Sunday, December 21, 2014

I got my MH dolls back !

Hooray ! All my MH ghouls and guys are out of the two space-heater boxes and on their bleacher-shelf. My two bleacher amendments really worked. Three strips of cardboard, wrapped up in a half-sheet of copy paper and secured to each row gave them a cushion that boosted them up so they could sit straight and not kick other dolls, and long elastic loops secured them in place, as a sort of shared group seat belt. Still doesn’t help the dedicatedly floppy ones, but I put them in the back row, so the wall could prop ‘em up a bit. I hate that the elastic seat belt shows, especially on the bottom rows, but it’s that or deal with them falling over all the time.

One of my DracuLauras suffered a broken finger, possibly during the move, possibly cat related, but I had a spare hand of hers, so it wasn’t tragic. I’m so happy to see them all, to have cleaned and brushed their hair, and spent time with them while my guys napped. It really was another grey day, but I had lots of fun with ‘old friends’ !

We decided to splurge on fried chicken take-out, with lots of leftovers, for a late lunch. I was all set to order the 12-piece-two-sides family dinner with a gallon of sweet tea, but they had the 10pc.-dark-no-sides special on the marquee. So I got 20 pieces of chicken, two sides, and the tea, for $2. less than the twelve-pack deal. I’d worry how just us three would eat that much fried chicken, but Dearest Son has been applying himself, and enjoying it ! Teen age boys can eat their weight and look around for snacks fifteen minutes later. Beloved’s planning on packing a couple legs for lunch tomorrow.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

It's the most spendiest day of the year...

Beloved Hubby asked me to run up to Mal-Wart, pick up some mechanical pencils he likes. I agreed – it’s been a while since we went, we needed a few random grocery items, and Dearest Son had a list of stuff he wanted to look at. It wasn’t until about midmorning when I realized – today’s the last Saturday before Christmas. Quite literally the biggest cha-ching sales day of the entire year. And I was going to Mal-Wart ? Oh, my !

I put it off for hours, and we ended up not going ‘til 10pm. It wasn’t very crowded then, but our very weary cashier told me it’d been a full-court press of humanity all day long ‘til about 9pm. We’d driven past earlier, about 2pm, and I took note that the parking lot was so full, cars were lined up along the ditches, in the traffic islands within the lot, and even the auto service lot was filled. Both turning lanes to get in and out were slow as parade routes. I was glad we were headed elsewhere !

So I spent the morning cutting up cardboard – a resource I am well-stocked in right now ! – for the MH bleacher adaption. Got it all measured and taped up and ready to go. If tomorrow is as grey and blah as today, I should have them all deboxed and seated by that night. About time ! I miss them… Before I knew it, it was time to face the retail music.

Dearest found the Transformers aisle – he’s back into them now – and decided to spend his allowance on one. He was all settled on “Lockdown”, a Lamborghini-style bounty hunter, because his currently very thin lineup contains no bad guys or morally ambiguous characters. Then I found a “Bumblebee”, and poor Lockdown had to deal with shelfdom once again. Even though he still has his old ’07 ‘Bee, that’s his favorite character, and the new version is fun to transform. Even I played with him. He will probably find a few new ones under the tree shortly. Maybe even a Lockdown…

Nothing new in MH, although ours had an entire case of Casta Spellas sitting out. I love the School Lounge playset, for both the Ghoulia and Slo Mo paper dolls modeling and the pieces themselves, but there is simply no way I can either use or store them. Got a good look at the Catacombs playset, and it really looks cool, but I’m still just not interested. Eyed the DP&M knockoff Sparkle Girlz (Girlz come in every size from 4 to 19 inches) since they now come with clothes other than ‘Ballerina’ and ‘Generic Princess’, but even the new clothes are more ‘HyperPink Pop Star’ than anything else, so I didn’t buy one.

About all I did buy – besides mechanical pencils, Miracle Whip, salsa, and malt vinegar – was eight yards of quarter-inch braided elastic. I had just enough to finish my amendments to the MH bleachers so I can get them out of their boxes, hopefully tomorrow, so I needed to restock. Beloved can’t complain about $1.77 ! 

Friday, December 19, 2014

I will health check again, someday...

We finally figured out why my health check device stopped working after a few days here and isn’t working anymore. After, of course, I spent all day with the VA representative and by myself, troubleshooting the thing all over the house. I had laziness I could have enjoyed, ya know ! Anyway, I got the new one installed and it sent a successful test.. but the actual tele-check… you guessed it, nada. Nada in the Parlor. Nothin’ in the living room. Nothing in front of the twelve-foot bow-shaped dining room windows. I had some frustrating fun relating it all to Beloved Hubby over text in obscenely descriptive rants – if you type it yourself, you can even use the worst of your common swear words – but aside from cleaning off several places for the thing, the day was looking like a near total wash. I couldn’t even get my rep to return my calls.

But later she did, and as it turns out, it really isn’t my fault. The day it quit working was the day after a cell tower malfunctioned and is still out. Even moving the devices around didn’t change the fact that both of them locked onto that one tower, and as far as either device was concerned, it was that tower or nothin’. As it's only partially working now, the tower has just enough presence for the test, not enough power to transmit data. So, what’s gonna happen now is that I’m getting a third device, this one set to use a different carrier, hence, a different tower. Gosh only knows how long it’ll be before I get that, but it takes as long as it takes.

Good news was, I’ve gotten my weight back down – it was creeping up a bit just as the tower went south on us. I will say having a staircase ( I call it my personal StairMaster !) has helped. I don’t get winded climbing them now, the backs of my ham-like legs don’t ache, and actually make sure to take a flight at least three or four times every afternoon. 

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Content as a sunset

Dearest Son and I did get to go out for a bit today – FIL told Beloved Hubby they’d found some of our stuff, so I offered to go get it. I realized on the way there that not only was I really happy to visit, I felt lighthearted and even a bit eager to. I don’t like who I become when I live with FIL. I get petty and jealous and angry and I start believing the worst of everybody around me. I have my reasons (which may also be petty), but it still doesn’t make me a nice person to be around. Even I don’t like myself. But when I’m away from him, I don’t care what he does, his deeds don’t immediately affect us 98% of the time, so I can enjoy being around him. Since I don’t have to depend on him, or have to ensure I know where everything is all the time, his more charming aspects are more readily apparent. I’m sure he and MIL have similar issues with me, I am simply too trifling to care what they are, but in short (too late !), we’re better off separated.

And they’re doing well, they’ve of course moved back into the main house, out of the much colder Garpartment, and they’re about where we are in their move. Stuff is in the house where it belongs, but not everything is in the room where it’s going yet. We still have bookcases in the garage, they got half-unpacked boxes everywhere. However, I’m still small enough to snort that they were so anxious for us to get our stuff out so they could stage ThatPit to sell it – and now that all our stuff is gone, they got so many huge piles of clothes scattered around that MIL had to kick several out of the way for me to get to our little stack of stuff. If they’re staging, they’re evidently going with a ‘pre-Hoarders’ theme, which is intriguing, but unlikely to help sell the place.

We also got to hit Dollar Tree, which was packed. I think today is the first day of Winter Break for the schools, there were kids everywhere at noon. Even with Christmas fast approaching, I can’ t think of a thing I’d want, except tasty snack food and some home improvements we’ll get to soon enough. Money, of course, but you can’t buy money, especially with what we have to spend. There’s no dolls I want, no fabric, no hobby stuff, nothin’. I am content, if hungry – and usually I’m not even hungry, I just get the idea that I want cheese crackers, and then try to talk m’self out of going to get ‘em.

We’ll have a few bucks to get Dearest a couple games to put under the tree, and some little things, but on the whole, I think we’re all content. It’s wonderful !

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cookies !

Dearest Son and I were supposed to go out for a bit today, but the Fates were against us – that or vulcanized rubber. Flat tire. To make it up to him, I made his favorite lunch and together, we made chocolate chip cookies ! Even managed to save some for Beloved Hubby. We ate all the lunch, every grain. He made a holiday card for his grandparents, and we’ll take it to the PO tomorrow.

One good thing about my dietary changes – it took a lot fewer cookies than before ‘til I was ready to push away and say ‘done’. Wish I could say the same for the unbaked dough, though… I could probably have eaten a third of it all by myself, no chips. I swear, that’s better than cookies to me.

Finished reading Merchants of Deception, a muckraking book about Amway from a former near-Diamond distributor, online. Made me glad we’re too poor to invest – we need every coin we can scratch up to maintain this decadence ! I confess, it’s kind of hard to feel sympathy for folks who went bankrupt buying Cadillacs and travelling all over the world to sell soap and vitamins, but the biz really did a number on that guy, and his whole family. No money costs as much as easy money, and realizing there’s no such thing as unlimited wealth by selling things most folks buy much cheaper at Mal-Wart would have perhaps gone a long way to helping him not take it as far as he did.

Beloved and I traded car stereos last night – just in time, he had one heckuva long slog home tonight. His quit working, mine worked fine, it just wasn’t installed well, and bounced like crazy with every pebble on the road. Since I’m rarely in the car for more than ten minutes at a time, and the bounce-noise drove me nutz, I was glad to get rid of it. Plus, he’s behind the wheel for at least an hour a day, often twice that, so it made sense to swap. When I drive more than that, like to the VA, I prefer to have the trip totally quiet anyway, just in case. I’m glad he has some company on the road !

He brought us home some cherry candy canes, as the Dollar Tree he went to today required a minimum purchase for ATM cards. They look quite pretty on the tree !

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Or, they could be a very noisy Advent countdown calendar...

Nearly all my oxygen supplies went bye-bye today. Too healthy to retain the prescription. Beloved Hubby’s worried, but even with this cold, I feel pretty good. Sure, I’m horking up gunk and the coughing hurts a bit, but at least it’s moving, and in between coughing series, I feel fine. Tired, but fine. I’m hoping the coffee I just made helps.

Gained about half a closet of storage space, and immediately filled it up. Of course, once I put the vacuum away, I needed it out. Just like my sewing machine, if I leave it uncovered, anticipating some activity soon, it ends up sitting around untouched for a week. Soon as I start covering it again, I’m sewing like a fiend. Never fails.

Speaking of sewing, I actually did a bit today. Beloved found some beige Velcro ® during the move and asked me to make him some extension cord / power cord straps for him out of it Basically, six inches of loop sewn reversed to six inches of hook, so it’ll work either way. Cheap-serged the raw edges so they won’t fray, too. Five finished off the length, and he’s pleased. Me, too – that stuff’s been kicking around for weeks, so I’m happy to have it somewhere else ! I also repaired a washed-twice potholder the previous tenants left behind.

Thanks to other things forgotten, and misdirected mail, I know a lot more about the people who used to live here than I want to. I had hoped the bag of kids’ shoes was just forgotten, since very little other kids’ stuff was left here, but I think the truth is a bit sadder than that. I hope that, wherever they are now, they have a great holiday and better 2015. And that we don’t get anything else from the county’s CPS department. Or any of the local casinos. I mean, how many ‘frequent player’ cards could they possibly have collected ? 

Monday, December 15, 2014

The VA drops a bomb on me in the mailbox...

Oookay. I got some startling news today. I’m scheduled for my ‘borg implant’ (my cardiac device, not sure which one I’m getting, there was some debate going on during my last appointment) on Jan. 22, provided I pass the physical the day before. After the implantation, they’ll keep me overnight, and if all goes well, the rest of my recovery will be at home – including a ban on driving for two weeks ! It’s probably fine, I may not feel up to driving anyway, but gosh, that seems like a long time to be stuck at home. Then again, my little hermit self has gone longer without going out by choice before… and think of all the sewing I’ll do…oh, wait.

I’ll have to avoid electromagnetic fields. Do sewing machines put out those ? Yes. Aw, cruddles … well, I guess I can keep it six inches from the motor, especially if it’s put in on the left side. I’ll have to ask about that.

Meanwhile, I’m slightly sick. I don’t know if I’m just having allergic reactions, or I’ve caught cold, ‘cause the symptoms are the same. Took some antihistamines and darn near fell asleep standing, and when I woke up, my throat was Sahara-dry. Ten minutes later, I’m wondering how to Velcro ® a box of tissues to my leg and enjoying the fine taste, if not any medicinal properties, of Luden’s Wild Cherry Throat Drops. Not cough drops, throat drops. There’s an important distinction there.

My new checks arrived – said they wouldn’t arrive ‘til the 23rd. It’s amazing how good it feels to actually have checks with the same address we live in. Checks from the shared account are from at least six years ago, we still have a box and a half. I just got one box this time, and it’ll probably outlast our stay here, too, mostly because we just don’t write checks for anything other than rent these days. I got At The Beach simply because I thought they were pretty. As with most checks, they’re not that vivid in the harsh light of the front porch. It’s odd how they shipped. Each of five packets were attached to a cardstock folder, with the register and cheapie checkbook holder making up the sixth slot. Guess shipping them flat like that saves on costs. Too bad they charged me as much as they could for it !