Monday, December 15, 2014

The VA drops a bomb on me in the mailbox...

Oookay. I got some startling news today. I’m scheduled for my ‘borg implant’ (my cardiac device, not sure which one I’m getting, there was some debate going on during my last appointment) on Jan. 22, provided I pass the physical the day before. After the implantation, they’ll keep me overnight, and if all goes well, the rest of my recovery will be at home – including a ban on driving for two weeks ! It’s probably fine, I may not feel up to driving anyway, but gosh, that seems like a long time to be stuck at home. Then again, my little hermit self has gone longer without going out by choice before… and think of all the sewing I’ll do…oh, wait.

I’ll have to avoid electromagnetic fields. Do sewing machines put out those ? Yes. Aw, cruddles … well, I guess I can keep it six inches from the motor, especially if it’s put in on the left side. I’ll have to ask about that.

Meanwhile, I’m slightly sick. I don’t know if I’m just having allergic reactions, or I’ve caught cold, ‘cause the symptoms are the same. Took some antihistamines and darn near fell asleep standing, and when I woke up, my throat was Sahara-dry. Ten minutes later, I’m wondering how to Velcro ® a box of tissues to my leg and enjoying the fine taste, if not any medicinal properties, of Luden’s Wild Cherry Throat Drops. Not cough drops, throat drops. There’s an important distinction there.

My new checks arrived – said they wouldn’t arrive ‘til the 23rd. It’s amazing how good it feels to actually have checks with the same address we live in. Checks from the shared account are from at least six years ago, we still have a box and a half. I just got one box this time, and it’ll probably outlast our stay here, too, mostly because we just don’t write checks for anything other than rent these days. I got At The Beach simply because I thought they were pretty. As with most checks, they’re not that vivid in the harsh light of the front porch. It’s odd how they shipped. Each of five packets were attached to a cardstock folder, with the register and cheapie checkbook holder making up the sixth slot. Guess shipping them flat like that saves on costs. Too bad they charged me as much as they could for it !

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