped the stitches. I’m sure you can see others. But I’m still proud of it ! I had all the materials already, even the clear vinyl, stashed in my copious supply stores. Didn’t think I had glitter, but I did – soon as I saw the nail art shimmer powder I bought from Dollar Tree for the tiny bottles, I knew what I was using. I probably should have used the whole bottle, but it scattered as I was stitching, and there’s potential for Brody-machine damage, so I’ll probably leave it off of future attempts. I saw another designer’s version, with tiny seed beads replacing the glitter, and it looked great, so I’ll have to try that. It’s funny, but now I’m looking at my fabric and other embroidery designs with new eyes… To think, I was considering selling everything three months ago ! Glad I didn’t.

The shopping frenzy continues. Big Lots was a big disappointment when it came to after-holiday sales. They expected $4.25 for a popcorn tin on markdown – and it was $6. to begin with ! About all I got was a plastic candy cane with Mike and Ike’s candy in it for 50¢. The best find was Nestea ‘water enhancer’ squeezers for just 50¢ each ! Those are usually $3. at the grocery stores. I got eighteen of ‘em, mostly peach tea, but also some lemon and green tea with citrus flavors, too.

The new thrift in the same strip was more like an antiques and collectable mall, but I found a pretty brunette vintage-style 1994 Barbie ballerina figurine for 99c. Some paint has chipped off her toe shoes, and she’s missing her stand, so I’ll probably make her into an ornament with a tiny screw eye. Dollar Tree just had a bread delivery, so I snagged three loaves, and three boxes of half-off candy canes. Also two t-shirts, one for each of my guys, and Dearest Son is picking out what he wants embroidered on his.

Came home – so cold out, and I saw a few snowflakes – and cleaned the kitchen for two hours. It’s needed it, some is moving stuff I should have finished weeks ago. Glad that’s done ! 

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