Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Even mundane accomplishments are still accomplishments !

Whew. Busy day, if a bit on the mundane side. I’m happy ‘cause I got to visit Big Lots for the first time since before I ended up in the hospital this summer, and found three more thrift stores while I was out at the new Aldi’s for the first time in ThisCity – I can’t begin to describe to you how much I love living here again ! I even came in $4.05 under budget, with some treats, which is darn near a miracle. I almost invariably over-spend on groceries even when I’m strict with the purchasing.  

And it’s Flea Market weekend out at the County Fairgrounds ! There’s also a Craft Fair in another building Saturday only. Hmm. Do Dearest Son and I go Friday, to avoid traffic and crowds, or go Saturday and hit up both ? Dearest is all for going both days, in case there’s sellers one day but not the other, and maybe visiting one or two of those thrift stores. Maybe it’ll seem less silly if I look at it as an opportunity for some walking exercise…

Other than that, I did a load of laundry – I love having my own washer and dryer again, so much ! – and a load of dishes. I also love the dishwasher. I hadn’t planned on doing laundry today, but while I was cleaning out the downstairs bathroom cabinet, I found a really nice hairbrush. Nicer than the Dollar Tree ones we’re using. So I pulled out the wad of dyed pink hair trapped in it, and tossed it and our DTree one into the washer with all the dirty clothes I found around. One weekend is all it takes, and I have a full load scattered everywhere. I even washed Beloved Hubby’s slippers. Both brushes came out nice and clean after a good hot wash, and after an afternoon to air dry, are just like new.

Potato soup with ham for dinner. Yum !  

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