Monday, December 8, 2014

I can make very small slipcovers now !

Kind of a blah Monday, even with Beloved Hubby home. About all we did was run to ThatPit for another load of stuff. Turns out that the ILs won’t have to vacate ‘til March or April, but they still went through everything we hadn’t yet moved out and put it in piles for us. And bagged up everything they thought might be trash. (sigh) They’re still gonna try to sell the place, and I wish them all the luck in the Universe. Their future plans involve using the proceeds to move to BIL’s state or Uncle’s ‘it’s legal there’ state. Beloved feels absolved from having to worry about them anymore, and a visible load is off his shoulders. So I guess it was a big day after all !

We only got two of the four bookcases, the last of my oxygen supplies, our Christmas decorations, and some other this-and-that moved, but my bike and his tonneau cover remain there, so it’s one more truck load. At least we don’t have to rush, but I still want our stuff. Not sure if I’ll make one more solo run or not – depends on when Beloved makes his next one. If it’s this week, I’ll wait and convoy with him, if not, I may run up tomorrow, get all I can and say, ‘We’re done but for the big stuff !’ and be so happy…

Managed to get one of the Top Five Heavy Liquor Store Boxes O’ Books upstairs – the Barbie and sewing books – and into my little bookcase. It’s half-filled now,  just need to find the fairy tales box. Before, I had little knick-knacks along the top of the case, but I’ve added so many new books to the collection lately (mostly from library sales), and sold half the knick-knacks at the yard sale, I think I’ll go with books there, too, using the bookends I discovered in a box of miscellany.

The chewed armrests on my curb-shopped office chair bugged me today, so I did something about it – I sewed armrest slipcovers ! Used some perhaps vintage fabric from the ‘Scrape Fabric’ bag I bought last week at the thrift down the street. My measurements and estimates were a bit off (another inch all around would have been a good idea), but they fit and I don’t scratch my elbows on ragged-edge vinyl anymore, so I’m calling it a success. I also measured for some curtains I hope to make. Universe knows I got enough fabric. All I need are curtain rods. 

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