Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bye, weekend ! Thanks for the sleep !

Rather quiet, boring Sunday. Beloved Hubby slept a lot, and while he rested, I sorted dolls and cleaned off the ‘junk table’. I use part of it to cut out patterns but hadn’t been able to, due to tools, laundry, receipts, and winter gear. Spent a good hour getting it all sorted and stored and wiped down. Now that I have my cutting table back, I can sew ! It would also help to lower the height of the Tower Of New Fabric over there. Yes, even with not visiting Jo-Ann’s in two years and Hancock Fabric’s unfortunate closing, my fabric has managed to overflow the sewing area and terraformed its own landscape in the living room. I’m sure you’re shocked.

Dearest Son prefers his phone camera to his pawn-purchased Nikon CoolPix, so I inherited it. It shares an SD card with the thrift-store digital frame I scored last year, which is nice. If I want, I can screen-grab my pattern’s directions, load ‘em to the frame, and it’s there for me without printing another page or scribbling the instructions on the backs of the pattern pieces. The Fire 8 tab can do the same thing. It’s amazing how much tech a simple hobby like sewing can use !

Gonna ease my way into sewing tomorrow. I figure I’ll make a super-simple gathered skirt for PJ Sparkles, that should take about a half hour, most of which will be spent ironing the fat quarter I plan to use. If it works for her, I can use the same basic idea on about any doll, so it’ll be a great go-to. As if I don’t have six million patterns cluttering up the joint !

For tonight, though, I just wanna relax, enjoy coughing every few hours instead of every five minutes, finish up the junk food, and get some sleep. Hope your weekend was healthy, restful, and also had lotsa your favorite food !

Saturday, April 14, 2018

It's so funny, how she doesn't talk anymore. . .

I think she looks more like Marlo Thomas than Lynda Carter, but. . .

It’s a good thing I had a clear ‘want’ in that last Bag O’ Barbies I bought from Goodwill. My new MLP Princess Luna is awesome, and seems to have a color variant mane, but I haven’t done my usual full research. I gotta say, though, the rest is sure not much to write a Blog about !

C. A. Cupid – the first edition MH one – is missing a forearm and hand, and she has Rochelle’s issue shoes. But her hair still has that trademark heart in it, and she has her issue dress, so it was sort of a blast from the past. There’s also a nude arm-missing Holt Hyde. Same arm, too. A revamp (arms don’t come apart) Frankie rounded out the MH crew in there. It’s still seems odd to me to see such sought-after dolls in a thrift-store grab-bag.

There was also a shiny-faced Maxie and two LIV dolls, all nude. A small army of tanned blonde Barbies, with one perma-blouse Cinderella almost buried the two tiny cheap porcelains (I think I remember seeing them for a buck or two at Dollar General, years ago) and a DTree infant, and one near-black haired brunette. With eyelashes. And an odd starred belt. Hmmm. Oh, it’s a Raquelle !

I liked Raquelle. She was the ‘bad girl’ foil for Barbie in the webisode series Life In The Dreamhouse. I plowed through shelves of Barbies and Kens to find her original side-twist smile version, and scored another brunette with a standard smile in another thrift bag. This was Talkiing Raquelle, and her belt played phrases from her dialog, and had six seconds of record and playback. Didn’t work, of course, it’s been a while since Dreamhouse dolls awaited eager buyers. And, unfortunately, she had no hands.

(sigh) And that’s what got me. I probably would have re-donated her had she been intact. After all, I already have two. But seeing her like that, especially after all those similarly afflicted MH dolls, made me want to fix her, badly. Her hands could be replaced, much like an MH, but I didn’t have a suitable articulated donor.  But I did have a damaged Disney Rapunzel from the bag who was a close match to her skin tone. . . .

So, my new Raquelle doesn’t talk anymore. Never been much on gimmicks anyway. I think she’s happier with hands. And not having three star-shaped buttons in her belly !  

Friday, April 13, 2018

May I present Chez Insanity's very own Wookiee Furbacca !

Slept late again, but finished one of my downloaded free books on my Fire tablet. Can’t remember if I told ya, Beloved Hubby got a Fire 8 for me back in late September as an early Christmas gift. I just love it ! My laptop’s getting a bit weary and tends to run hot with video, so I run those on the Fire, and it’s got about 500 novels, books, nonfiction, and yes, women’s erotica on it. All free. I’ll have to live another hundred years to read them all, but I try to read some of it each day. It’s been a while since I’ve wanted an actual paper book.

Our VA clinic has Wi-Fi but the VA Medical Center doesn’t. Not sure why, but everyone I’ve spoken with agrees – we’d gladly do without internet to get one more vet taken care of. And I’m hoping I won’t need any more lengthy hospital stays that would make the Fire useful.

Feeling a little bit better – it’s now about a half-hour between coughing jags, and at least the resulting gunk never went green or even yellow. I just make a freakin’ lot of it, and I still get dehydrated. Still, I was lively enough to take Dearest Son to Goodwill, which was a blast.

He’s currently enamored of 80s and 90s interactive toys, like Furby and Teddy Ruxpin. Nostalgia factor on those run pretty high, with resulting prices. But today, he lucked out – I found what I thought was just an digital-eye recent Furby, in attractive shades of brown. His eyes lit up when I showed it to him, and he eagerly grabbed it, yelling, ‘It’s Furbacca !’. Wha ? I had no idea that The Force Awakens engendered a Wookiee Chewbacca Furby until he told me. This one’s missing his bandoleer pouch, but we paid 99¢ for him instead of $60., so I’m not about to quibble.

He’s hilarious ! We all crack up when he starts humming the Star Wars Main Theme ! Luckily I’d just bought some AA Dollar Tree alkaline batteries, and he works perfectly. It adds to the fun (to me at least) that we actually paid more for the batteries than the toy ! Beloved Hubby was entranced when he started dancing, and I noticed that the loud servo noise that was part of the ‘vintage’ Furby was quiet as space on Furbacca. His ears move a lot more, too. There’s an app to go with him that I hope still works. He’s delighting the heck out of Dearest !

As for me, I snagged another Bag o’ Barbies when I saw an MLP Princess Luna in the scrum, along with a one-handed, still-dressed MH C. A. Cupid. Haven’t sorted through it yet. I also picked up a Little Disney Princess Mulan and yes, another Elsa, both dressed but shoeless. And another bag of lace, ribbon, trim and elastic lace beckoned, and it went into the cart, too. I console myself knowing that I’ve wanted that Luna for a long time, and she would have cost more on the collector circuit than I spent on the whole GW trip, so there.

Fell asleep after a quick leftover lunch, but Beloved was home early, so we got to hang out for a while, which made me glad for the nap ! I’m still in love with him and I’m just now starting to believe that he really does love me, too. I know that sound silly, considering we just had our 20th wedding anniversary and are coming up on the 25th anniversary of the day we met, but my history makes believing in love challenging. There’s a reason I’m in therapy, guys !

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Finally remembered to take a 'Before' photo !

Didn’t mean to pull a vanishing act on you so soon – appreciate your patience ! While I’ve just had a bad cold / allergies, with no hospitalization this time, they have wiped me out. I haven’t been worth a used Kleenex in a thrifted handbag all week. And I’ve gone through a lot of tissues. Still coughing up gunk, then blowing it out and wiping my eyes. Then I get five or ten minutes of peace before it starts again. About the only time I’ve not had to mess with it is when I’m asleep, and because I’m so tired, I’ve slept every chance I got. Doesn’t give me much energy for much, and isn’t very interesting to hear about.

I even cancelled my Tuesday defibrillator appointment and skipped therapy. Luckily the defib has already been rescheduled, and we were able to use my monitor for a quick check. It’s working perfectly. Aside from therapy, I don’t have another VA med appointment ‘til June !

Felt a little bit better yesterday, and decided to do the prelim work on restoring that Quick Curl Barbie I got from the church-run thrift last month. Her leg’s broken off, which I normally ‘fix’ with an elastic girdle. This time, though, I read some articles, watched a few instructional You Tube videos, and decided to try something new.

Broke a big needle, a seam ripper, and a toothpick trying to get the broken peg out of her leg, but my little screwdriver got it done. Played with it until I matched the break, marked it, and put it all away. I want to get some Plastix glue for the repair, and can’t quite handle Mal-Wart yet. I’d go to Ace Hardware about a mile away, but politics. Cleaned a ton of grime from her - note the shredded bit of Magic Eraser - but I have no ideas yet on restoring her wired hair. Wish me luck on that one. 

Today, however, I could handle Dollar Tree – Dearest Son and I hadn’t been out of the house all week, and we were both getting a little stirry. Found some 4/$1. Easter candy remnants, nothing really good at this late date, but a few little things that’ll be tasty later. Got the last of the specials from the local grocer down the street. We felt a nice little rain shower while carrying the loot inside.

Get this – 82° today. 40mph wind gusts tomorrow, with a pollen advisory. Saturday night, we’re on freeze warning ! Crazy !

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Ooooogh.....(grabs tissue)

Still ill. Really ill. 'Not driving to Jo-Ann's even with a 70% Off Coupon' sick. Going back to sleep with my new thrifted Disney Store Dory. Hope your day is a lot more fun !

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Coughing up gunk in a C-Pap mask is about as bad as it sounds. . .

Oh, forgot to tell you – during last month’s cardiologist appointment, I said I’d quit taking daily multivitamins, as I’d read articles that most of it gets flushed during the day. She told me it’d be a good idea to take them anyway, to fill in a bit. They wouldn’t hurt me, and it’d take effort to OD on them. In short, it was highly unlikely to harm me, and could help. So when we went to Mal-Wart, I studied the display, juggled some researched numbers, and found the best value ‘gummy’ vitamins, as those actually get taken. I left it to Dearest Son to decide if he preferred Star Wars, Frozen, or Disney Princesses. He ate an Ariel and a Belle this morning. I have to say that the red Ariels are quite tasty !

However, that was pretty much the high point of the day. Awoke feeling like the floor of a taxicab, and after breakfast, that upgraded to feeling like hot garbage. Cancelled my defibrillator appointment, I didn’t feel safe to drive or risk a buncha people if this was a bad cold. Already rescheduled. Not sure if I’m gonna make therapy tomorrow, unless I improve dramatically.

Meanwhile, I pretty much ate my rotisserie-bits chicken soup with potatoes, for lunch and reheated for dinner, and aside from a small bag of Smartfood popcorn, that was all. It’s early for me, but I’m wiped out, so I’m turning in. Hope your day was illness-free !

Monday, April 9, 2018

So true. . .

Ain’t no sewin’ for the lazy ! After successfully whizzing away an entire Saturday, I had the most solid intentions of sewing today. But a chance comment from Dearest Son – that he wanted to take drawing lessons from Beloved Hubby, to improve his art – had us completely redoing the living room, relocating unused computers, finding old hardware, finding the dust rhinos a new preserve in the trash can, and moving furniture. Luckily, we’d had a big bacon, egg, and biscuit/toast breakfast beforehand !

I benefit, too – it cleared enough space to use my Wii Fit again ! You know, like I’ve promised my cardiologists’ and doctors that I’d start up again back in November ? All I need are some batteries and determination, and I can buy the batteries.

It’s true what they say – change your view, improve your outlook ! I really like this new, improved living area. Just need to clean my incredibly cluttered sewing table (that’s had all this new and new-to-me fabric tossed on it !). I’m also hoping to snag an underbed box for Ms. Elsa's growing wardrobe. 

The thrifted fabric and clothes washed out nicely, and I don’t think his ‘Derpy’ shirt shrank. He’s so thrilled with it. ‘We Love Fine’ has some great designs, but I just can’t shell out $30. for a t-shirt, no matter how wonderful the Princess Luna image is.

Proud of me. Dinner tonight – Chicken Alfredo – used most of the remaining markdown rotisserie chicken, the last of some garlic cloves I had to mince or toss out, the bread bits from slicing a 42¢ day-old loaf of Italian bread for Garlic Toast, and the last of an old bottle of red wine vinegar. The last of the rotisserie will go to stock for potato soup lunch tomorrow, including the ‘can juice’ from the green beans for extra flavor. Supper tomorrow is make-your-own Italian Bread Pizzas, featuring my own version of Italian sausage, two kinds of cheese, more garlic butter, pepperoni, and onions. Dearest Son loves any kind of pizza night !

(grin) My therapist asked if I cooked well. I told her I cooked cheap, using a pre-planned menu to use up leftovers and minimize grocery runs, while making the most out of markdown discoveries and sales. After I detailed our last few dinners, the whole group was impressed ! Really, though, Alfredo’s easy, even if you make your own sauce. Even Dollar Tree sells the bottled stuff.

Well, early to bed. Defibrillator appointment at the VA tomorrow. Basically an hour drive, 20 minutes finding a parking space, waiting an hour for a 15 minute consult, then an hour’s drive home. Seriously considering hitting JoAnn’s while fat quarters are just 70¢, but I’m already swimming in fabric !