Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A very nice Tuesday.

Good day today. Ditched some jewelry – rings that were either broken or would never fit my fat fingers ever again, gifts I never really liked – to a gold buyer for sixty bucks, then bought a pneumatic nail gun tool from their showroom for Beloved Hubby for $40. I’m happy ! Honestly, I didn’t think all that stuff together was worth $20., or I’d have sold it years ago. Beloved’s super happy, ‘cause he can’t tell that the nail gun has ever been used. It works great. And I’m happy because we really didn’t spend any of our moving fund, and he really needed that thing – we just didn’t have $150. for a brand-new one.

We also picked up a stand fan from the curb on the way to the dealer, and it works great ! Much nicer than the flyweight $20. one I was always gonna buy all summer. Looked it up – this bad boy was $50. on Score !

I also got a survey, so in a few days, I’ll have $15. in my PineCone account. Riches, I tell you, riches ! And Flickr evidently agreed that I did cancel my service a couple weeks ago and completely refunded my yearly fees.    Yaaay ! Stove buyer stood us up, no surprise.

We’re kind of stalled on the big move. He really wants that house, which won’t be available ‘til the first of November, if we’re lucky. And we haven’t seen the inside, or know what the landlord’s ‘work out your deposit’ terms are yet. But for now, we’re still hoping to move as soon as possible, and to that end, save as much as we can. Yard sale is still on for Friday, I’m not buying the awesome set of Frozen dolls that I like. Once all this move mess is over, oh, yeah, mine. Waited this long, few more weeks won’t hurt.

Besides, I’ve gotten so used to waiting that instant gratification for anything larger than a lollipop at our bank frankly scares me. (grin) I stash the candy to give out later. It was so great to see my last nurse’s face light up when I handed her a cherry one. Or to surprise Dearest Son when we’re waiting and bored. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

I keep waiting for the VA Medical Center to say they're giving up on me and all my issues...

Medical appointment today ! (sigh) Turns out, I may not have asthma after all. My lungs are smaller than they should be, and I seem to have some sort of obstruction in my airways. It’s not COPD, but I have more diagnostic tests coming up in a couple months. Kind of explains my unbreakable mouth-breathing habit. I’ve been a bit tight-chested these past few weeks, typical during seasonal changes, so they’re putting me on a daily inhaler – forgot the name of it, but I’ve seen ads – and we’ll see how I respond to that. There’s also the possibility that I’m hyper-reactive, something I’ve known for years. My body never does anything halfway. Other than that, I’ve lost a few pounds and my blood pressure is nice and low, so the doctors were pretty happy with me. And I got my flu shot, it always feels good to get that done early.

Beloved Hubby went with me, and we had some very necessary away-from-the-Pit discussion time during the drive, trying to decide between house (if it’s offered, kinda late for us, but more room, no deposit although we’ll have lawn care, more utility deposits, and the possibility of IL mooch) and apartment (less space, more noise, but no possibility of lawn or ILs). He’s leaning towards the house, which I’m OK with, long as he knows I flat refuse to live with FIL again. All three times, we’ve been the ones who bent backwards for them, and all three times we’ve been eating beans while they’re hiding their McD’s bags. Not to mention all the stress and lies. I refuse to try again, I just can’t live with FIL. Which I have said, and said again today, straight up, no hinting or beating around a beat-up bush, several times with explanations why. He says he understands, here’s hoping it’s not ever gonna be an issue. Frankly, after all FIL has put us through, I can’t imagine anybody who would have the huevos to even expect a darn dime from us, but this is my FIL we’re talking about. He seems shameless. I confess, I hide Beloved’s wallet most nights, which is pretty darn sad when you think about why.

Haven’t heard anything from the Housing Vets, but it probably won’t be ‘til Wednesday at the earliest. But my phone is rarely more than five inches away, and I’ve kept it charged. It still seems a bit odd for me to have a private only-for-me phone, since I grew up with not only a single ‘house’ phone, but party lines ! Anybody else remember your mamma eavesdropping on those things ? :) Someone’s supposed to come look at the stove tomorrow, but as we’ve already been stood up twice by two other buyers, I’ll believe when I see. Although $5. will get you $5.05 that, if they show up, they'll ask for a few bucks off our stupid low price on it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Today we looked at the outside of a house that came up as available a bit late in our preferred time frame on Craigslist. It’s in a good section of PreviousTown, still has a tenant, but it’s one of those ‘can negotiate repair work for deposit’ deals, which may benefit us, or just the landlord, depending. But Beloved Hubby was curious, and called, so we’ll see how things go, once the tenant is gone and he can give the owner an estimate and schedule. If that doesn’t go well, there’s another apartment complex we like, and we still don’t know what the VA can help us with yet. We’ll have more room with the house, but also lawn upkeep, and the possibility of the ILs asking to stay with us (no way !), so Beloved’s flip-flopping about it. At this point, I don’t even care where we go, as long as it’s just the three of us going !

FIL has moved so much stuff outside for the pending (not ‘til Friday) yard sale, I had to move some of it to get in and out of my car ! I’m half convinced that, if I go anywhere Thursday, I’ll have to park down the street, because he’ll take over the driveway soon as it’s empty.

While we were out, we redeemed a coupon at Harbor Freight for a free voltmeter. We’ve needed one since Beloved’s blew out during our many attempts to repair the air conditioning. For a freebie, it’s pretty nice. Actually bought something, a wheel to replace the broken one on our hand truck, sure to come in handy between yard sale and move.

We also hit the GoodWill next door. Yikes. That place was a complete mess, stuff scattered everywhere, and most of it broken or missing parts. It seemed everyone in there was so utterly convinced that the person next to them was gonna pull some incredible find out of the dross that they hovered over entire sections. I pulled a doll’s leg up and had three pairs of eyes fastened on me like I’d found a rare antique. Nope, just a worn baby doll that was cheap when it was new. They had a Pos’n Tressy, still in the box, for $50., but that was in the display case. Too rich for the likes of me ! I was glad I didn’t find anything, the registers were even more of a mess than the store was. Not sure if I’m going back there ever again, no matter where we move. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall yard sales are so awesome...

AAArrgjh! I just wanna say, right here, right now, that I can’t wait for the day when a can I verified as being in the pantry Friday is still there when I go to cook it Saturday. Grrrrh ! If I’d have known that would vanish, I’d have bought another when I was at Aldi’s today, no problem. Ordinarily, I would have, but I’m not buying much so we don’t have to move much (plus the usual not much to spend). So looking forward to disappearing dinner not being a problem anymore …

What’s funny is, as soon as we got back from Aldi’s, FIL wanted to go grocery shopping. Could easily have been replaced, he could easily have bought their own, he bought about eight bags’ worth. But nope. Never replaced the three cans of tuna and 2 pound box of spaghetti, either. So annoyed.

But the day wasn’t a total loss. Hit three yard sales, got me a new wallet, and two button-front shirts, two t-shirts, and a sweater for Beloved, all for less than $4. He’s already wearing one tee, the red one with the Enterprise and Star Trek logo. My fave is the blue Empire Strikes Back movie poster tee – I’m halfway hoping it’s too small for either of my guys, so I can make a pillow out of it. But from the way Beloved’s eyes lit up when he saw it, it’s doubtful.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Doll Chat !

Well, not much has changed around here since yesterday – my phone hasn’t chimed, no interesting mail, nobody begging us to live at their complex. Most of what I’ll need to do has to wait ‘til we know where we’re going, so I took today to more or less sleep. I’ve identified tons of things going into the yard sale, but there’s no place to put them, so for now, they gotta stay where they are, and hope I remember them next Friday. FIL has put out a driveway load of stuff, which is odd since both our vehicles are firmly on the driveway. Guess he’s betting on no rain. The cord holding up MIL’s clothes has sagged ‘til they’re on the ground, but there’s no real way to fix it, so I’m leaving all of it alone.

About the most exciting thing was that two dolls had fallen from their shelves, and they ended up looking as though they were having a pretty good conversation about their respective lives at different angles in the living room. Or maybe they were discussing shoes. Who knows ? 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yawn like you mean it !

As is usual for me, my problem wasn’t sleeping, it was getting to sleep that was the issue. And I’d gone through all the calming techniques, the usual routine, the meditation…  just when I was about to get up and work a Sudoku or something, it was morning. Only woke up once, mostly to roll over. Gosh, I needed that good night’s sleep !

We put the never-used stove on Craigslist, and twice now, a very interested party made plans, then cancelled and remade ‘em. Today, she just completely stood us up. I hope whatever stove she does end up buying burns her cookies. Hmpft.

We’ve filled out a third application for another apartment complex, but not submitted it yet. The Veteran assistance people I spoke with yesterday said they’d know about what they could do for us in a week or so, but to do what we felt we needed to in the interim. We’ll probably turn it in Friday or Monday, and go from there. I have a medical apt. on Monday, too. It’s never boring for long around here !

Saw a cute article about Mattel setting up an Instagram account for Barbie – part of a Fashion Week publicity stunt – and wondering what similar accounts for other dolls would look like. No surprise, my fave is the MH one, although the Barbie one does look good. Sneak a peek here

Tonight, I’m gonna get all the boxed DP&M dolls dressed and ready for the yard sale. The bulk of prepping for that won’t start ‘til next week – we just don’t have the space yet – but I wanna do what I can now, get it out of the way. Plus, shuffling stuff from ‘ours’ to ‘yard sale’ counts as part of moving ! And the idea of getting out of here gives me so much hope and joy…

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dollar Tree hammer.

Sorry, ya’ll, for dropping the ball. It’s been beyond Hades around here. Our second application to another apartment complex was denied yesterday, and we were rather at a loss as to what to do next. Still are, to tell the truth, but… are we on some ‘don’t rent to these people, EVER !’ list ? I know my credit score, it’s ‘Fair’, well past the minimum most renters like, and I even have somewhat of a guaranteed income, more than the rent – not even counting what Beloved Hubby brings in ! Our old place said they simply wrote us off, we didn’t owe them anything over 2012's 'move out in the night', so if it’s not that, what is it ? I was starting to feel even more punished for trying to help out family (who ended up using us like a Dollar Tree hammer – useful, but ultimately disposable).

Beloved was on the campus grounds when I got the call – the young lady was so cheerful, I thought I misunderstood her, she seemed so happy that we couldn’t move in ! - and had to go back to class. I’d have hid it from him ‘til he got home, but I’d barely hung up the phone with her when he called. I think I was in a bit of shock. I was so desperate to talk to someone, I called the Veteran Crisis Line. I felt bad about doing that, as I wasn’t self-injurious at that point, but I was rapidly reaching my limits.

Turns out, they can help. In a lot of ways. So I got that ball rolling, and spoke with several people today, hopefully we’ll have more of a plan as the days go by. Luckily we’re not yet evicted, the power and water are still on, and there’s food (if FIL doesn’t quit helping himself – luckily there, we’re about down to stuff he doesn’t like !). Most of all, though, the wonderful woman I spoke with listened. I’m not saying Beloved isn’t, he’s agreed and backed up nearly everything I’ve said, but there are times you just wanna unload and let it rip with someone who won’t remember every word you say for the rest of your lives together. I also got up with my FIL-negative neighbor, who really wants to hear all the dirt, so I’m sure I’ll be dishing soon.

So, while not much has changed, I feel much better and humbled a bit from all the support I got, all because I simply asked for it. I may actually sleep tonight ! Was a bit restless last night, but now that things are moving, I think tonight will go better.