Friday, August 28, 2015

You'd think I'd be more jazzed, since it's Friday, but naaah. Meh.

Kind of in a funk again today. I should be happy I haven’t found anything new to want in the last few days, but it’s kind of disheartening (and uninspiring) to see nothing that really makes me go ‘Oh, yeah ! I gotta have that !’ . I’m actually seeing a lot of repeats and fan stuff for shows I couldn’t care less for if I actually put in an effort to. 

Anyway, don’t mind me. I’m gonna go sew something, in hopes of shaking whatever’s harshing my psyche and tamping down my need for creativity. Really should go to a fabric store Saturday, while Beloved Hubby’s working, but I don’t really want more fabric. I just wanna be where it is ! 

If you haven’t snagged your Friday Freebie from Pixie Faire, you might wanna. Today only, score a download of their Oxford Square coat pattern. It’s boxy and simple looking, but would be great in tweeds – and as one commenter added, lose the hood and you’ve got an excellent lab coat pattern for free ! If you haven’t been there before, there’s lotsa freebies, from Barbie to Karito Kids, and there’s an AG doll giveaway, too. Can’t beat free – I’ve altered several of theirs to fit the DP&M girls, and next month, I’m buying (gasp !) a Disney Animator’s pattern I’ve been wanting. Look around when ya get time, but act fast if you want that coat pattern !

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Yawnfest Thursday. . .

Not a lot going on today – Beloved Hubby was home early and was a bit down, so I didn’t sew like I’d planned. Really, about all I did was housework and admire two butterfly-beautiful moths that lit on our porch door and make a super-simple dinner. But I got to watch Shanghai Noon with Beloved and Dearest Son, which made for a nice night. 

I know it’s kind of vain of me, but I’m really pleased with that fluffy skirt I made for Tia last week. There was no pattern, I just free-handed it with as much of that blue scrap as possible. Now I want to make it again. But seeing the Chinese fabrics in that silly movie made me want to sew that never-tried AG cheongsam, too. Wonder if I have enough of that old jewelry case I took apart several years ago to make a doll skirt. . .

For now, though, there’s Punzie with her hair brushed and ‘tailed, wearing Weeks 1 and 2 of Jen Wrenne’s knit Summer Sew Along. In the photo, the pieces look a shade or two different, but they are from the same shirt. The wad of hair to her right is either a Tribble or a contribution to Donald Trump’s Toupee Club for Megalomaniacs, perhaps it’s both, I really don’t know. If you’d like to make your own larger doll-size shopping bags, Matilda’s Closet recently celebrated a milestone, and has a free printable for them for ya. I made a template out of it and did one in scrapbook paper, another in cardstock, and they came out nice. Click the link for your copy ! They come in handy for storing small pattern pieces, too.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Beloved Hubby must never know. . .

You could cross out ‘craft store’ and add ‘thrift shop’ or ‘Dollar Tree’ and it’d still work. Really, though, my guilty conscience barks loud, and I usually confess and am forgiven and it’s forgotten long before the bank statements come in. When we’re really, truly, irredeemably broke, I just don’t go anywhere and stay off the computer, just in case. As you can see from yesterday, amazing things appear when I don’t have the funds for ‘em. I can resist everything but temptation ! 

Speaking of her, I couldn’t let Punzie ‘sleep’ in that gown she’s probably never been out of, and dressed her in that green tank and skirt I made as part of Jen Wrenne’s Summer Knit Sew Along. I rather liked the high ponytail her hair was in, so I put it back that way for the time being. Used a hair elastic instead of a bare rubber band. Still want to make something just for her, but Beloved was home today (boss didn’t order the supplies he needed last week, so going in today would have been a waste of time and fuel), and we discovered his driver’s license had expired. So I got tonight’s dinner chicken cut up and marinated, made a pot of chicken potato soup for lunch with the leftover bits, and we were ready to go. 

And on the way home, it was potato chips for everybody ! And I had two new surveys to do – that’ll give me a total of $12. in the account I can cash out later. Gonna try to hold on to it ‘til mid-September. Yaaay !

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This always happens on Austerity Week. . .

Well, maybe it’s my reward for another boring Game Day. At least this week I wasn’t running late and just plain running, and Mom from Hades hasn’t put in an appearance since the last time one of her kids mouthed off at me. Since S.’s family is on vacation for the next two weeks, we’re probably not going, I thought that was my reward, right there. A week we didn’t have to go, and I wasn’t too sick to enjoy it !

Dropped off a forgotten library book, and decided to hit that one thrift. I’m still looking for a replacement body for that fairy Barbie, and even though we’re trying to keep down the spending, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to look. And Dearest Son was in no hurry to return home. Plus it was “20% Off Housewares” Tuesday, and toys count as housewares. 

And you can see what happened. I found this lovely DP&M Rapunzel. She has a slight ink mark on her right jawline, and no shoes, but her crown was somewhere in her tangles. . . $9.99 was a bit much, though. Luckily, I still had some of my ‘me’ funds, so between that and the discount, I didn’t spend much more. Still felt bad about spending the fundage. All the way to the register. We also visited the GameStop in the same strip, but once again, Dearest decided he didn’t want anything this time. 

I once said that, if I got another DP&M , it’d be Rapunzel, for her green eyes and freckles. I really didn’t expect to have one cross my path in such good shape, though. Her hair, once I got the crown and rubber band out of it, wasn’t hard to brush at all, and is as soft as the shop cat at the comic store that hosts Game Day. I’m not sure which version mine is – I thought there were two, the initial one and the ‘Jewel Edition’. I have the deluxe gown from the first release, bought off eBay, and thought this was ‘Jewel’, but no, turns out there’s two ‘Jewels’ – one has a ruffle along the neckline and the sleeve cuffs are purple, to match the sleeves. Mine is the other ‘Jewel’, also sometimes seen in the gift set with a themed tutu. There’s also the equivalent of a narrowbox doll, with the least fancy dress of all, called ‘Shimmer’ edition. Whew ! And I thought these dolls weren’t that popular ! 

Well, as day ends, Punzie can relax, she only has another day or so in that gown before I make her something new, or just re-dress her. I may braid up her hair, because while hers isn’t past her feet, it is still shin-length, and I may be one of the few doll hobbyists out there who’s not that much into hair-play. I could be, but since I get most of my dolls second-hand, by the time I get a brush through their wild tangles, I’m too wiped out to fuss with it anymore ! Seriously, my arm hurts. Really happy to have Punzie, though.

Hope your day held a happy surprise for you !

Monday, August 24, 2015

Pretty Blue Tia !

Quiet day. Cleaned up the Arena from all of last week’s projects, so I could get a running start on this week’s. I have so many plans ! Should be able to start after Game Day tomorrow on at least one of ‘em. 

 Altered and scanned the two patterns I stitched last week, and decided to go ahead and finish Tia’s blue prototype dress. When she modeled it for photos, it didn’t have a hem or back closures, so I got that done, and went ahead and shortened the sleeves with a pencil, ruler, and scissors. That helped it look less like a costume, but it seemed a bit short. So I made a simple skirt to go under it. Would have been easier to make a straight skirt, but the dress wasn’t really fluffy enough to make a good contrast, so I made the separate skirt really fluffy. Used up nearly all of the thrift store scrap, too. 

Actually, the skirt was too fluffy, and barely fit under the prototype dress. So now it’s on top, and the dress is now a tunic. Or a blouse with a built-in half-slip.  Wrapped elastic around the waistband as an accent belt, but it looks good without the elastic, too. 

Rest of the day was meals, grocery shopping, downloading freebie embroidery designs (found one perfect for my not-Harry Potter robe !) and cleaning up afterwards. Tomorrow’s more housework and Game Day – but after that, I am so sewing !