Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dollar Tree hammer.

Sorry, ya’ll, for dropping the ball. It’s been beyond Hades around here. Our second application to another apartment complex was denied yesterday, and we were rather at a loss as to what to do next. Still are, to tell the truth, but… are we on some ‘don’t rent to these people, EVER !’ list ? I know my credit score, it’s ‘Fair’, well past the minimum most renters like, and I even have somewhat of a guaranteed income, more than the rent – not even counting what Beloved Hubby brings in ! Our old place said they simply wrote us off, we didn’t owe them anything over 2012's 'move out in the night', so if it’s not that, what is it ? I was starting to feel even more punished for trying to help out family (who ended up using us like a Dollar Tree hammer – useful, but ultimately disposable).

Beloved was on the campus grounds when I got the call – the young lady was so cheerful, I thought I misunderstood her, she seemed so happy that we couldn’t move in ! - and had to go back to class. I’d have hid it from him ‘til he got home, but I’d barely hung up the phone with her when he called. I think I was in a bit of shock. I was so desperate to talk to someone, I called the Veteran Crisis Line. I felt bad about doing that, as I wasn’t self-injurious at that point, but I was rapidly reaching my limits.

Turns out, they can help. In a lot of ways. So I got that ball rolling, and spoke with several people today, hopefully we’ll have more of a plan as the days go by. Luckily we’re not yet evicted, the power and water are still on, and there’s food (if FIL doesn’t quit helping himself – luckily there, we’re about down to stuff he doesn’t like !). Most of all, though, the wonderful woman I spoke with listened. I’m not saying Beloved isn’t, he’s agreed and backed up nearly everything I’ve said, but there are times you just wanna unload and let it rip with someone who won’t remember every word you say for the rest of your lives together. I also got up with my FIL-negative neighbor, who really wants to hear all the dirt, so I’m sure I’ll be dishing soon.

So, while not much has changed, I feel much better and humbled a bit from all the support I got, all because I simply asked for it. I may actually sleep tonight ! Was a bit restless last night, but now that things are moving, I think tonight will go better.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hope this one gets accepted...

Well, we turned in another application to a different apartment complex – actually four complexes. If we’re in, we can choose which of four neighborhoods and buildings we want. Don’t wanna think of getting turned down. Besides, the 13th is our lucky day ! And since I have slightly better credit, it's under my name. Maybe that'll fix whatever pooched it at PreviousApartments ? 

Spent three hours today cleaning the kitchen, which needed it worse than the living room. Not done yet, either. But it looks a lot better. Oh, and my weird home cookin’ is having some effect – I’ve lost two pounds this week ! Twenty three more pounds to lose by year’s end, yaaay ! It’s embarrassing to be so overjoyed about being down to that weight, but I am. It’s taken a lot of work, and still has a long way to go. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday... a day to think about everything that ranked all last week.

I’m still ticked at FormerApartment for turning us down. Maybe if we apply using my info ? For whatever reason, my credit’s about 50 points higher than Beloved Hubby’s. Still, I’ve known them to accept people with worse history than mine, working part time at a Subway, with evictions on their records. Why do they think we’re such a risk ?

Trying not to think about it. Got all the DP&M dolls together. Finally claimed Anna’s outfit – and I’ve had her for months. Since Belle #1 is the only one that didn’t come in a box, she’s hangin’ out in Merri’s, or I should say, flappin’ around in Merida’s. Anna, Cinderella, and Ariel are all still attached to the box liners via those awful plastic t-tags, but at least it keeps them from sagging and slouching. Belle kinda flops. So I took some ribbon and tied her to the box liner, she looks much better.

We’ve listed some stuff to sell on Craigslist, and someone’s already called about the stove we never used. Spent nearly two hours cleaning the living room, and they cancelled. Oh, well. Living room needed it anyway. Only problem is, I had to shove all the yard sale stuff in our bedroom, and it’ll probably have to stay there.

Speaking of yard sales, MIL has run a string past the Garpartment’s former garage doors – Beloved installed sheetrock and siding to improve the look – and hung out some of her fancier clothes out there. We’ve already told her that the City has requirements for yard sales, but I guess she just doesn’t care. Too bad the fines would go on the CityOf bill, that’s in her name, not to the house. I wonder, though – is ‘30-year-old Church Maven from the 80s’ a hot new look for the hipster kids ? If so, I got some awesome outfits to direct them to !

When asked, MIL said she’s not having the yard sale yet, just getting ready to piggyback ours ! Oh, and did we know we can just have CityOf add the yard sale requirement fees to the CityOf bill ? (snort) You mean, they one you guys don’t pay and haven’t since we got here ? It never ends, does it ? 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tryin' to be positive... almost succeeding.

Hopped up at 6am to see Beloved Hubby off to work – but he rolled over and went back to sleep. His boss cancelled today late last night, via text. Shoot. Now I was wide awake. May as well do some laundry ! Got three loads washed, dried, and put away before Dearest Son woke up, and cleared the mountain of dirty clothes that somehow sprouted up in the living room. Next triple-load’s already waiting for me ! And at least two more await me in baskets, but one is just sheets and bedspreads.

One of the really good things about a move is that I always lose weight during one. Even now, when we don’t know where we’re going and haven’t begun to pack, I’ve lost two pounds this week, probably from being unable to sit still for long. When I watched Netflix with Beloved Hubby last night, I was also going through all my sewing stuff, to decide what to slide to the Yard Sale side of the room. Short answer : not much, since I thinned things out considerably before we moved here, and aside from thrift store fabric, haven’t bought much. I’m starting to think that’s how FIL, who eats about three times what I do, still weighs less than me. Worry burns calories !

Have decided that we’ll no longer have room for DracuLaura’s Roadster or Frankie’s bed, but don’t worry – I won’t be selling them for pennies. Maybe $5. less than what they’re going for on eBay, and no shipping ! Thinking of keeping my Little Disney Princess- sized Rainbow Brite and selling the LDP Belle I got from the thrift store instead. Or I may sell both. Not really attached to either one, and I like the Ariel LDP better – she and Belle have the same face.

Relocated the stuff in the cracked-but-intact vintage small sewing box – the box is going in the ‘Free’ bin, every yard sale needs one – which left a buncha new patterns homeless. I have too many patterns for one box ! So I emptied a second pattern box that was being used to hold machine embroidery stuff, relocated all those items, and now, my two pattern boxes hold nothing but patterns. And both aren’t stuffed to the bursting point ! Yet.

I also got bagged up a bunch of greeting cards I’m never gonna use, a ton of envelopes I got at another yard sale years ago, and some scrapbooking stickers. I even packed all the new bubble wrap that came wrapped round the Ariel doll into a bag labelled ‘Stress Relief Kit, 25¢’. If I get a quarter a bundle, I’ll be happy. I don’t often get to do this kind of shuffling and sorting before a move, it’s normally a grab-and-go kinda thing for us, so I’m taking advantage of my nervous energy and cleaning out anything I can reach, for anything I can sell or trash. It’ll make things easier when it’s time to load the ya’ll-haul. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

It is a dark time for the Rebellion...

Bad news. Maybe. The place where we used to live turned us down. And they took their darn sweet time telling us about it, we had to call them. Hmpft. Well, maybe it’s for the best. It wasn’t the greatest place to live, just the cheapest and easiest for us to get into. We’ve found two other places we like, and while we have to start the whole application process all over again, and it’ll be more expensive, we’ll have a bit more space and be in a better part of town. So maybe it’s for the best, it’s just not as easy to see right now, because I’m upset.

One of the good things about the potential new place we’re looking at is that we can get a three-bedroom for just a few bucks more than a two bedroom. It’ll mostly be a study / tool staging area for Beloved Hubby, but that’s fine with me ! We’ll fill out the application this weekend and submit it Monday. Only problem with that is, when things get tough for M & FIL, will they try to move in with us ? Frankly, after all this, I refuse to let that happen. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see them – or anyone – homeless. But I have HAD IT with living with FIL. He’s been hiding out since all this hit the fan, and I’m actually in a better mood… because I’m not mentally bracing m’self for another series of lies every time I see him. When you’re not constantly in a half-state of dread or anger, it’s easier to be more chipper and hopeful.

Beloved says we’d charge them rent, but need I remind him of the two trucks FIL was supposed to pay for ? The one he made two payments on, and didn’t even pay to get the oil changed after that ? The other one he never paid a dime towards ? No. I will bust my big butt to get them their own place, but I am not living with them again. This dependency crap has got to stop.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I think Merri'd make an adorable mermaid ! Heck, all the DP&M girls would.

Apologies to Howard Ashman(RIP)  and Alan Menken :

♪ Look, a new dress !

Isn’t it neat ? ♫

Wouldn’t you say this collection’s complete ?

Lookin’ around, I can say,
♪ “I hope so, ‘cause we’re bro-oo-ooke !”

Yeah, in my last big splurge for the foreseeable future, I snagged a discount Ariel for her dress. I now have at least one original issue wear gown / costume from each of the Disney Princess & Me dolls. I may plump that collection up later, as there’s at least two other Cinderella gowns and Tiana and Ariel both had a second outfit, if I find them inexpensively, but for now, I’m happy as it stands. Which is good, since all our fundage will be going towards the move and the aftermath for a while. The only other real doll things I still want are another pair of DP&M ice skates and the issue dress for Hi, Dottie. Someday…

Ariel herself will join Cinderella, Belle #1, and Anna in the yard sale we’re anticipating at month’s end, all redressed and with shoes. Of the four, only Belle’s not still attached to her box – she doesn’t have one, but I’ve been keeping her in Merri’s (Merida’s). Tia got her pearl earrings, and her turquoise shoes and crown are already in the props/shoe tote.

We were supposed to hear back from the apartment management co. today, but they haven’t decided yet. I remembered that they seemed to drag on a bit last time, too, so I dug through my digital journals…yup. Last time the ‘one day’ took four business days and a weekend, so I refuse to drive m’self crazy tomorrow (like I did today). If we don’t get the nod by Friday, there’s three other places I’m interested in that’ll fit our budget and needs, so it’s their loss if they keep on like this.

Meanwhile, I did dishes – then cooked three meals, so the kitchen looks almost exactly as it did when I went to bed last night. (sigh) Never an end…

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I only smothered the chicken. Honest !

Continued making plans, and did dishes. I even made plans while doing dishes, and neither are complete. But it made both activities fun, and it’s so nice to examine possibilities again. Beloved Hubby put in an application to the place we left to come here, and we’ll find out tomorrow. I am sooo hoping. Please hope with us !

Also tried a new recipe from Betty Crocker – Smothered Chicken Casserole - but I redid half of it. Kind of funny to see I do that to other properties beyond patterns, isn’t it ? Betty wanted me to do quite a bit of specialty (for us) shopping, but with little money this close to a move, it just wasn’t gonna happen. Instead of half and half, I used regular milk with powdered chicken bouillon stirred in. She wanted bacon bits, I sautéed lunchmeat ham cut up small. Completely skipped the broccoli, as no one here would eat it, and upped the pasta (thin whole wheat spaghetti instead of angel hair) to about 9oz. Also used frozen chicken breast halves (just three) we already had instead of four boneless thighs, and added a lot of garlic, plus the bits and salt at the bottom of a box of Triscuits ™ crackers. Rather a budget version, as I used a 68¢ can of cream of chicken soup, but that’s all I bought special for this.

Success ! Or at least, that’s what I call a new recipe with  no leftovers. May increase the milk and pasta next time, maybe cut the chicken smaller, for seconds or leftover lunch. Very filling, too. I was worried it wouldn’t be creamy enough with plain milk, but it wasn’t an issue. Maybe not the healthiest thing in the world to eat, but I’m pretty pleased.

And so ready for bed ! Dishes can wait ‘til tomorrow, right ?