Thursday, December 11, 2014

Halfway between 'Ever After High' and 'Frozen', there is... Snow Princess.

I love it when bootlegs come to me,
I don't have to send to China for 'em on eBay !
BTW, there was no 'Elsa' version, just a
very generic blonde Cinderella. 
Massive tummy-ache today, so I didn’t get a lot done. Put switchplates on a bunch of naked power outlets, dragged the last of the torn-up carpet down from our bedroom and into the trash and wheeled all the cans around – tomorrow’s trash day, after all. Broke down a collection of used liquor-store boxes and added them to the recycling bin, and cleaned and swept the porch. Was supposed to finish cleaning and lining the cabinets, but that just didn’t happen.

I really should start doing the work I have planned for the day first thing. After all, I did get to the grocery, the pawn shop, Dollar General, and the thrift down the street, but all I bought were some of the most beautiful apples I’ve ever seen. On sale, too – huge Red Delicious, eight pounds for $3.33. Every one of them looks like it just got bagged up after finishing its work as set dressing on a Disney movie. Nearly bought Top Secret!, but it’s just not the classic that Airplane ! is. I can see most of the funny bits on YouTube anytime.

Beloved Hubby says he’ll help me with the cabinets this weekend, but I really hope to knock them out tomorrow. First, though, Flea Market ! Wish us luck ! 

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