Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I had too much caffeine for Christmas Eve !

It’s a Festivus miracle ! My PineCone funds are already in PayPal – usually, it takes at least three days – ready for me to spend. Of course, I decided that I really need to make sure “Brody”, my embroidery machine, still works, since it’s been at least a year and a half since I even plugged him in. You’d think I’d have all day to do that, but the kitchen’s a disaster and I’m having to ride Dearest Son’s butt all the way to Bethlehem to get him to finish tidying up the living room… and I just got a text from Beloved Hubby, he’s on the way home. So much for my plans for the day ! Don’t care, though – I’d rather have everyone home and happy with a kitchen disaster than a clean kitchen and everyone scattered.

Unfortunately, Beloved is working Friday, and probably at least part of the weekend. I kinda felt stupid for bustin’ butt yesterday to finish getting the last of the move out of the Garage for him, but he appreciated the effort. After a nice afternoon of movies and video games, he’s already asleep. I was just as tired yesterday, but I think I overdid it on the coffee this morning – I’m all bouncy.

It’s fine, I gotta work some stuff out. Some of the embroidery designs I have wish-listed are very specific to a project I’ve been wanting to create for months. Haven’t shown those to ya yet. Just to make sure I’m getting what I want / need, I got my measuring tape out – Arrrgh, annoyance ! One seller has what I want as a complete set, and two of the three parts are perfect for my fiendish plans. The third part is close, but… proportionally awkward and a bit too small. I found another seller, with nearly the same designs, in a size closer to what I want, more accurate, too, and lucky for me, they sell theirs piece by piece. But it’s still galling to have to re-buy part of a set, and spend nearly twice as much. Gonna hafta, to get what I really want. I’ll probably buy the complete set first, see if the off portion is something I can work with. If not, I can always buy the other piece separately. I have no idea why the set seller / designer went so small with the largest piece of the set, though.

Another miracle ! A gorgeous machine embroidery ornament I also wish-listed turned out to be a free download to friends of the designer’s FaceBook page. I asked to join – she has four other designs I hope to snag after my current obsessions play out – and figured Monday or Tuesday, I’ll hear something. Nope ! Got approved today, and I already have the stunning ornament on my hard-drive. With any luck, I might just get to stitch it out late tonight…

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