Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I hope September is a major improvement...

Current Mood : Still worried.

I SEWED today ! It's crap, I screwed it up from stitch one, and nearly every line of sewing snarled up in some fashion, but it's so finished, it even has closures, and it looks decent from a distance, so amen and halleluiah, it's done. I'm gonna ditch that thread, I think it's cursed (well, it'd been roundly cursed by the time I was done with it !). I also altered a Dollar Tree Barbie knockoff skirt to go with it, so I can claim to have 'created' a whole new outfit. Awesome. 

The pattern, for a shirt and pants, is courtesy of Chryseis85. It came out on Aug 14th, on the MH LiveJournal group, with the pattern on MegaUpload and the directions on LJ on that date. Or you can hit 'download' in the 'Tags' field. I think the group is members only, but they're quite nice there - I've never had any issues that wasn't instantly solved by me thinking past my very centered self ! Here's the link to download - you'll probably have to wait for some BS 'our members don't have to wait to download everything in the Universe' crap, but hey, free pattern ! All the author asks is that you give credit and post any photos of completed items, which I'll do when I'm done here.

I think that, once you see the pieces, you'll be able to tell how the pattern goes together, it's fairly standard, or you could find similar garments for Barbie and substitute those directions. Haven't tried the pants, but the shirt was fairly easy - hem the sleeves, sew one end of the sleeve to the front, the opposite end to one of the back pieces, then repeat on the other side. Hem (I cheated and cut the pieces using the hem already present in the shirt I recycled) and sew the side seams from underarm to bottom hem, then clip curves, turn right-side out, and add your choice of closures. I cheated again and used recycled Velcro (tm). I also didn't hem the neckline, but I Fray-checked it, and need to apply it again. 

It took me over an hour, with all the ripping out and reworking - it probably would have taken less time and looked better if I'd hand-sewn it from the start. But the important thing was, I did it. It's been months since I made anything, and it took me all day to quit stalling and start already. Guess I had to wait until I was about to panic about my health issues again, and needed a distraction fast ! 

Hmm...wonder how this would work up in a non-stretchy knit...?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hope your day is cuddy and dry...

Current Mood : Trying so hard not to worry...

I have to admit, after a day off doin' nothin', I wasn't exactly eager to attack the remaining housework today ! But some stuff always needs doing, and some didn't get done this weekend, so... plus, it kept my mind off worrying over Oliver-kitten and the mess that's currently my right leg. Nothing's changed on either front, and I'm not sure what I need to do. Might as well get some work done while me and my body try to figure it out !

The floors here are all laminates, except for the carpeting in the bedrooms and playroom - which means they get gritty fast, and if they go too long without a serious sweep, you end up wiping your feet as you *leave* the house. While I hate doing dishes the most, Beloved Hubby hates floor care, something I don't mind much. Plus the living room was especially bugging my feet, so it was past time. 

Sweeping the computer area and kitchen was fairly easy - but it still took two... well, 'sweeps' to get most of the dirt. Living room's always harder, because I usually have to get to the floor first, by moving laundry, toys, Airsoft equipment, and reading materials back to where they belong first. 

Found a wet load of clothes in the washer, so I ended up doing laundry anyway, three loads. Put the small stuff away, but the pile that needs to go in the closet's getting huge. I may have to tackle that one ten minutes at a time, too. It's just that, once I get going, I hate to stop - especially if I can see an end to it soon !

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bedtime ! Best time of the day !!

Current Mood : Still sleepy, believe it or not !

Had today completely to m'self, with orders from Beloved Hubby to rest and enjoy. Laundry, about the only major task remaining, could wait, and we'd spent most of Sunday cleaning house, so... Plus, it's hard to argue with someone handing you such a lovely rose ! 

Amazingly, I slept. It's amazing to me because I got nearly a full night's rest last night, and that's with going to bed earlier than usual. All told, between 8pm last night and noon today, I slept about twelve hours, and even now, I'm yawning. We're lucky to be sooooo far inland, Hurricane Irene has only affected us with news stories and lowered temperatures. I feel nearly human again ! And I pray for those who are squaring their shoulders, bailing out and calling the power co. for the twelfth time today. I hope that's the worst anyone has to deal with in the aftermath. What scares me the most is that it's not really over yet, in some areas. 

I think Beloved's a bit worried about me - then again, I did have a major sort of freak-out yesterday - because after work, he picked me up for a quick run to TRU ! He wanted to check the nearby Hobby Lobby for a certain pen type, and thought I might like to see if anything new had come in. How thoughtful - and a little scary. I'm still shipping plasma, although not quite as heavily as before, and I almost hated to go out like that...but I needed to get out of the house for a while. 

Unfortunately, nothing was new - in fact, they had more old stuff than I've ever seen ! Since we moved, our 'new' TRU is probably one of the oldest stand-alone stores in the state, and, kinda shows. They still had debut Frankie and Cleo & Deuce sets, 'Dawn of the Dance' first runs of Cleo and Frankie, three more Hydration Stations, and a couple Dead Tired dolls. There were two Lagoona locker sets, three Clawdeen bed playsets and at least five three-doll Fearleader packs, but that was all for 'new'. I got a good look at the Fearleaders, and it's a fairly good deal for $42., but ultimately, it's three more nude dolls I'll need to trade or sell, and if I'm gonna spend that much, I'd rather hold out for Lagoona 2.0, maybe Abbey Bominable. 

Yeah, I may be going there after all. I keep hearing her voice actress (from Thursday's new webisode) in my head, thinking 'School not so bad. Better than chasing moose and squirrel all over Himalayas all winter long', and I laugh so hard, I kinda want the doll. It's kind of funny, though - I still have never seen an in-person, actual Abbey or Spectra doll. It's like they simply don't exist here. But, hey, it's not like I don't already have enough dolls and hobbies and housework to take up my free time anyway ! 

But Beloved knows I still want ole 2.0, so he reminded me to keep an eye open on the websites, we can always mail-order one. Neither one of us scored today - they're out of stock on his pens at this Hobby Lobby, too ! Rats. 

Short end note : Oliver, in an effort to pole-vault across my lap for some reason, scratched the crap out of me this afternoon. I did not respond well...and we'll be having a talk with Dearest Son as soon as he gets home.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Icky mostly-medical subject matter - you may wanna skip this one !

Current Mood : Crappy

Hard to believe it's nearly the end of August. I'm really waffling about today's topic, which is why it's so late. Fact is, if I wanna get fully healthy again, we gotta do something we really hate, so everyone's sorta draggin' our heels about it. Plus, I hate to admit defeat and panic, but I'm out of options.

What it boils down to is that Oliver-kitten is either going to have to find a new home, or he'll have to be an indoor/outdoor kitty like DC. (sigh) Which really isn't fair to either cat. DC has treasured his independence since before we moved here, and it works for him. He's a solid cat, and he reminds me so much of my beloved childhood kitty - heck, even getting him 'fixed' (I hate that euphemism) didn't change his lifestyle. We kind of expect the same with DC. 

However, Oliver's been brought up inside, more or less, yet his aggressive nature hasn't dialed down yet. He's almost Siamese-touchy, and I really don't need to fear a feline's mood swings. Still, here's the real issue - I'm wheezing constantly now, even with the filters and a weekend-long housecleaning, still can't have him anywhere near my face or our bedding, and (deep breath) a scratch he 'playfully' administered a few days after his arrival has gone infected, and it's pretty bad. I admit to having a full-scale panic yesterday, since my body's doing what it can to protect me, but it's alien, since I've never really had a bad infection before. Even when my tummy split open after the cyst surgery, it never got infected at all. Now I have what was this little two-inch scratch - that was treated with rubbing alcohol and first aid basics when it happened - that's developed into a crater on the back of my leg, and my system is dousing it in plasma, 24-7. Not even gonna tell ya'll how icky that gets. Thank Everything I can get away with knee-length house-gowns most days. 

As for the scratch site, I fully admit to yesterday's panic and the ensuing three hours of wound research...that didn't amount to much besides 'keep it clean, keep it dry / keep it moist, see a doctor if the site streaks yellow'. Which it isn't. It's not even slightly warmer than adjacent skin, but it kinda hurts randomly, usually as if someone's stuck a long pin in it. And all this plasma means I have to be careful where I sit or even stand, there's that much of it. Yet other body 'systems' are unaffected. I'd be more concerned if I wasn't feeling better, or had other issues. 

So I'm giving it a few more days, and if it's not improved any at all, we'll see an urgent care physician, if mine can't do much. (sigh) This crap always happens on Rent Week, ya know ? (grin) We're talking to Dearest Son about it, who predictably ain't happy, but eventually it'll get down to 'momma or the cat', and I'll try not to act hurt when he chooses Oliver, or waffles a lot.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I think I'm actually ready for this Creative Thursday !

Current Mood : A nice sense of accomplishment !


Finally watched Hoarders from Monday - wow. I think I finally understand. Every week, it's the same. The pros from A&E promise the hoarder that nothing they wanna keep will go on the 'Got Junk' trucks while the hoarder's family is filling up the trucks with 60-gallon trash bags as fast as they can. The family knows that once the extreme cleaners are gone - after just two days ? - everything left unresolved is their problem, so understandably, they're gonna lighten the load as much as possible. 

The pros - especially the psych ones - keep cautioning that one wrong item tossed out will cause the hoarder to shut down, but the whole show depends on somebody taking the reins and tossing the boxes wholesale. I don't think it's ever the professionals, it's always a family member. Closest A&E's come to that is calling local social services when the intervention failed spectacularly. 

Honestly, the hoarder's SOL either way - if they don't get the garbage and crap out on their own (within two days, with minimal therapy - umm, that can happen), they'll usually lose their home. If a family member doesn't do it for them, they'll usually lose their home. I just wish they'd be more honest with the hoarder to begin with. They can't keep everything. No one can, not ever. And it's never the pros who take the reins on the trash, it has to be a family member. I can understand the reasons behind that, but it doesn't play well in the previews. The A&E folks may do the dirty ('dead flat rat') work, but they always leave it to the family for the messy psychological resolution stuff. And even then, it rarely works. 

And, as is usual after a Hoarders binge, I was ready for some cleaning. After a shower - lots of 'ick' in this week's episode. What to clean...I'm really sick of laundry. Now, the mess on my 'cutting table' (i.e., the dryer, with a rotary cutting surface on top) had been there since mid to late May, mostly cutaway from those last-minute badges I had to redo just before Beloved Hubby's Invasion, with new fabric and other bits mixed in. No way was I sewing anything until that was cleaned up. I'd realized the green ottoman we got for me last weekend could easily hold dolls, projects, two blankets, lotsa stuff when we got it, but now, it seemed perfect for my loose, inspirational fabrics ! Could still keep the smallest bits in the overhead bin, but the neat pieces would be right there, hopefully keeping me off the sofa and encouraging me to go make something elsewhere. 

It took two hours to get it all sorted, but it was done, even the machine embroidery interfacing and cutaway bits were put away. I'm hoping to sew next week ! Funny how being able to see the cutting surface can be so encouraging and inspiring...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cleaning and whining...they just go together naturally !

Current Mood : Happy to have so many new 'back to school' outfits !

Today was a comedy - which is a tragedy, twice removed. Beloved Hubby woke me to say Dearest Son was riding along with him to Granny & Grand-dad's this morning, so if I wanted a good-bye kiss, I'd better get it now. I made sure he had everything, which was kinda rocky, as my insomnia was back last night, and I'd barely lay down at 4am. Glad he woke me, though, I think we'd have both missed having even just a bit of time otherwise. 

Just before they left, Beloved told me he'd left a ripe nectarine and a small cheese Danish for me for breakfast, and after I ate, the day was mine. I could sleep all day if I liked, but I needed to eat something first. Can't say I really fault him for this, my appetite is still off, and I don't really eat unless strongly encouraged...and that nectarine smelled so good...

That's the real boot of this whole business. I can deal with the rest of it - the weakness, the wheezing, last week's use of a fat-azz cart at Target - but when food smells soooooo good, yet still tastes like ashes, it's like I'm being punished ! Yeah, I'm whining, at least I have food, I should be grateful, even if I can barely choke most of it down these days. I've missed one day and (nervous cough) got sick one day on the vitamins, so I don't know if they're doing any good or not, so my 'zinc deficiency' hypothesis may be waaay off. It's funny though, that of all the things that have returned shortly after I started taking the darn ersatz one-a-day supplements, it was insomnia...

Anyway. Futzed around on the computer for an hour, enjoying a near-perfect nectarine - I could only wish it was bigger ! - and a slightly microwave-warmed Danish when I felt sleepy again. Well, with the Return of Insomnia, maybe an hour or so would perk me up a bit, I already felt better than I've had in days. 

Four hours later...yeah, four hours ! I slept, nonstop, for four straight hours ! I couldn't believe it, it was unbelievable. Anyway, I was awake and oddly hungry again, so I was up and at 'em. Wow. Hope I can give Beloved a power-nap like this one this weekend ! I almost felt like I woke up with a cape around my shoulders ! 

So I got my downloads done from EmbLibrary. It's been so long since I bought anything from them - either with money or freebie 'gift' certificates - that it's the first time I've seen their new way of providing model sheets. Can't say I'm fond of it, but there's not a lot of changes I can make. I used to spend at least a half hour per design, customizing the model sheet my way. Can't do that anymore, it's just a PDF download. Thinking back, it was kind of silly I spent so much time tweaking designs I haven't ever used - I print out an entirely different guide when I actually embroider anything.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hope their combination locks are more consistent than mine ever were in high school !

Current Mood : Temporarily sated...

Whee ! You put three Monster High lockers together long enough, ya don't have to worry about getting the genders right - you get your fourth locker regardless ! Naah, I'm just kidding. Paid $12. or so for a near-complete Lagoona locker set off eBay a few days ago, and it arrived three days later. Awesome. 

It may seem silly, but I had a choice - could shell $15. for a BIN with just the locker and stickers (including shipping), or could bid nearly the same (including shipping) and snag the included spare gargoyle egg, notebook, skullie pen, stickers, and second outfit. So I did the latter, and last I looked, the BIN locker is still there. And I had all the goodies for a couple bucks less - always the way I like it. Lagoona's second shirt is just awesome. Glad I have two of it, I may take one apart for a pattern. Already know I'm gonna take one 'tie' off and use it for a hair accessory.

A few more have come online for sale - guess I wasn't the only one who wanted more than three ! - but the going rate seems to be more or less $15. with shipping, for just the locker and maybe the stickers. Shoot, for an extra $5., ya get a lot more, if the dolls are available locally. Shoes alone would be worth that, and they can always be altered by cutting away or even adding straps, or painted, even with just a good black Sharpie.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Because three Lagoona Blues aren't enough when there's a fourth with a new hand-mold !

Current Mood : Slight longing...


There's the Lagoona doll I really want. I am in love with her hands and outfit, which drives me crazy when I already have two new Lagoonas in the house - I don't need a third for frivolous bits. But I so very much Want ! She's finally listed on the TRU website, but of course, is out of stock. That's fine. We're broke this weekend anyway, and I don't know yet if Beloved's working or not, so it's not an issue either way. I still have to take and edit the photos I have planned - hands, boxes, etc. - and the comparison / contrast for the lab jackets that keeps getting put off, so my weekend's busy even if just do the stuff I promised weeks ago ! 

And there's plenty of that to get done anytime !

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sleepy-time's back....zzzzzzz....

Current Mood : I mean, I'm always yawning and not paying attention...

Well...things didn't quite go as planned last night, but I got a lot done. Took the first of the daily multiple-vitamins and immediately got this weird 'closed ear' sensation - like someone was holding their hands over my ears, blocking both sound and pressure. Weird. Unfortunately, food still had the same tastes, and the only thing that really changed was my insomnia came back. 

(sigh) Ranks, doesn't it ? I'd been sleeping fairly well since last week, just long enough to miss it when I just lay there like a worn whale at 2am. Was kind of restless, too, so I got up, finished a few stray dishes - Beloved Hubby'd tackled the rest earlier - and watched Muriel's Wedding while adjusting the hems on Beloved's thrifted linen slacks. He hadn't asked me to, but I wanted to do something while sitting, ya know ? I knew I was still too clumsy-handed to machine-sew, so I busily hand-hemmed them between Wedding and The Rebel Set, an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, also on Netflix. It was actually rather relaxing, and it felt good to do something for Beloved, so I was happy. 

Guess it's time to re-find my 'to do' lists, because the pants and dishes were all I could think of to do at the time. Now I can recall hundreds of little things that've gotten blown by the wayside while I've been sick for way too blasted long. Heck, I even have embroidery designs from EmbLibrary - I got a free $10. gift certificate back in July, and selected several lovely designs in time...but never downloaded them. So they're just sitting there, waiting. Pretty sad when a tightwad like me doesn't even have the energy to claim her freebies ! 

But then again, there's two calendars in the house - one's still on July, and one's on May. So I guess nobody should be surprised that things are a bit in need of work around here ! Got four more loads of laundry done, but it's starting to stack up a little. Should be able to get to the closet for hanging apparel tomorrow, if I can bring m'self to begin a third straight day of laundry !

Monday, August 22, 2011

Well, here's hoping.

Current Mood : Kinda always seems like I'm worried about meds lately...

Busted butt today and got four loads of laundry - including part of a fifth languishing in the dryer - washed, dried, and put away. The dirty clothes pile in our bedroom looks less like an out-take from Hoarders, although there's about four more loads still to go, but I'm happy. Saving the airsoft uniforms for last, though, and I already have tomorrow's lined up and waiting. Should have it all done by Wednesday evening. It's the least I can do since Beloved Hubby took out all those dishes.

He came home today, pale and rubbing his head, but laden with groceries and Dearest Son. I'd done some research last night, and discovered what may be giving me so many issues - a zinc deficiency. It's common for people who've been on diuretics for a long time, will affect taste, and one of the 'early warning' signs is hair loss. Hm. I've had a bit of hair loss, attributed it to age and potential menopause, and moved on, but now I wondered...I didn't have the little white marks on my nails, but if there was even a small chance that this was it, I wanted to try. Told Beloved this morning, figuring later this week, we'd hit CVS or Walgreen's.

Instead, along with the milk, bread, canned ravioli, and soup, Beloved got me a daily multi-vitamin with zinc, and some fresh plums, prunes, and more eggs. He looked it up on his cell phone at the grocery store - how thoughtful ! I immediately grabbed a plum and a vitamin, read the label carefully, checked drug interactions with what I already take online, and deduced that a daily multi would be safe.

What's funny is, I feel a little different already, and it's only been a couple hours. I don't feel so dehydrated, and I was actually hungry at dinner. Things still taste off, but somehow not as much, so I can't help but think that's improving. I was so wiped out from laundry that I could barely put groceries away, but I've perked up enough since then that I sent Beloved to bed after dinner. I wanted to do that anyway, but I was so out of it, I was worried about keeping up with Dearest. Not an issue now - and there's only an hour or so before bedtime.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

I still remember my old 'MoonDreamers' dolls...

Current Mood : Moonstruck

Current Image Notes : This is an actual product - the "Full Moon Odyssey" floor mattress, by Lily Suh of i3lab. Stand it up, it's art, slide it to the floor, it's a fun place to watch movies with the family. Heck with the sleep pod - I want this ! 

I swear, I get so ambitious at day's end - and half the time do next to nothing the next day ! Yesterday, I fully intended to write a full work-up comparison / contrast of the lab jackets, mine vs. Mattel's...and today didn't do squat but move the Mattel one so it wouldn't get tossed out with some random papers. Arrrgh. So forgive me, but the price of actually getting an entry today, instead of next week when I can get to and feel like doing the photos, is for me to admit being lazy and talk about other crap than what I promised. 

It may be that I was still a little wiped out from yesterday. I passed out once we got home, and Beloved Hubby attacked the dishes while I slept. Guilt city, but as he prosaically pointed out, it needed doing, and now it's done. In truth, I feel a little better, and helped with the huge load of trash at least, so at least part of the house isn't a dump anymore. Now I can focus on the laundry this week, and get it knocked out. Slowly but surely, things improve. 

While he napped today, I moved the new green storage ottoman into place, liberating the little table we've been using to hold remotes and inhalers and such beside the sofa. Now, I've been after Beloved to build me a small shelf over by my doll bookcase, to hold the Jem 'Rockin' Roadster' car - it, in turn, holds Inaba, Shinobu, and Michio, my treasured doll family. I figured, with just a bit of shuffling over by that corner, the table could hold the Roadster. It'd be high enough to be out of the way, protected behind MSB Gracie and Baby Chrissy, and the table itself was pretty enough to be attractive as a stand. Since the table part would be centered, and the wheels weren't anywhere near the flat surface, it was stable, too. Done !

So, for $15., Beloved doesn't have to make the shelf anymore, the Roadster's well displayed, the living room looks better, and we have a bit more storage and style by the sofa. Not bad !

Also, rumors about the 2012 MH line are beginning to surface. Recently trademarked 'Sweet 1600' seems destined for a workout - a Barbie collector got a sneak peek, and discovered a line of dolls and even a car bearing that line name in the MH near-future, which ties in nicely to DracuLaura's birthday. Wonder if she'll get a cool pink sportscar - or a hearse ! 

There was also mention of a 'Friday the 13th' line and a 'Make Your Own Monster', which, frankly, we all knew was coming sooner or later. Heck, Mattel sort of already did that with the What's Her Face ? doll series back in 2001. A vanity for Cleo seems to be on the fast-track, too, since she didn't get an actual bed in the 'Dead Tired' line, and it would suit her well. Solid ideas that most fans are already excited about - here's hoping ! 

Well, another day draws to an end, with much I can still do. Cool ! Another reason to get busy !

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sliding into sleepytown...

Current Mood : Drained & sleepy

Glad I decided to let things slide today - 'cause we didn't find any new Monster High merch, and if I'd been all keyed up to seek and buy, I would have been disappointed. Heck, I didn't even find anything at the thrift store, but we found two pair of work pants for Beloved Hubby and shorts and a shirt for Dearest Son. I took things slow and easy, and leaned on a shopping cart when necessary, which helped. For a shopping trip, we really didn't buy much. Some fruit for me, a few snacks, not much. Even Hobby Lobby failed to turn up much interesting. Wish I could fit into a couple of those steampunk costumes Simplicity's got patterns out for Halloween this year, though ! 

Still, by the time we hit Target, I was nearly a liquid. So I had to opt for the motorized carts and ignore the stares. I still hate those things, but it was that or go home, so in the end, I did what I wanted, and I did it my way. No whining ! I'm grateful they were there, so that I could at least tour a bit. 

Of course, I could whine about their MH selection. About all they had were 10+ original Frankie Steins, seven or eight original 'Dawn of the Dance' Cleos, five or six Cleo & Deuce original sets, and a scattering of Gloom Beach singles. Only new item was the $53. GB group, which I simply can't justify. Especially since my Ghoulia already has a swimsuit (albeit a Bratz one, it fits her well). Beloved offered me anything I wanted, but there simply wasn't anything. Sometimes it's best to just fold yer money up and put it back in yer wallet. 

But on the way out of the store, you sometimes find something you weren't looking for. Yup, today's image. I snagged a Storage Ottoman, 15 inches square, in that exact color, for $15. Even Beloved likes it. I can keep doll projects in progress - even dolls on stands, intact ! - in there, and it's much more stable for various sofa-side items than the little table we're using now. That poor little stand. It gets knocked over at least three times a week. But now, I can think of another use for the stand - more later - and get much more use out of the Ottoman, long as I don't sit on it ! The lid makes a neat lap desk in a pinch. While the green microfiber isn't a color match for our beleaguered sofa, it's a texture one, so it looks like it belongs. Beloved's talking about going back for the blue one, since they didn't have a lot in color choice, but they're definitely worth the cash !

Once home, we prowled on leftovers and I pretty much passed out. The peppermint patty Beloved got for me had melted in my pocket, but after an hour in the fridge, it was very tasty ! My taste is still off, which is so annoying. Foods still smell right, and so very delicious, but when I bite in...(sigh) Hate that I forgot to pick up some vitamins, maybe the problem is that (duh !) I'm not eating right these days...

Tomorrow - we look at fun and fashionable lab coats for 2012 ! See you there !

Friday, August 19, 2011

Enjoy what ya got, Dorrie !

Current Mood : Excited

Beloved Hubby sez that we're gonna do a little shopping tomorrow - mostly a 'get out of the house and get a few groceries' sort of thing, more than a 'let's buy fun stuff !' one. That's fine with me - I got three brand-new dolls less than three weeks ago, and I haven't even begun to enjoy them yet. And we'll see what pops up when we're out. I had hopes on finding the 'hang loose' (also known as 'Lagoona 2.0') doll, but I've since discovered that, once again, Target's assigned the same stock number to half the MH stock, so the online checker is useless. I can call, but I just did that a couple weeks ago. Maybe next week, I'll see what's out there. For now, I still have plenty to enjoy - and it's already deboxed ! 

And shoot, to this day, I have still not seen, on retail shelves, either Abbey Bominable or Spectra, so it's doubtful much new is out there. My little doll desert. Kinda ranks when Germany and Scotland Mal-Wart-type shops have more than yer Mal-Wart, Target, and TRUs combined ! But I'm getting used to it. I've amassed quite a bit, imagine what all I'd have if it was all more easily available ! 

Heck, I haven't even reviewed the lab coats yet. Just today took Lagoona's off for the first time, to get a better look at it. It's very well done - and I'm still planning a more extensive investigation - but on the whole, mine aren't bad at all. In some ways, I kinda prefer mine to the official ones. I'm already itching to make more, and a couple for the guys !

And, thanks to great friends with better vision than mine, I wanna say here and now I was wrong - the new Ghoulia 'Comic Book Club' fashion *does* come with the green glasses. So it's firmly back on my 'search and obtain' list, but I'm still not in much of a hurry. Seems there's more in Germany than there are in the US, and I have a bit of a wait to go. That's fine, by then I may have money again !

Plus, I'm a little scared about tomorrow. Beloved knows I'm still sick. Well...he knows most of it. He's got a lot on his plate, so I haven't been bugging him with the worst of it. How out of breath getting a glass of water can make me, or how folding laundry can take hours. But tomorrow, we're gonna be in and out of stores, and the last thing I want is to use what's non-affectionately known as 'the fat-azz carts' - those little power wheelchairs most department stores make available for customers. The one time I have before, it was right before Dearest Son was born, and I was so out of it, I still can't tell you what store it was from, but I remember the stares. I don't want any more stares. But I want out of the house, and I want to go...argh. Wish me luck !

I gave Dearest a set of the MH  stickers a couple days ago, and it's not 'til today that he used them to decorate one of his remote control cars and one of his non-remote Barbie ones. It's so cute to see the 'shield' one on the door to a racing-legend marked Traxxas. He took it with him to his Grandparents' house this afternoon, now that the weather's cooling a bit. Poor guy wasn't feeling too well either today. I made sure he got lots of rest. 

And I'm slowly getting better. Ate some ramen today, which actually tasted decent for the first time in weeks, but my appetite is still shallow. Felt like I had a bit of energy, though, so I see it as a good sign. Even had a sip of RC Cola Wednesday, something I also haven't been near in weeks, and it was good. Only problem was, it's been weeks since I've had caffeine. Was up all that night, processing it, but it was nice to know I could have a sip here and there again. 

It's aggravating. I don't know what I 'can' eat or not 'til I try it, and nobody likes cooking a meal he or she ends up not being able to enjoy. I end up asking for nibbles from Dearest's pizza or Beloved Hubby's gyro, only to have to tell them everything but fruit and some sweets still taste like ashes. Adding to the weirdness is that water, simple cold tap water, has never tasted better in my life !

I'm probably losing weight, but I'm about out of energy all the time. Ah, everything has a positive and a negative, all the time.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glasses not included....darn.

Current Mood : Still dizzy

Darn ! Ah, well. Glad I figured it out now...All this time, every time I saw the 'Comic Book Club' Ghoulia outfit - part of the School Clubs outfit sets sold for a couple weeks in Germany, soon to be on sale separately at retailers near you ! - I thought the green framed classic Ghoulia glasses were included. Nope. I can has another red headband ( like I don't already make better-fitting ones out of ribbon and elastic when I'm semi-healthy enough). Oh, well. Kinda glad I know this now, so I don't drive everyone in the house nutz looking for it. The outfit's cute, and yeah, I'd love to have it when it's available at Mal-Wart, but now I don't feel the need to remain 'on the hunt' for it. Heck, I still have two 'tiny action figures' in the box from Mari's original outfit, back in Mattel's 'International High' days ! 

So today, still weak and mostly out of it, I played with the glasses I had, including the great LIV pairs sent to me by the delightful and generous Smidge-chan. Hm. Come to think of things, I haven't heard from her since her miniatures expertise took off, hope she's doing well - and isn't ill ! Anyway, unless the set jumps into my grasping chubby hands one day, I'm not gonna go on a hunt for it, or any of 'em. Of course, I want darn near all, but it's past time for me to reign the hunger in a bit. Especially while I still can't eat very much in real-time. 

I still want the 'hang loose' Lagoona, but even the 'grabby hands' part of my head that still get all graspy is kinda admitting it's silly, too. Even if I wore pink jelly shoes almost just like hers (but with actual heels with heel tips !) to my best friend's wedding back in the day, and the Lagoona character does that 'hang loose' hand gesture all the time. And the dress is even more lovely without the black mesh pieces - which I've seen photographed separately ! - but still. I gotta go through the surplus here and decide what I want to do. Do I want folks to buy or trade me stuff ? Do I want more lockers ? More clothes, more props, more shoes ? Honestly, the shoe fetish thing is starting to fade, too - although I'd love to buy a bunch of those knockoff ones to sell with my clothes, if I ever manage to get my butt back into the sewing arena...(sigh)

So much up in the air, and my dizzy nature feels like it's right there with it ! 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I know I'm cheap and lazy, but this is ridiculous !

Current Mood : Annoyed

You may be relieved to hear that Lagoona's Hydration Station is back together, nice and dry, and sealed once more. Or you may just be glad you won't be hearing anything more about it. I can appreciate both stands. 

Get a good look at today's image. When the 'exclusive sets' photos began to appear on various MH discussion groups, we all wondered when ridiculous doll swaps - including a total disaster like today's- and returns would surface on retail shelves. Heck, I saw this same junk with a Barbie 'Doll of the World' Japan *and* a Pocahontas John Smith - and neither doll was over $15. at full retail. But someone was that cheap. Dang, when you think I can overcome my cheapness.... 

According to the generous and photographically talented SweetMeat and SingNovember, on the private LiveJournal MH group, this poor thing's surfaced three times already. Sing took it to a clerk, explaining the issues, Sweet took it all the way to Customer Service Tuesday, not knowing Sing'd already tried a similar tactic - but the song remained the same, since our November found it on the shelf again, the next day. (sigh) Proof positive that most folks simply don't care. 

For bonus fun - and a weekend time-killer, try to find all the errors. It's a fun 'What's Wrong With This Picture ?' , MH-style !

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Not sure if it's our DSL provider, Blogger, or Flickr, but I'm getting tons of errors, problems, and restarts. May be sunspots for all I know. I'll finish up tomorrow, promise !

Monday, August 15, 2011

Is it still Luau season over at Dollar Tree ?

Current Mood : Whirled about

As tight-chested and sleep-deprived as I felt this morning, I'd be happy to report that I got one thing done today - the shelf of refrigerated leftovers, which had grown from one to two, I finally purged and tossed. Some of that stuff was over a week old, and with some duplicate treats, getting more dangerous by the day. But standing up, shuffling around, and digging for the ten minutes it took was a challenge before. For some reason, even though I was weak, I got it done today. What a relief !

But that's not all ! Beloved Hubby's been having trouble getting to sleep, so I decided to change our bedding, get the quilts washed up, aired out, and back on before he got home. Even though it's still much too hot to use them as blankets, instead, we use 'em  as sort of a home-made quilt-top for our plain mattress. Adds extra comfort without too much burrow-heat. Took three loads, but I did it - and did a fourth, for work clothes, too. He was home a bit early, but pretty much nose-dived into bed after handing Dearest Son and I small treats, and he's been there snoring ever since. I even had the towels, our clothes, and the socks put away, too. 

Also put the Hydration Station back together, but not without some comedy. I noticed during filming that it had some weird bit of plastic or something in the water chamber, and hoped it'd pour out when it emptied. Nope. There it was, stuck to the dry bottom, unmoving. And everything I could grab that'd fit in the small filling holes - pencils, silverware, torn cardboard - did nothing to dislodge or get it out of there. I figured I'd have to fill it up again and float it out, but I wanted to try one last thing. Grabbed a chopstick I keep for emergencies and wrapped one end in cheap Dollar Tree desk tape, with the semi-sticky side facing out. Kept wrapping until it was a bit longer than needed, and carefully guided it through the larger of the two holes. Where it got stuck several times. Eventually, I got it in there, and it snagged the whatever-it-was perfectly. Yaay ! No more worrying about that. It still has a few wet spots, and I'm not sure if the bottom 'blow holes' are dry or not, so I put it back where it belonged, with the lid off for a couple days. 

I was thinking, though...(everybody run !!) Wouldn't it be fun to tint the water in there ? Or add big confetti pieces ? Long as I could get 'em out when the fun was done, adding some plastic spinning hibiscus flowers to Lagoona's bubbles would be so beautiful... If I ever get to a DTree during Luau Season, I'll have to see what they got. Of course, the confetti would probably blow with the bubbles as soon as it's turned on - then hover at the top for the rest of its time in there ! And I can see how glitter - especially that new powdery kind - could completely destroy the HStation. But it's still fun to imagine other things !

Sunday, August 14, 2011

My two new Lagoonas !

Current Mood : Relaxed as water...

Beloved Hubby was home today, but he was wiped out to his very core of existence. So Dearest Son and I let him rest all day, and had a quiet afternoon of doing whatever we wanted. Which was mostly Netflix, and dawdling. I got a two-hour nap m'self, which is why I'm awake now. (sigh)

Cleaned out my ramshackle desk while figuring out what to do next, and found a corroded AA battery and one just beginning to form a crust in the top drawer tray. Yikes. It's been so long since I've seen that happen with modern batteries, I forgot that it did. And if there's one thing I've learned, foamy batteries wreck more toys than kids and Moving Day combined, so I was glad these were at least easily disposed of - but it reminded me of the Hydration Station. Those rechargeable batteries in there were nearly dead, and much as I loved it, sitting around with City Of water in it, and dead batteries to run it, probably wasn't gonna help its longevity. So I got it drained while Beloved heroically made a burger run for us, and took the batteries out. 

Since I don't know when I'm gonna use it again - the motor is a bit loud for bedside use - I'm gonna let it finish draining and air dry overnight before I put it back, without the 'good' batteries I found in the desk drawer. It still looks great on display completely empty and bubble-free, and I don't want to risk damaging it with the wrong power supply and potentially weird water. It seems so picky to get special water for it, but I may do just that anyway.

Nearly all the books I bought from the thrift are returning there, now that they're read. Ranks that I paid $6. for over a dozen Ann Rice books before realizing I don't really like her style. It's also bad when ya take advantage of 'half off books' day to learn that 12.5c is still too much to pay for The Devil Wears Prada. Coulda dealt with the 'heroine' of Prada if she wasn't so much like the 'villain', even in the opening pages. If you hate the job so much, you roll your eyes like a slot machine at your boss six or more times daily, quit ! You're as much a part of the problem as your 'devil' is.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lagoona's lovely !

Current Mood : In love with Monster High again

Looked around today, and, while we have two currently-empty plastic drawer sets, we are completely out of plastic shoe boxes. Here's hoping I can fix this at Dollar Tree soon !

Can't lay claim to the drawer sets - they belong to Beloved Hubby's art supplies, most of which are still in the boxes used to move them. I'd take care of it for him, but that stuff's best left to the owner to distribute. And frankly, if I redid his cabinets, I'd to a full clean-out in there,  and who knows what I'd accidentally ditch ! Papers everywhere. Nope, it's best for a happy relationship to continue being a happy relationship, beginning with me staying out of it all ! Sooner or later, he'll get tired of wading through it himself, and take on the challenge of getting it done. I'll stand in a safe zone and hand him trash bags 'til he's finished. 

Right now, I'd have to do that sitting. I'm still out of it. WTH ? It was all I could do to get Lagoona out of her plastic prison, and I still needed scissors. Her stand is just a twinge lighter than Frankie's, which is a bit sad. I was hoping for blue and turquoise, instead of blue and slightly darker blue. But heck, they're both that translucent I like, so it's still a 'win' all around !

And I am in love with her little 'bro' frog. The sculptor did a fantastic job on him, and the 'glass' jar he resides in. Lid fits and everything, and there's a skullie design molded into it. Wow. My favorite, though, has to be the slightly cracked gargoyle egg, adorably reflective of 'Hatch Me If You Can', a webisode from last December. There's a second outfit - you get a photo of it soon ! - and a notebook and pen for Lagoona, too. Lots of great props in the Locker series. Wouldn't surprise me if this line is the best seller of 2011, due to the fun accessories included !

Some fans are mixed about her shoes. Many are planning on cutting the leg-wrapping lace, but I sort of like it. It brings out her leg fins - which surprise me too, since both Locker and Hydration Station's fins stay in much better than my originals' ever did. A closer look shows they're engineered to only fit in one way now, and the pegs have been redone. Very nice. 

It's funny how we're always happy when it seems like Mattel is listening to us. At the same time, though, I can't help but feel a little creeped out about it....

Friday, August 12, 2011

Will we ever have enough ?

Current Mood : Satisfied

Current Image Notes : Where all organization begins at Chez Insanity, a Dollar Tree plastic shoe box, with lid. 

Decided to redo the Monster High storage box before deboxing 'locker' Lagoona, which, in hindsight, is kinda stupid. Gonna hafta shuffle it all again when her photo shoots are over, but hey. At least I did something. 

As you can imagine, there's boxes within boxes when I organize stuff. Within the rainbow of skulls box I bought just after Halloween, there's a Sailor Moon lunch bag (MH shoes) and a small accessory case (jewelry, belts, and purses). There is another box, loaded with issue props, pets, leaflets, brushes and stands, but I had to reorganize it today. The new load of goodies pushed the brochures, brushes, and stands right outta there. Luckily, I had a recently emptied plastic 'shoe box' from Dollar Tree nearby, lid and all. So I dumped all the papers, stands, and brushes in there, and it actually looks good over by the display of original doll boxes, so that's where it is. Everything else remains where it was - props are still in the box, pets still congregate at the top of DracuLaura's coffin-bed. I like it best when I can get to what I want easily. All the clothes, whether received as excellent gifts, made by my simple hands, or purchased from Mattel, are tucked in the box, around the smaller boxes. It's getting full, believe it or not. Soon, it'll just have to hold clothes ! Imagine how bad it'd be if I hadn't taken off sewing for these past couple months.  

Beloved asked if we could maybe do some TRU shopping next weekend - he'd be less tired, and we'd be in a better financial place, too. That's fine with me, I haven't deboxed Lagoona yet, and the only doll I still want is the 'hang loose' hand Lagoona, who's still pretty rare. And when there's a feeling of  'laissez faire' combined with 'flat out exhaustion' perfuming our hallways, I got no problem waiting a little. Besides, I have enough in PayPal to locate and eBay buy a fourth locker, which should pretty much fill my 'excitement' cup for a week or two. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A pretty picture...with a rambling mess !

Current Mood : Lost

When you can't get scrap fabric lined up on the grid well enough to cut it, well, it's time to give y'self a few more days before trying a Creative Day again. As it is, I nicked a fingernail with my usually above-reproach trusty rotary cutter, a reminder that safety still needs to lead enthusiasm and eagerness. Coulda been a lot worse, so I'm goin' back to the drawing board - where hopefully I'll be able to actually sit down and actually *do* something soon ! 

I mean, I kinda don't get it. I'm sleeping nearly through the night lately. I still can't taste salty things at all - imagine opening a fresh bag of microwave popcorn, and you can smell the oversalted goodness...but you may as well be eating polystyrene, or the bottom of the bag bits from a package of 1982 rice cakes, plain, no salt, no flavorings - and that's really put a crimp in my appetite. Which is a good thing, I'm sure, but I'm often dizzy and spinny in the late afternoon, and that's probably from not eating anything save jelly toast at breakfast. So tonight, Beloved bought me a big bag of Clemintines (tiny oranges !), some small snack cakes, and single-serve peach cups. That should help, but I really wish my sense of taste would go back to normal. But it's got nothin' to do with how weak I still feel, or how much sleep I'm getting. (sigh) Summer '11 was just not good to me this year...

From the 'Ancient News' file, something nonetheless still interesting from Tonner Dolls. I confess, I don't keep up with them as passionately as I used to, seeing as how I'm going under fast with $22. Monster High dolls - one new Tonner, and I'd be swimmin' in red ink for two years ! Anyway, back on July 19th, they issued this statement about how they're adjusting their sales calendar to fit their buyers. See if you react the same way I did : 

"With our collector's ever-increasing reliance on the internet we realize a major shift in purchasing patterns has firmly taken hold. Collectors enjoy being able to obtain products they desire as fast as possible and without having time for reconsideration. Coupled with a year-round flow of product from our factories we have developed a new schedule of future product releases."

Huh ? Tonner now thinks we want just 'stimulus / response' - see doll, buy doll, move on to next doll to be announced in a week or two ? I sincerely hope I'm misreading that, or the intention isn't what I get. 'Without reconsideration' seems like a sales ploy along the lines of 'don't give 'em time to think, just buy or worry about not getting it !'. How many of us purchase that way ? Even when I'm buying a doll mostly for her glasses, clothes, or locker (uncomfortable grin), I weigh the whole thing carefully - can I make the lockers ? Do we already have those glasses in that color ? I like to believe that most of us think before we reach for the credit cards, but I can't help but read that Tonner wishes something else. 

Come to think of it, I have some pipe cleaners hanging around...wouldn't they make some funky sunglasses !

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

100th Entry ! Sorry it took all month...

Current Mood : Nostalgic, a little. 

You know I over-did it when I'm back to 'work on one day, photos the next', because I can't do both without keeling over. It reminds me of just after Dearest Son was born. Suddenly the 'super easy' breadmaker was a breathless, long, taxing ordeal, and I did not like that at all ! But when holding your breath to take a photo - in hopes of keeping the camera still - leaves you gasping for two minutes between shots, you're kind of in deep. 

Somewhere in the middle of everything, while staring mutely at darn near every doll I own - I was stuck in the living room for a while, and I'd placed a TV tray with most of the new Monster High dolls on it in front of my big doll bookcase, for blog photography - I came to a small conclusion. And it's another 'back when', so strap in or bag it 'til I update tomorrow's entry, I wouldn't blame ya for abandoning ship, it gets boring. Anyway...

While I never really liked Spectra, for reasons that go beyond that stupid mess with the fan website, and I haven't seen Abbey Bominable to this day, I've decided against getting either. It's silly, but way back when (I tried to warn you !), I had six 'Barbie' dolls. Princess Leia, a 1991-with-bangs Belle, Sailor Jupiter, Shinobu, a green-eyed Whitney, and a generic blonde with cut-short hair I sort of pitied. All of them fit inside a stuffed toy Bennie cab (from Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?, by Applause) I'd picked up at a yard sale for a dollar. I could change the display, it was fun and cute, and if I wanted new clothes for everyone - this is a decade before I sewed - it'd cost me less than $10. at either Dollar Tree or TRU. Provided I stuck to the less expensive offerings, of course ! All their clothes fit in a small jewelry box, with the top shelf serving well as shoe and jewelry storage. 

'New' dolls would come and go, and it wasn't long before more Disney dolls - bought for pennies - and Barbies I could identify began to stay. This new doll on Mal-Wart's shelves was *gorgeous*...but so was this old one at the bottom of a gnarly basket at the Capital City Flea Market, who just needed some attention and a bath. I was still only up to ten or so when Dearest was born, but that doesn't tell the whole story. I had at least twice that in still-sealed boxes, holdovers from the Big Barbie Boom when everyone was told to invest in collectables, plus the plain and simple fact that I'd worked for TRU and Disney Store by then. Stupidly, I let strangers tell me how to spend money I didn't really have, so I never even had the fun of opening and playing with the dolls. I didn't like them, and right now, have no idea where they even are. I *gave* quite a few away, which is kinda counter-productive to the original idea, even I gotta admit...

Still, once Dearest was here, and Life seemed happy and settled (ha ! Never trust that 'settled' feeling !), I felt the need to amass huge quantities of dolls. Not every doll that took my fancy - and there were plenty of non-Barbie dolls I'd love to have back then as now ! - but I thought I was doin' m'self and the family a favor by limiting it to sixth-scale dolls and accessories. Before long, and with the encouragement of yard sales, online doll groups, and my own inner hungers, I'd amassed over 200 - all Barbie-size, and with enough clothes to go around twice...but I did have this elaborate explanation about why there were only 37 wedding gowns that was kinda ridiculous. 

Before long, I couldn't keep up with which doll had which name, or was in what family, so I decided to start a website, to help me keep up with my little soap opera -that I was rapidly running out of time to enjoy. Eventually things came to a head when I had time to a) keep the doll town drama going, b) keep the website updated, c) sew, or d) pack up all that stuff, since we were moving to a much smaller place, with no cellar to play in. 

One massive yard sale later, we were back down to 50 dolls and a relieved Beloved Hubby, but I still had most of the props and clothes. And it wasn't gonna be long before an incredible doll named Elphie came along...arrrgh.

Well, that reins me in a bit, which is fortunate. Simply stated, I already have too many dolls for my mind and imagination to support. Elphie and Fiyero barely get dusted these days, and I still want to sew for Timey Tell and the Little Disney Princesses. As the Monster High class stands, there's six girls and four (or three, depending on how you count Jackson and Holt) guys - thank Everything there's only one standard Male and Female body to sew for ! Yeah, adding in just Abbey wouldn't be taxing at all, but as it is, I have the right amount to sew and plot for. Maybe when my health goes back (prayhopeyearn), I'll consider this new girl, since I already think she's awesome. But now, I just don't have the mindspace. 

I finally realized that, especially now, I have some limits. That's not a bad thing, really. That means I have a challenge any time I want one - to get past those limits ! - or a factor I can be more appreciative of, when I find a huge, uber-cheap stash. Knowing your limits can keep a doll hoarder like me from making even more money and mind-space mistakes ! 

With all that said, don't be surprised if I suddenly go on a doll-thinning spree shortly after the seasons change. For one, that happens nearly every year, and secondly, I'm much overdue. If it doesn't engage me, then it's just taking up mental room, and that's even more limited than Chez Insanity's living room !

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Shiny, happy Frankie, sewing stuff...

Current Mood : Too darn tight. 

If anything, both Beloved Hubby and I were even more wiped out today. It ranks that we're both under the weather, but I'm kind of glad it's not just me. We had a major thunderstorm last night, and I was hoping that'd clear the skies, so to speak, but if anything, my chest got tighter. 

Still, I'd enjoyed my brief feeling of accomplishment yesterday, and while I knew I couldn't repeat it today, I decided to get a few things done. Like the sink and other small porcelain necessities in the bathroom. Beloved's shaving excess gets everywhere, but it cleans up quickly enough - and besides, he'd scrubbed the tub for a bath Sunday. I was not about to complain that job was done for me ! So I got the rest more or less clean, including one task I've put off for weeks, and now I feel good about m'self. Still need to sweep in there, and wipe down the tile walls, but it's much nicer in there than it was ! 

Not much else going on - kinda doubting having a Creative Thursday when I'm this wiped out on Tuesday, but things change. Gonna debox my last new doll, the Classroom Lagoona on Friday, because I think a week is long enough of a wait ! I also have to dump out the water in the Hydration Station and take out the rechargeable batteries, they're nearly dead already. And I've barely touched it since the video ! Guess the box was right when it said it needed alkaline. Truthfully, though, I got so wrapped up in that super-simple video, I've barely touched Lagoona, so I'll have her to play with this weekend, too. 

That's when we start thinning the herds, too. Still on the fence about Abbey Bominable, and the only remaining 2011 doll I want is the 'Lagoona 2.0', also known as the 'After School Lagoona', or the 'Hang Loose Lagoona', for her unique right-hand design. But I still have waaaay too many, nearly all bought for exciting little extras in the package. Like the tiny 'stuffed' Watzit and the cracked egg in the most recent sets - genius ! And fun to have in your own collection. Even the boxes have me a bit dizzied up. While I still prefer the original box shape and design, even I have to admit the new ones are fun to look at. 

(sigh) At least I got over the 'gotta have 'em all' Pokemon attitude I had earlier this year and last.  It'd drive me nuts gathering the last ones if I hadn't !

Monday, August 8, 2011

Maul zombie - and a beautiful one, too !

Current Mood : Weary from the effort

(sigh) Give me one extra erg-fraction of energy, and I go right back to the classic mistake... After actually getting some rest these past few nights, I felt better, so I decided to get stuff done. And darn near wore m'self out again. 

Thing is, I wasn't all gung-ho, work 'til you bust like I usually am. It was a half-hour here, half hour there, and the next thing I knew, I'd done four loads of laundry and the living room was clean - and thanks to Dearest Son, nearly swept, too ! But I could barely move, hardly stay awake, and suddenly, Say Yes to the Dress had a unique appeal. Much as I enjoy 'spoiled Bridezilla on parade', I'd avoided this show, because watching rich women with purses that cost more than my car kvetch and whine their way through deciding which $5K wedding gown will make them look more like a princess and less like a stepsister just didn't sound like fun before. Being unable to move, and unable to find the sound control made me look at the pretty clothes and not listen to any whining.

And speaking of pretty clothes...I redressed my new Ghoulia in the Maul dress, and it looks great on her ! Especially with those shoes. She's resting on the back of the stand, since I hate the 'clamp' part - they get in the way, wrinkle the fabric, and show in photos. I've boiled 'em before - the clamp part - to loosen them a bit, but they break easily, so I've just been stuffing 'em in a box and either balancing, propping, or using the MAD stands instead. 

Well, hopefully tonight, I'll get lots of sleep and bounce back. Still having trouble with food - sweets taste like they should (even soda !), but if it has salt on it, I can't taste it, not at all now - tasting like ashes, but heck. I'm sure I'm losing weight when Dearest Son eats the Fritos I can't. I'll just be glad when my sleep and my chow are back to normal. Normal for me, at least !