Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Actually, this entire blog is an all-year-long Airing of Grievances...

Made Dearest Son happy – my old office chair that’s been in the garage for a week or two, is now his. Now he has one upstairs and downstairs ! It’s missing a wheel, but we had a spare one, that’s what took so long. I couldn’t give him the chair until I found the spare wheel. We have a spare because the chair came to us with a broken caster wheel, so we replaced it –  you can find ‘em at Home Depot, btw - but spares came in two packs only. While moving our stuff around for no reason, and ultimately leaving everything right where we had it, just all stirred up and messy, FIL somehow lost the replacement wheel (it fell out occasionally) completely, necessitating me finding the second one. If he’d just left it alone… Arrrgh. This time, I hammered that sucker in !

I also emptied a couple more last-minute miscellany boxes and relocated a few more things. All that’s left in the garage is Beloved Hubby’s stuff, including his bookcases. With Dearest’s help, I even got my heavy jewelry armoire upstairs. Who knew dime-store jewelry was so weighty ? Too bad we left our furniture dolly with the ILs. Got all that done so Beloved could set up his garage / Shop to his liking over the holiday weekend, without junk and stuff in the way. As for me, I still have to hang the Barbie cases and various pictures up, but I’m kind of saving that for tomorrow’s big task.

Decided to hold off a bit on the Frozen embroidery designs. I still want them, but figured I’d just request my PineCone funds to be transferred to PayPal and use that to pay for ‘em, instead of feeling guilty about using House checking. I’ll probably have the completed deposit a day or two after Christmas, which is fine. I’d rather have the maximum funds available for the holiday weekend movie and snack marathon ! 

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