Saturday, December 6, 2014

If you knew how much time I spent on a silly ballerina cutout, you'd laugh at me *so* hard...

You’d think I’d have spent all day today doing laundry and celebrating being able to, but I didn’t wash a single load. Now that I can do that any time – happy grin ! – it can wait. Having Beloved Hubby home all weekend is a much more rare treat ! We slept in so late, we decided to just wait an hour or so and have an early lunch. Which we did.

Then we made plans for Dearest Son’s Christmas. Reviewed his wish list and decided to go after the PlayStation 3 today – at least see what our budget could get us. We researched online, found a certified pre-owned one, and they offered layaway, so Beloved sneaked out ‘for a soda’ to put half of it down, and they threw in Gran Turismo 5. Almost all set ! Sometime around the 20th, we’ll pay it out and spend a good chunk of Christmas Eve getting it set up and downloading updates. That and a few more little bits and bobs (probably including a pair of wireless controllers) will give him quite a festive holiday, we think !

While Beloved tooled around in his garage Shop, I took Dearest with me to the pawn shop to look at DVDs, as well as pick up a few groceries. He’s looking for a copy of Transformers, the Michael Bay one, which unfortunately the pawn shop didn’t have this time. They’re overflowing with Friends seasons, though. All we bought this time was a tenth anniversary copy of Mallrats and film festival fave Skateland, which I’ve never seen, but if it's a film more for the film festival circuit and less for me, I at least get 50¢ of my dollar back when I return it.

Grocery store still had the sale sausage in stock, so I bought our limit and got some eggs, too. Bust out the electric griddle, we’re having link sausage and eggs for breakfast tomorrow ! And there’s six chubs of sausage for later in the freezer, too. They also had a $2.48 special on 4lbs of oranges, so I snagged those, too. Delicious and sweet ! Beloved’s favorite candy bars were on sale for 48¢, so I got him a handful, along with some soda for everyone. Diet Canada Dry ginger ale is wonderful ! I’ve really missed that store – sometimes I even buy stuff that’s not on special ! Darn, now I want some Ry Krisps…or Wasa Crispbread…

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