Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Rare does the twain meet... except on top of my printer on Doll Moving Day !

Another busy day. Even while I was waiting for my breakfast to finish cooking, I was loading the dishwasher and rinsing silverware. Made a list of ‘don’t forgets’ while I bolted it down, and we were on our way. I’d promised to take Dearest Son to the Library to make some colored prints of five of his newest favorite images after we moved for new room decor, and since we had to go to pick up a Hold book for Beloved Hubby, and drop off the ones I was finished reading, I made sure to keep it.

Then we loaded poor Emmy-car with just about all my sewing stuff, and anything else that’d fit in the spaces between, to the point where I had some trouble seeing out her back window. Remembered KJ’s cord - it was on the list ! - and we were on the way back. We basically just offloaded everything into one room, had a quick bite of lunch, and went after another load – the last of the kitchen stuff and all my dolls. I got everybody. No doll left behind. It’ll take me the rest of the evening to put everything about where it belongs – no bookcase for the dolls, for example – but that’s the fun part of a move. Still so much left, but we’ll get it, one load at a time.

If there’s a better time to move than December, I don’t know about it. By the time you’ve finished packing, hauling, moving, unpacking, and placing what you already have, you really don’t want anything more for a long time ! 

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