Monday, May 2, 2016

Hiya ! I'm back-ya !

Sorry I've been gone so long - I've been in and out of the hospital, and keeping up with so many appointments, we have a new-to-us car. Ironic, because I’ve been too weak and disoriented to drive until just last week. Emmy-car is now with my ILs, since I couldn’t drive them to their appointments for two months and they were squawking a bit about it. No longer my problem, yaaay !

My heart’s screwing up again – my pulse went to 141 and stayed there for several hours, so the VA told me to come in and they put me under a light anesthetic and shocked me to get it back in rhythm. I was surprised the ICD didn’t do that (I thought that was its job), but I never got a good explanation about it. I’m on oxygen at night, and that’s helping a lot, but the big change is my diet. Limited fluid (1000ml a day), limited salt. It’s happened before, and it’s happened again, my sense of taste has changed and salty stuff, like my former daily half-bag of chip-type snacks, not only tastes bad, it burns my throat. I’ve lost seven pounds without really trying, as I’ve just this week been cleared for light exercise.

I have two appointments this week and at least one next week, and I feel much better, so I hope they’re gonna tell me I’m doing better, too. I’ve been almost too exhausted to sit up, and we got a Craigslist sofa for the Playroom so I can nap when I need to, but even that’s happening less often. Helped clean the neglected kitchen today, and did two loads of laundry, so I’m coming back, for sure !

Sorry if I scared you, but I really couldn’t keep a focus for very long until this weekend, and even then, it was a bit flaky. But that’s normal for me ! Hope you’ve had a less scary month !!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Perhaps not surprisingly, the car boasting this amazing image also bore three major dents. Litigation pending, perhaps ?

And yes, the original (I deleted the names) had that (c) TM mark.
Still rather tight-chested, have been all day, but I’ve given up fighting and just take the medicine when I need it – and I’m darn grateful I have it and the nebulizer. Did a little research and it’s very common for those of us with breathing issues to see them ramp up with seemingly no explanation (I was worried my heart was worsening) in Spring, mostly due to pollen reactions and barometric pressure dropping before a storm. Did’ja know that when the barometer drops, there’s actually less oxygen in the air ? Makes it almost as hard to get what you need out of it as massive humidity. Potentially knowing what’s causing the issue reduced my tension quite a bit, and makes it easier for me to be in the right mental spot to take the medicine I try to avoid.

FIL’s appointment went well enough, I hope – I was just glad to have it done before noon. Turns out the ‘local’ medical center (not the hospital) is nearly as long a drive as it is to OldTown ! But the valet guys were cute, and it was nice to have a non-family member smile at me. I think they were glad Emmy-car was just dropping off – so few folks these days can drive a stick.

Got my Arena cleaned up – not a lot you can do when sitting in a chair is about it for activity that doesn’t make ya wheeze – but I hope to sew tomorrow. Maybe SG Elsa’s shoes, so she can be donated, and another test of her simple shift dress with my minor alterations. Gosh knows I got the fabric for it, I can use velvet if I want to ! I already have tomorrow’s lunch ready – marinated teriyaki chicken over steamed rice, leftovers from tonight’s dinner. I can’t do much, but quick, simple dinners I can tough my way through !

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

That's a lotta felt !

Still having some trouble breathing after what should be minor effort, like climbing the stairs or bringing in a light bag or two of groceries. Not sure why, but albuterol in the nebulizer works great ! I’ve been told I can take a treatment every four hours, but my breathing issues are negligible unless I’m putting forth the effort, so I only use it if I don’t settle after a few minutes’ rest.

Needless to say, that doesn’t make for a very active day. So I sorted that huge bag of felt from Monday’s OldTown thrift trip – I counted over 100 sheets in many colors in there, plus numerous big scraps, a silver hand-embroidery hoop, a baggie full of DMC embroidery thread, three unfinished projects, a hand-sewn hat-shaped felt pincushion, and five magazine-torn pattern/direction pages. Well worth the $4.98 – I’ll probably not ever need to buy more felt for a while – if ever !

The sack of velvet was a steal, too. What I thought was black is actually a very dark brown – with a rose pattern embossed in it ! There must be at least two yards of it, possibly three. Not sure how I’ll use it, those roses are pretty big. The burgundy (about 1 yard, still with a Hancock Fabrics sticker on it) and the green (half-yard) is your plain, stretch velvet, pretty and so rich-feeling. Not bad for $1.48 ! It’d been marked down from $2.98, I’m amazed it was still there.

I still have the fabric bag to sort through, but I can probably get that done in between taking FIL to his appointment tomorrow and picking him up. Just can’t wait.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ever think you'd see an MH-themed Easter Basket ?

I still don't know how they filled it without any dolls, but they did !

Dearest Son was thrilled with me – the video game I found at the thrift yesterday, Gran Turismo 4, was one of the games on his ‘gonna buy’ list for $7. I think I see another pizza party coming up this weekend ! He bragged about it all during Game Day. (sigh) Next time, I’m taking a book. The Mommy Klatch sat at the table behind me, although the table where I sat was completely empty save for me. I actually had to move, as ‘their’ table filled up, and they were making seats at the ends. (expletive deleted) it.

At least we weren’t there long. And Hobby Lobby was a blast. Dearest spent the funds he had allocated for video games on new markers, and he’s already used and proclaimed himself in love with them. As for me, I snagged a cheep divided plastic box (for sixth-scale doll shoes), a slightly outdated McCalls pattern catalog, a big ‘beach fun’ themed tub of Perler beads for an upcoming project (that’s where the 40% off coupon went), some yellow felt (the thrift bag only had one piece of that color), and a little bag of ‘bubbles’. Those are iridescent half-orbs in varying sizes that’ll look great glued to a lucky doll’s clothing, and hopefully will be soon.  

I have the doll shoes organized, sort of – they’ve been assigned rows and cubes of the rows, but I haven’t verified that both shoes of a pair are in the same cube yet. I had no idea I owned so many pairs and colors of Barbie ballet shoes. To think, I once had three of those boxes, even bigger. They were in one of those kids’ plastic school supply boxes, but it was a cram, and it took me a while to find matching pairs. Not so much of an issue anymore !

We’re home tomorrow – I gotta get these bags and still-boxed dolls sorted out and put where they belong before I can’t walk in here anymore !