Tuesday, May 15, 2018

My new wallpaper !

Busy day, for a  Tuesday ! Took Dearest Son on a much-delayed trip to the Library – there was a video he wanted and color laser prints he wanted to do. I had some patterns I wanted to try, but they were multi-part, and too complicated to attempt the ‘trace the monitor’ trick on. Until we get our laser printer back up, we gotta use the Library’s. Luckily, full color prints are only 30¢ each, black ink only, 15¢.

Went to the bank first, as the Library’s printers run on a vending-machine sort of deal, so we needed cash. The popcorn and lollipops that are in the lobby had nothing to do with it ! But we got some anyway.  

Just as I sat down at the Library terminal to order our prints, a woman came in with a huge, fur-to-the-floor dog. She got headed off by a staff member, but not before stridently making the plaint that she needed her dog constantly, to comfort her. I’m badly allergic, so I grabbed my inhaler and moved to another terminal, which didn’t escape the staff. Since the canine wasn’t an actual licensed service dog, but an unlicensed emotional support animal, she had to take him/her outside. I got to the furthest terminal I could find – she tried to sit down right next to me, of course ! – and had to give myself a few minutes before I got what we needed. I’d sent Dearest to go look at movies – while he’s not allergic, he is apprehensive about dogs due to several bad experiences.

From there, we got the few groceries we needed for the week, including pepperoni for tonight’s French Bread pizzas, possibly Dearest Son’s favorite home-made meal. I like to toast the bread with garlic butter in the oven for a few minutes, then let everyone do their favorite toppings their way. Then back in the oven to melt cheese, and dinner is served ! It helps when M-W has the bread on markdown for 34¢ a loaf.

Therapy tomorrow, so I’m for bed. Hope you have a lovely evening !

Monday, May 14, 2018

Goes to show, even if I only spend pocket change for it, I'll find a way to use it, especially if the initial idea is a big ole FAIL !

Beloved Hubby was home today, and slept through most of it. I think that bug that went around last month bit him hard, and he’s still slowly recovering. That, or cleaning out the garage and starting on some new projects yesterday wore him out !

So I futzed around, napped, too. I’m backing up my huge files – my digital-only pattern collection is over 8GB ! – but it’s a slow process. Dearest Son saved his money and ordered an unstuffed Build-a-Bear MLP ‘Muffins’ (aka, ‘Derpy’) from a Colorado eBay seller Friday. It arrived today ! And is adorable. We’ll take her to get stuffed and ceremonialized (if that’s not a word, it should be !) soon as we can.

Beloved watched me fitting my BAB Neon Stars with a new shirt, said if I’d wanted one last time we went, in October, I think, he would have got me whatever I chose. Well, at the time, it was all about Dearest, plus we were thin on funds. Can’t lie, the store was enchanting, and many of their bears intrigued me, especially the Elsa ones, still, I decided against it. I’m glad I did. I’d much rather have the $1. at Goodwill and dress them myself ! Although I’m seriously considering ordering that Elsa BAB dress. . .

Since our printer remains on strike for more toner, we’re going to the Library tomorrow, so I can print out a few I want to try. Dearest has some prints he wants, too – and I get to pay fines if he wants to borrow a movie. I completely missed the Autumn ‘Food For Fines’ drive, darn it. Wish they did that year-round ! We’re hoping to finance more toner by months’ end.

Beloved cooked a spaghetti feast, so I’m in a pasta coma again. Nite-night !

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mom Day ! Check out my BAB haul !

Hope you had a happy Mother’s Day, mom or not ! We had some glorious weather, so lots of families were out and about. We cleaned out more of the garage so Beloved Hubby can make us a few more dressers ! Drawers and frames are already built, we just need the hardware and rails. But it’s a snug week (thank Everything I need to thin out the freezer food !), so it’ll wait a bit longer.

As for me, I got Beloved-made bacon and eggs for breakfast, and Chinese takeout for lunch. Delicious ! I got a nap and went prowling, hoping I wouldn’t find anything – but I did. Four Build-A-Bears ! Well, three bears and a bunny. I’m keeping the black ‘stars’ bear (you knew I would), and Dearest Son was thrilled to claim the rest. Not bad for $4. plus tax total ! They’ve already been washed, since none of ‘em have electronics, and I’ll probably use the green onesie I bought that was too big for the My Life As 18” doll for him. Yes, for some reason, I see the Sweet Swirls bear as female, the Neon Stars bear as male, even though they have the exact same face and body structures. Guess I’m still sexist.

Goofed off for the rest of the day, didn’t go near the sewing machine, although I wanted to. Still have three more shirts to adapt for Ms. Elsa and now, a second BAB to dress ! Made a simple dinner and ignored the dishes in the sink. They’ll still be there Monday.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Soon as I saw this one, Ms. Elsa *had* to have it !

Ms. Elsa got a whole new outfit, instead of just a shirt, today ! Her blouse was a kid’s Danskin Dri-More racer-back tank. It’s now backless with a neck closure, and I shortened the longer-in-the-back hemline to a straight one that’ll be good to wear over shirts. The new neckline gapped a bit, so I took in two small darts. I call it fashion !

It didn’t take long, and I knew the resulting shirt would be too short to wear alone, even with Ms. Elsa’s painted bodysuit. However, it’s been so long since I had a My Size doll, I didn’t have any patterns printed out – and I ditched the ones I had years ago. I had some saved as files on the computer, but our printer’s on strike for more toner. It probably wouldn’t even scan if it had its druthers, but I got it to anyway. I could go to the library for printouts, but I didn’t want to wait. Ya’ll know how impatient I am !

So I did something silly. I pulled the files for MSB fitted pants up in PaintShopPro, and adjusted the size ‘til the “one inch” check matched the ruler in my hand. Then I temporary taped sheets of already used paper to the screen and traced the parts I needed. Yaay, shorts pattern !

Then I had my usual wrestle with what fabric to use. Ended up using a pair of Beloved Hubby’s old jeans he’d committed to the trash a few weeks ago. I’d already washed them, so they were ready to go. I was even able to save the frayed hems, for a touch of verisimilitude. Jeans are probably hard to come by in Arendelle.

Three broken needles later, I had a greater respect for denim. Saving the hems and using an elastic casing waist made for some thick sewing ! I took it slow and walked the needle, but still had some breaks, but it all worked out. It took a lot longer than doing the same version in thin cotton, but I really did want Ms. E. to have some broken-down jeans, for some reason. Worth it !

Friday, May 11, 2018

It's nice when your character shirt fits !

I know it’s hard to see the difference, but Ms. Elsa’s Frozen shirt is done. The neckline is a bit smaller and the shoulders aren’t sagging halfway down her arms. It’s still pretty big on her and can easily double as a night-shirt, but I like it like that. I’ve already pin-fit another of the yard sale kid shirts and hope to finish altering it tomorrow.

It was a quietly busy day. I’m trying to focus on sewing instead of snacking or watching crap TV on streaming services – anything that keeps me busy will work, and when I’m crafting, I forget my surroundings. That’s actually why I don’t do more of it, I’m easily annoyed if interrupted (and you know I can barely cook a pot of ramen without at least two delays) and often screw up if my focus is jolted. That’s why I prefer altering stuff to creating new sometimes – it’s often quicker and just as satisfying.

CVS keeps sending me ‘40% off one item’ coupons, but every time I go to use one, most of the store is already on sale. And a lot of the stuff not on sale is still too expensive even with a discount. Today I ended up getting a house-brand bag of rice crackers, since I already buy cheep shampoo and the few beauty needs I have from Dollar Tree, and Mal-Wart, for what DTree doesn’t have. Ours got rid of their toy section, instead just stocking a few seasonal items – they don’t even have coloring books anymore. At least the rice crackers were good !

Got dishes and laundry done for the weekend. I’m already looking forward to bedtime – clean sheets !

Thursday, May 10, 2018

I don't know why I find this so amusing, but I do !

She's inexpensive and easy to dress !

I get more done on busy days ! Did two more loads of laundry, including the bedsheets, and washed enough dishes for dinner. Trying a new recipe for goulash – I remember eating something similar as a kid. (grin) I balked at it until my mother detailed everything in it, all foods I liked. She didn’t make it often, but after that, I chowed down whenever I got it !

Tried all the yard sale shirts from Friday on Ms. Elsa, and they fit pretty well. It’s hard to get most of them on her, due to her limited arm movement, so I’m gonna split all of ‘em down the back, take some fabric out of most of ‘em. It’ll cinch up the necklines a bit and help the sleeves look less saggy. Not to mention make it easy to dress her !

Once they’re done, she’ll have five shirts, one dress, a fleece robe, and her costume. I gotta start work on some skirts, pants, and shorts !

Since it’d been nearly a week since my last prowl, Dearest Son and I visited Goodwill. He found a Build-A-Bear ‘Palace Pets’, a fluffy white dog I think is Cinderella’s Pumpkin puppy, and a racing game for one of his consoles. I found eight Mercedes Lackey "Valdemar" series books (mostly paperback, but none I had), and a glittery checkerboard pair of toddler shoes for Ms. Elsa. Those were half-price ! Wish the books had been. . .

Once home, I got his new B-A-B in the wash, and another stuffed toy of his. The second split a seam, so I had to re-stuff it and hand-sew it shut. We also discovered the Cinderella B-A-B was open in the back, so I got that one done, too. My ladder stitch is improving steadily ! Dearest didn’t even know about the split, and couldn't tell where it was.

With all that going on, I didn’t get to more than one of Ms. Elsa’s shirts, but I will tomorrow. I also have a pattern for pants for the smaller toddler Disney Princesses I hope to try. Gosh knows I got the fabric !

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spring Capers !

She wonders what girrafter.. . 

This is the adorable Newborn Baby So Beautiful, made by Playmates in ’95, that I found in the toy room of a local thrift, nude, for 25¢. Isn’t she the sweetest ? I found a pair of underpants that mostly fit in a doll grab-bag, then found the shirt and hat, still sewn together, in the bag I bought last Wednesday. While I still want to sew for her, I’ll probably alter the five kids’ shirts I got Friday to fit Ms. Elsa first. I need the space back !

Sorry if I seem a little distracted. Personal stuff that was challenging, but turned out happily, is fading to history like a sunset. I’m still processing everything and enjoying the mood lift. Beloved Hubby and I were up late talking, plus I took some meds late, so I was going to the bathroom all night. And pollen allergies have had my eyes aching and streaming. If it weren’t for dandelions, white clover flowers, and violets, I’d absolutely loathe Spring.

You’ll laugh, but I had the most tender pork steak of all for lunch. I had a small one in the package from Sunday’s dinner, and today was ‘use it or lose it’ day. I had no idea how to cook just one. So I boiled it for about 10 minutes in Dearest Son’s leftover beef ramen broth, then tossed it in the toaster oven for 20 minutes at 450°. Splashed a little teriyaki sauce over it, and oh, gosh, was that good. I hope to try it with some ribs soon.

Speaking of cooking, I have a recipe that sounds good, but calls for capers. I know where to find them, they’re not expensive, but to my knowledge, I’ve never eaten one before. Anyone got any experience with capers they care to share ?