Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cookies !

Dearest Son and I were supposed to go out for a bit today, but the Fates were against us – that or vulcanized rubber. Flat tire. To make it up to him, I made his favorite lunch and together, we made chocolate chip cookies ! Even managed to save some for Beloved Hubby. We ate all the lunch, every grain. He made a holiday card for his grandparents, and we’ll take it to the PO tomorrow.

One good thing about my dietary changes – it took a lot fewer cookies than before ‘til I was ready to push away and say ‘done’. Wish I could say the same for the unbaked dough, though… I could probably have eaten a third of it all by myself, no chips. I swear, that’s better than cookies to me.

Finished reading Merchants of Deception, a muckraking book about Amway from a former near-Diamond distributor, online. Made me glad we’re too poor to invest – we need every coin we can scratch up to maintain this decadence ! I confess, it’s kind of hard to feel sympathy for folks who went bankrupt buying Cadillacs and travelling all over the world to sell soap and vitamins, but the biz really did a number on that guy, and his whole family. No money costs as much as easy money, and realizing there’s no such thing as unlimited wealth by selling things most folks buy much cheaper at Mal-Wart would have perhaps gone a long way to helping him not take it as far as he did.

Beloved and I traded car stereos last night – just in time, he had one heckuva long slog home tonight. His quit working, mine worked fine, it just wasn’t installed well, and bounced like crazy with every pebble on the road. Since I’m rarely in the car for more than ten minutes at a time, and the bounce-noise drove me nutz, I was glad to get rid of it. Plus, he’s behind the wheel for at least an hour a day, often twice that, so it made sense to swap. When I drive more than that, like to the VA, I prefer to have the trip totally quiet anyway, just in case. I’m glad he has some company on the road !

He brought us home some cherry candy canes, as the Dollar Tree he went to today required a minimum purchase for ATM cards. They look quite pretty on the tree !

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