Sunday, December 21, 2014

I got my MH dolls back !

Hooray ! All my MH ghouls and guys are out of the two space-heater boxes and on their bleacher-shelf. My two bleacher amendments really worked. Three strips of cardboard, wrapped up in a half-sheet of copy paper and secured to each row gave them a cushion that boosted them up so they could sit straight and not kick other dolls, and long elastic loops secured them in place, as a sort of shared group seat belt. Still doesn’t help the dedicatedly floppy ones, but I put them in the back row, so the wall could prop ‘em up a bit. I hate that the elastic seat belt shows, especially on the bottom rows, but it’s that or deal with them falling over all the time.

One of my DracuLauras suffered a broken finger, possibly during the move, possibly cat related, but I had a spare hand of hers, so it wasn’t tragic. I’m so happy to see them all, to have cleaned and brushed their hair, and spent time with them while my guys napped. It really was another grey day, but I had lots of fun with ‘old friends’ !

We decided to splurge on fried chicken take-out, with lots of leftovers, for a late lunch. I was all set to order the 12-piece-two-sides family dinner with a gallon of sweet tea, but they had the 10pc.-dark-no-sides special on the marquee. So I got 20 pieces of chicken, two sides, and the tea, for $2. less than the twelve-pack deal. I’d worry how just us three would eat that much fried chicken, but Dearest Son has been applying himself, and enjoying it ! Teen age boys can eat their weight and look around for snacks fifteen minutes later. Beloved’s planning on packing a couple legs for lunch tomorrow.

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