Tuesday, February 24, 2015

'Cruelest Month', indeed.

Still haven’t created anything, but I’m giving m’self a day pass – I finally hung up all the Barbie cases today. Yes, those have been sitting along the wall since late November, but they’re finally back on display, where I can get at the various props and wardrobes I’ve stashed inside them. Poor Beloved Hubby. Half our bedroom now looks like a cheapjack Mattel museum, but at least his desk faces away from it. He’s got his own whole wall to decorate, too, but it’s rare for him to do much beyond hang a few prints and posters.

Continuing with the ‘February is the cruelest month’ theme us denizens of Chez Insanity seem to be experiencing, we got word that Uncle T. was found dead by his room-mate / best friend today. He’s the youngest of MIL’s siblings, and while he had his own health issues, most folks would have played the averages and wagered on me going out a lot sooner than him. We’re all kind of in shock. At least he’s in the same state as his son and grandkids, and his ex-wife, and they’ll make sure he’s well attended. All we can do is stand by and be ready when they need us. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Pretty, pretty sleepy snow...

The ‘winter mix’ (which should be a kind of candy, not weather !) really started in about 11pm, so furiously that we had to apply plastic sheeting to the bedroom windows. They billowed out, and it was like sleeping on the deck of a pirate ship as the wind blew towards the Caribbean. Dearest Son thought his was more like being mooned by a large, very pale giant.

The roads were darn near sheet ice, too, so we had Beloved Hubby at home. I had a rough stomach ache last night, and was still rocky today, so we ended up cancelling my VA appointment, and I darn near slept all day. Some parts of the state got four inches of snow, I think we got about two which partially melted to more ice. Yup. It’s all the snow’s fault I’m sleepy and lazy. I'm actually hibernating ! 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I was so lazy, we didn't even go to Big Lots yesterday !

Well, we went to Big Lots today, as promised, really early. Despite the ‘snow at 4pm’ forecasts, it started snowing at 10am, and you know I don’t drive or otherwise function well in snow. Unless it’s behind a good solid window in a nice warm house ! But I promised, and since it wouldn’t get past freezing all day, figured it was best to get going and get it done. So I left Beloved Hubby sleeping, made sure Dearest Son was well-bundled, and off we went. Glad we weren’t getting groceries – from the parking lots, there’s probably not a gallon of milk available at retail for miles around.

He found the ponies he wanted, despite having to twice wait out a little girl who seemed to follow us around the store, singing praises about her electronic stuffed puppy set to ‘Jingle Bells’ and the standard sing-song little girl chant. I remember being that desperate for attention at her age, but I had to wonder where her folks were.

Snagged a few other minor items – they finally had the Sesame variety of the Wasa Crispbreads I like in stock – and we were at the register when I saw four Elmer Chocolate heart-boxes, just like the Dollar tree ones, on markdown for 50¢ each. Snagged the lot and learned something important. They may look the same and be the same size, but if the picture shows four candies on the back (instead of the five shown on the DTree ones), believe the image. Hmpft. At least they were on sale. And the cashier was glad to finally trash the shelf display on her register.

I don’t know why I’m so lethargic and lazy. Can I blame the half-inch of snow ? 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Peekaboo !

I put yesterday’s dollar red beans to work right away and cooked a big ole pot of Ham Bone Beans this afternoon – so delicious. I’m always amazed at how much ham remains on (and in !) a well-picked ham bone. House still smells good, and I don’t have to worry about what to have for lunch for the next two or three days. Only problem is, we’re out of ham bones. But if I know Beloved Hubby, we’ll have a nice Aldi’s ham around Easter time.. One day, I’m gonna spring for that deluxe 15-bean soup mix that’s always right next to the regular dry beans array…

I was kind of working on the assumption that we’re in our usual mid-to-late-month money slump, hence the beans. We’re actually not doing that bad. We’re not rolling in it, but we’re almost up to date on the usual bills. We even sprang for pizza for lunch, using the usual ‘two large for $7.99’ special with cheese sticks special – minus a $10. off $20. purchase register receipt coupon we got last time we ordered. We had a feast with leftovers for a bit over $12. Beloved was impressed.  

Friday, February 20, 2015

Only I could possibly get addicted to grocery cherry picking...

I’ve been waiting patiently for the cheap grocery down the street to have one of it’s 3 to 4 annual ‘sausage sales’ – a local brand of both chub sausage and link sausage go on sale for $1. each for 8 to 12oz. It occurred to me that I haven’t been to any of the more expensive grocery stores since the move, and pulled up Homeland’s sale paper – and you know what I found ! While it was just the 12oz chub sausage, we needed some, and I actually had a bit of a grocery budget left.

As it turned out, they were having a big “10 for $10.’ sale, and I had a great time cherry-picking all over the store ! I got my load of frozen sausage and big boxes of generic corn flakes, six-packs of ramen noodles, cans of orange Danish and biscuits, dry red beans, and even the two boxes of fish sticks turned out to be a dollar ! They were on sale for $2.99 and I had dollar-off coupons printed online – and Homeland doubled them ! About the only thing more than a dollar was Dearest Son’s lunch pizza. Typically, the receipt said I saved more than I spent, but this time, I actually felt it was true ! It was a great haul.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Good news - so very welcome !

Got a call from MIL – she needed a ride to a medical appointment. S’Ok, I needed a reason to get off my stupefied rump. And they had great news ! They’re moving to their own apartment, in ThisCity, at the first of the month. Whew ! What a relief. I wondered if their mortgage holder had lit the fire, but it’s nunnamybiz, we’re just happy they’ll be outta there soon. And it’ll be much easier to arrange future medical appointments. Get this – the Senior Ride bus service will gladly transport them from ThisCity to ThatPlace and back, no problem. But they won’t from ThatPlace to ThisCity ! Go figure.

They’ll be about ten blocks away, too. Close enough to be convenient, far enough for everyone to keep their privacy. While I’m a bit worried they’ll soon be depending on us again, at least their place is nearly all-inclusive. They have their own electric bill (but it’s the same company they have now, so no ridiculous deposits) and cable/internet, but considering they won’t have water, trash, or gas bills, hopefully it’ll be more comfortable for them.

While she was in for her appointment, Dearest Son and I hit Dollar Tree, just for a few snacks. Surprisingly, they still had Valentine’s Day candy, mostly of the lollipop and conversation heart varieties. Hey, I like conversation hearts, especially at half off. When we poked our heads into Dollar General (right next to the grocery store) yesterday, their leftovers were only 25% off. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cherry picking at the grocery is exhausting !

I think I’m magnetically attracted to the earth somehow, because moving seems darn near impossible. Only reason I got off my duff today was that we were out of milk, and eggs after I made breakfast. It’s rare for us to get breakfast together, unless it’s fast-food biscuits, but Beloved Hubby didn’t have to go in ‘til mid-morning, so I made us a nice meal of eggs, DTree turkey bacon, and toast points. Delicious !

Was glad to use up the eggs, as the grocery down the street had a special. But once there, I found a couple dozens on markdown – XL Organic Free Range brown eggs for a dollar a dozen, a little cheaper than the sale price. I dug through ‘til I found a carton uncracked and about a week out of expiring, and tucked them and a sale carton in the cart. I can use the originally overpriced dozen in a week or so, especially if I’m making us breakfast more often ! And Beloved loves him some egg salad sandwiches…

I also cherry-picked the loss-leader oranges, barbecue sauce, and shaved ham, along with the sale potato chips, Dearest Son’s choice of cereal, milk, and a Lunchable for, well, his lunch. I’m also making Beloved’s lunches – he’s so sweet, he says he prefers my sandwiches to going out every day ! – and you won’t believe how quickly we go through ham !

About all I did all day was run and empty the dishwasher and watch cable – I’ve got to start turning that TV off !