Sunday, December 28, 2014

(happy sigh) All I needed was an hour in a fabric store...

I suppose it was inevitable. I get to go to a Hancock Fabrics, and I end up leaving with Frozen stuff. At least it was just the pattern (on sale for $1.99) and the fabric (on sale and with a coupon, half yard for $2.80). They had everything but the dolls, too – appliques, bracelets, crowns, trunks, charms, ribbon, buttons, fleece, t-shirt kits, art sets, stuffed Olafs, notepads, stickers, you name it. I’m surprised they didn’t have ‘Elsa’, ‘Anna’, and ‘Kristoff’ branded thread ! No one would buy ‘Hans’ thread, it would be prone to trickery and probably break a lot, just when you needed it not to. And ya can’t take ‘Olaf’  of 'Sven' threads seriously, plus you have to keep them in the fridge, near the carrots.

I also bought a Northern Lights-like fleece remnant, a fat quarter, a remnant that I got charged full price for, but it isn’t worth dragging all the way back for a buck and a quarter, a dark green felt square, and some Victorian-themed buttons, mostly for the two tiny cameos. Yup, still a sucker for those. Even adding in the pricing error, with sales and coupons, I got a pattern, over two and a half yards total fabric, and some buttons for less than twelve bucks, and I handed out the coupons I didn’t use to other shoppers in line (with the cashier’s kind approval), so I’m satisfied. For this year !

Once home, I did two loads of laundry to get the fabric washed, including one with a huge comforter from the ILs that’s been sitting around getting dirtier since the move. It’d take at least two hours in the dryer, so I have it air-drying over two widely-spaced chairs. Be glad to get that put away ! Junior-kitty likes the new hiding space but sort of resents losing a favored napping area, if even temporarily. He’s gonna be hating life when I put the Christmas tree skirt away. Beloved Hubby’s promised me a clothesline come spring.

Got another freebie of a machine embroidery design I had on my wish-list. I tell ya, it really pays to not trust Etsy. If I hadn’t checked websites and Facebook pages, I wouldn’t have known about any of the sales, much less snagged two that I was planning to buy for free. Don’t know why I’m whining that the few I still want are probably not going on sale any time soon – I should be darn glad to have scored what I did ! 

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