Thursday, April 16, 2015

Not a good day, really.

Sorry for the ‘repeat’ seeming image today – I fixed everything I wanted to on the Luna gown this morning, and to me, it’s almost new again ! That got me wanting to try out my newly altered pattern, so I tossed some fabric in the wash. I’ve also been cleaning and tossing clutter, mostly to keep from feeling restless-hungry. Having one of those days where I’m constantly on the prowl for food, but I know it’s just mood, not actual appetite. I would gladly drink a glass of pickle juice if it’d knock that out ! 

Started to wonder what we spent last year’s tax refund on, ‘cause I couldn’t remember much beyond an $800.+ bill to put license plates on the truck, so I dug through some old Musingbook entries. Bad idea. Things weren’t well a year ago – heck, I wasn’t well a year ago ! – and it seems most of our funds went to constantly rebuying groceries and paying sky-high utility bills… then going out to eat, ‘cause we were so depressed. I’m glad things have improved so much, but darn, some of that was hard to read. 

To distract m’self, I decided to watch the new Star Wars trailer. Even worse idea. It’s not that it’s bad, far from it. It’s everything I wanted… back in 1999. Now, I just can’t. I want to, so much, I want to fangasm over a grandfatherly Han Solo like all the other geek girls, but it’s just not there, and knowing that hurts. I wanted to soar with that incredible John Williams theme, I wanted to spring up and shout and be young with none of that prequel crap in my head, but I just couldn’t. I fully expect a representative from Disney / Lucasfilm LTD. at the door Monday morning, scissors ready for my fangirl card. 

I swear, I should have just sat on the dryer ‘til my fabric was ready and sewed all day. Much better use of my time than being depressed and morose and feeling old …

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

And today, I made a Luna gown !

Belle was gonna get the Luna gown, but I got lazy and Aurora was sitting there… as it turned out, the pattern I used, an adaptation of the Hospital Gown one I created, was old and incorrect. Spent more time correcting the thing than I did sewing this one. And I’ll take it apart tomorrow – the ribbon ties I sewed into the side seams are just a bit too low, the elastic in the sleeves is useless, and I’m giving idle thought to adding lace to the sleeves and hemline. I actually lined the front part of this gown, as I need either patterned or thick fabric to keep these dolls’ panties from showing, and it worked out OK. I also wanted to camouflage the interfacing under the Luna embroidery somewhat. 

I’m still kind of proud of how Luna stitched out. Oh, there’s faults, but they’re less readily apparent now. I’d read a tip earlier not to pull fabric tighter once it’s in the hoop, it leads to puckering. Who knew that was true ? It’s a pain to get it tight and flat the first time it’s hooped, but I’m getting better at it, and there’s barely a ripple anywhere around Luna. Sooner or later, I’m gonna have to try Free-Standing Lace again, every effort I made with it before was a failure, but some were fixable. Maybe I hooped the wash-away stabilizer incorrectly, too. 

I think, in a nice print, this twice altered pattern can also work as a day dress. I may use more ribbon ties, or a colorful external casing, or elastic. I’m experiencing a sudden draw towards floral prints…

Our orders from Amazon arrived – poor Dearest Son, at first, his brand-new replacement laptop charger didn’t work, then it emitted a burning smell and leaked something. I think it’s going back. I haven’t opened my tear-away stabilizer yet, not sure what I want to use it on first. But it looks awesome, and big enough to serve as a small end table. When I run out of cut-away, interfacing, and that stuff Beloved Hubby gave me, I hope to order a roll of cut-away from them, too.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I made a Luna today !

Raining again. There’s a reason I always call early spring ‘Monsoon Season’. 

Today was pretty much like a late Monday – the kitchen was a mess, laundry needed doing, and I was darn near too lazy to move. But the kitchen ‘s clean now, amazing how fast I can move when Beloved Hubby’s on the way home, and I promised to have that cleaned up before he arrived, and I’ve got the laundry sorted and ready to go tomorrow. And I got Luna stitched out. 

Got no complaints at all with the design, all the faults are at my end. This is where I often glitched before, I really can’t tell before the stitching starts if the colors I chose will work together well or not. Probably should have gone with black on the outlining and the detailing, you can hardly see the dark blue against the royal blue. And I have got to start remembering to use dark bobbin thread when most of the design’s dark colored. The bobbin white didn’t really show much until that dark blue sequence, and then it really came out. Ugh. I need to run a tension test on Brody before I stitch out anything else. 

Since Luna is, after all, the Queen of Dreams, this stitch-out is going on a nightie, probably for Tiana. Got the pattern and elastic ready to go, hopefully tomorrow. I got some Law & Order episodes on the DVR to watch, too ! Sweet dreams, ya’ll !

Monday, April 13, 2015

Rewards card - lost, found, and spent !

Wild storm last night – I’m surprised there weren’t large tree branches out in the road this morning. It finally stopped raining about 3pm today. Wish we could send some of our swamp to California.

Yesterday’s sewing went pretty well, I think ! I may expand it into a gathered-waist dress, just for kicks, ‘cause I already have several tops for them that fit as well, in a similar style. That’s kind of the problem I’m running into when I go shopping for new patterns – I either have it already or know how to alter what I got for free into what someone else is trying to sell to me.

I’d intended to stitch out the new Luna I just bought – no way I can turn an old design into one of her ! – but Beloved Hubby was home today and so was our AT&T Reward Card ! Whoo-hoo ! Needless to say, that thing’s almost drained, but we all got a couple things we wanted. Beloved got a couple hand tools, Dearest Son got a replacement charger for his Flea Market computer and some new comics, I got that 100yd bolt of machine embroidery tear-away stabilizer I’ve been wanting. Truth be told, I’ve never had tear-away, always just sort of made cutaway work, so I’m looking forward to not having to cut so much on my next in-the-hoop project. Gosh knows I’ll have plenty of it to experiment with ! It was so cheap, too. It was the prize, twice, on those contests I kept entering and losing. 

We also hit Hastings and got the last Harry Potter movie our collection lacked, along with a new game, and looked around a lot. Then hit the grocery store for a few loss leaders before they go off sale tomorrow, and some after-dinner chips. Yaaay ! Movie’s over and chips are half-gone, and I’m too tired to even watch Brody work his magic. Here’s hoping for tomorrow !

Sunday, April 12, 2015

So long, sling !

Busy Sunday, too. Helped Beloved Hubby with the lawn – turns out we don’t need to buy a mower, it’s small enough for the weed-whacker – and trash, and got to go to Harbor Freight. Finally, I have the power strip I need to run my heart-monitor thingie ! It’s so nice to be off all the restrictions of recovery ! I carried semi-heavy stuff, stretched out with both arms to the soft, sweet breezy sun, and threaded my KJ-machine sitting down. Yesss ! 

Aurora’s sort of iffy crop top was my first trial sewing in the newly rearranged Arena. Worked pretty well, but I still have to try it at night sometime. Only real problem was that yesterday’s afternoon sunlight bounced in through the window behind the machine against my silver sequin tiara and dashed dazzling bright spears of light everywhere. Gave me a bit of a headache, so I had to take it off. Wonder if the blue or the green sequin tiaras would be a little gentler on my eyes…

Anyway, this pattern is also a freebie from Craftsy, a baby doll dress I thought might work as a high-waisted one on several doll body styles. It’ll probably work better on Timey, because it was much too loose on Aurora. I took out a half-inch from the side seams and it can still use some darts. Also a bit shorter than I wanted. So I’ve made my usual on-the-fly alterations and it’s ready for a V 2.0, all cut out and everything.  Coming soon : dark green and lace ! I learned that non-grosgrain ribbon is almost impossible to rip out and try to sew again, so next time I’m experimenting, I’m putting KJ on the widest stitch possible, just in case. 

A quick trip for a few groceries yielded one of the last two Harry Potter movies we don’t have, the one about the wizard prison and the night bus. I love $5. DVDs, you can tell from our collection ! Only one we’re lacking now is the very last one, the part 2. We’ll find it someday…

Monster High : New Ghoul @ School  was in the bin, too. Remember when that was so new and exciting ? Must’ve watched it thirty times. May go back for it. For today, however, I figured that since I stuck to water and tea yesterday, instead of the sodas Beloved offered, I was being good enough to order one of my copyright-violation embroidery designs. Lucky for me, it was one of the least expensive of my favorites, a pretty $2. Luna. Hoping to stitch that out Monday, for a blouse using my new pattern Tuesday, altered perhaps into a tunic or nightie. Design’s too big for a tee. 

Off to the sewing Arena. Wish us all luck !