Monday, December 22, 2014

I get obsessed with the craziest things...

Mine, maybe tomorrow. 
The recycling bin is full of broken-down liquor store boxes – glad it gets picked up this week. Dearest Son helped me drag the second bookcase to the Parlor, finally in from out of the garage, so I spent the morning liberating our books. Well, most of ‘em. A box of Beloved Hubby’s favorite paperbacks went upstairs, ready for when he decides where he wants the final bookcase. I figured he’d want his Matt Helm novels and art books nearby like I enjoy my fairy tale and doll books – but if he doesn’t, it’s a good box with handles, it can be moved.

So the latest bookcase is stuffed, and I feel so wealthy, between all the dolls, all the fabric, and all the books. Hard to think of anyone more rich than me, unless he / she  has money. The best place for the case was right in front of a power outlet, but I ran an extension cord before placing the books, so we still have use of it. I’m still delighted in all the power outlets here. There are some we’re not even using at all !

Unfortunately this evening, I was left to my own devices after dinner – Beloved brought home two new-to-us video games, a milsim shoot-‘em’-up he wanted, and one of the Lego choices from Dearest’s Christmas list, so my guys were on other worlds tonight. Of course, I got in trouble, what else could I do ? I’ve been good for far too long ! Ended up looking at Frozen craft stuff  - the licensed things are still thin on the ground, and I’d rather spend money elsewhere - and got all obsessed over a tiny, two-inch felt machine applique embroidery design of Elsa. I saw at least four sellers on Etsy hawking it in various ways, but I couldn’t find the design itself, just end products.

Well, you know how I get. If I can’t have something, I’m like a dog with a bone, I just won’t let go until I’ve worn the situation completely out. Mildly ironic, that I refused to let go of an Elsa product. Anyway, I searched and fiddled and studied – and found a ton of other things I wouldn’t mind having someday – and it took almost two hours, although it went pretty quick once I realized the Etsy seller had flipped the design, but I finally found the source material. It was even on sale, and available in three versions, five sizes, in both stitch-filled and applique ! But I figured, sale’s on ‘til the end of the month, sleeping on it won’t hurt.  Some rested eyes would help me decide better which one I really want. Bookmarked the page, favorited at least a dozen other goodies, and started making little plans. I think Beloved’s getting me about $10. worth of embroidery designs for Christmas…

The question I have is this – when I use a pattern or design, I normally credit the creator. Most people who sell stuff like that ask their buyers to do so, to attract more sales and attention. I like to do so, ‘cause if the originator gets more business, they might make more stuff I want. So why did I darn near drive m’self crazy trying to find this design, when at least four Etsy sellers were using it for hair clips, pins, and ornaments ? Yup, not one of ‘em mentioned ‘Lynnie Pinnie’ in the descriptions. If I hadn’t known how to focus my search, I could easily have believed each of them created the design independently. Lynnie Pinnie even has an Etsy store – not that it shows up on any of the sellers' / crafters’ favorites. Funny, that. 

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