Friday, October 31, 2014

My Elsa fandom takes me to weird places...

Postponed the yard sale ‘til tomorrow. First off, it was 40 degrees at 7am, secondly, most of the larger stuff we needed to sell, Beloved Hubby has either given away or wants to wait to sell later, when we know what place we’re moving to. That makes our yard sale 90% toys and a few books, so I doubt we’ll make much anyway. Third, my ILs were still asleep at 11am, so it’s not like I was cheating them out of the opportunity.

And after this upsy-downsy week, when I finally got a few bucks in my hot little hands, I went nutz. Treated Dearest Son to Chinese takeout for lunch, and hit the Family Dollar in the strip. Saw the uniquely gowned ‘princess’ Midnight Magic dolls and thought about snagging one, but I really don’t wanna start with MH prom dresses right now. Saw the mini MMs – so cute ! – and poked at the Creepateria MHs in stock. Ended up buying socks for my guys (I try to buy a pack every month), a tire gauge for Emmy-car, and yes, I bought a doll. You know, when the cheep knockoff looks better and yes, prettier, than the $50. MSRP licensed one, there’s a real problem. This lovely pseudo- Disney Princess & Me Elsa is also from Family Dollar, and yes, she was only ten bucks. 

They’d evidently just reset the toy gondolas for the upcoming holidays, as she was in one of two full display boxes. There were two ‘Cinderella’ dolls, one ‘Mermaid’, one ‘Sleeping Beauty’, two of a yellow-gowned ‘Beauty’, one ‘Frog Princess’, and this ‘Snow Queen’.  Not that they’re really given names, all the boxes are identical, and merely read ‘Princess’. I was idly considering the ‘Frog Princess’ for her dress (I think they all have the same face) when I saw this cutie behind her. I couldn’t resist. At ten bucks, she was certainly in my budget, and even if her clothes and shoes didn’t fit the licensed DP&M  girls, I rather liked her. Heckuva lot better than the ‘real’ one, truth be told. The licensed one still makes me shiver, and not because of the ‘ice’ themes.

This Elsa is a bit smaller than her inspirations, as well as noticeably lighter, but she’s not weak, too thin blow-mold, either. She may be hollow, but she’s more stable and thicker than yer average Dollar Tree Barbie clone. Her clothes and shoes fit Aurora, even if it’s a bit of a stretch. Skirts are maybe a half-inch shy of the ankles, but even in photos, it’s hard to tell. She’s  close enough to fit the clothes I’ve made for the others just fine. The licensed Elsa dress is better put together, but this one is charming in its own way, too. Instead of the ‘train’ overlay starting under her arms and going to the back, this one is attached at the bust, from just past center front to the side seams, a much more evocative use of delicate, more expensive fabric. Fabric is a bit stretchy, which is probably most of why it fits the larger DP&M girls.

Her joints are nearly the same, she just lacks the tilting torso (admirably reviewed and photographed by The Toybox Philosopher) and fully rolling head joint – Elsa’s strictly a side-to-side kinda girl. And she has the same regrettably wide seated stance of her ‘sisters’. Her feet are a bit smaller, too, but she fills up the shoes I made – and some of the ones I’ve made fit Elsa better than they fit anyone else.

Her hairstyle is simple, but somehow captures most of movie-Elsa’s look. A bit of feathery bang on one side, and a braid down the back, but that and the dress is about all you need to see to know who’s being copied. As with most non-licensed dolls, she’s sparsely rooted, but from what I’ve seen, some of the DP&Ms are, too.

It’s her face that really makes the difference. Whoever did the sculpt made a pleasant, happy face that pulls a smile from me each time I see it. And her makeup and eye colors are spot-on for movie-Elsa – someone did his/her homework. I find it odd that her ears are pierced, but she came with no jewelry at all. Odd that a line of dolls merely called Princess don’t have any crowns or tiaras at all. Ah, well – I’ve got lots of materials to make my own, Midwood Brands, LLC. is doing me a favor by inspiring me to fill a blank canvas.

I think I knew, before I even had her out of the store, I’d be keeping this pretty Elsa. I think you knew that halfway through this entry ! Now, the big question is… do I go back for any of the others later ? 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The midnight hour is close at hand...

Boo !
Dearest Son's pumpkin, now jack o'lantern.
Awesome, isn't it ? 
Oookay. Yesterday Beloved Hubby was all gung-ho about finding a new place, so much that he called in to work and took the day off, today he’s  lot less interested. He says we can stay here a bit longer, save up more money, but in my experience, the longer we stay, the more broke we get. Sure, FIL is now taking the utility bills, instead of leaving them for us, but the big question is whether or not he’ll actually pay them, or just hand them to us when they’re back in cutoff notice.

Hit the third part of my Fall Cliché Quadfecta (or Superfecta, depending on if you wanna use vernacular or horse wagering lingo) – got Pumpkin Spice cappuccino this morning. Add that to the candy corn (earlier this month) and a McRib (last week), I’ve nearly hit all four buttons.

For some odd reason, my blood sugar is now darn low. My last three tests have been in the 90s, when just last week, I was happy when it was under 150. I haven’t done anything differently recently, so I’m not sure what’s up. I’ve actually gained two pounds, darn it.

It’s all Fall’s fault ! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Things are moving - at the speed of glaciers.

We looked at two potential places today, and Beloved Hubby gave our potential move-in date as the first of December. That’s OK. Another month won’t hurt us, and will give us some time to save up for the numerous utility deposits and other things we’ll need. FIL has picked up the other utility bills for this place – we paid the $200. electric bill yesterday, so it wouldn’t be cut off Friday – but it’s up to him if he actually pays them.

We both preferred the same place (it helped that the rent was $100. more for the other), so he’s going to talk to the realtor tomorrow. We’re still going ahead with the yard sale Friday. Kind of have to, there’s too much stuff in the living room, it’s gotta go somewhere. Plus it’s growing colder – wait any longer, no one will want to leave their nice cozy warrens early in the morning in search of discount sport.

Finally got a call from my VA caseworker – I have an appointment Monday, in Capitol City. Have to bring lots of paperwork. Busy days. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Slowly but surely, the Yard Sale began to consume her every thought...

 We sorted and emptied Dearest Son’s big toybox today. Heavens, what a job ! I don’t think kids’ furniture makers should make toy boxes that deep – there must have been a billion sizes, much less pieces, of Lego – along with two forks, three spoons, six socks, four pizza ads, a radio, countless bits of packing peanuts and potato chips, and two washcloths – mixed in with the various toys inside. Wonder if I can get five bucks for a slightly Sharpie’d yellow plastic toy box…

Actually, Dearest should be hoping that ! He asked me to bid on an auction for him, promising to pay the final bid out of his yard sale proceeds. He didn’t know I’d already agreed with Beloved Hubby to make a low bid on it. He’s still paying for something Beloved bought for him a while back, and he’ll get his allowance back the first Friday of November. Our low bid won – we were the only bidders – so he’s happy.

I’m almost jealous. It’s been a while since I bought something bigger than a bag of Funyuns for m’self. But there’s really nothing I want. Sure, there’s some patterns, but I got scads I haven’t used yet, and I don’t wanna spend ‘til I start sewing again. I already know it’s unlikely to happen ‘til we move, unless we’re here far longer than I fear.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Where we are now... I think it's called 'The Pits'.

Got some more stuff moved out and classified ‘Yard Sale’ today, and aside from calling in Dearest Son’s prescriptions, that’s about all I got done. My Great Northern beans / pork neck bones cooking experiment went well – quite tasty ! - but I’m the only one eating ‘em. I’m now confident about my ability to cook dried beans, especially if we live in a two-bathroom house. Two more lunches and they’re gone with the, well, wind !

Speaking of eating things, I had my first McRib of Fall 2014 tonight. Delicious ! But we’re not gonna be eating out very often, so I don’t think it’ll get as ridiculous as it did the last year we lived here. I think I’d eaten 14 or so by the time they were yanked back off the McMenu back then. You’ve heard of Depression Cooking, well, that was depression eating !

Spoke with MIL today, and asked how their future plans were going – and they don’t really have any. They’re gonna trust in their Deity to provide them guidance and provisions, since Deity has clearly brought them to this point for a reason. MIL was proud to tell me she thinks their potential homelessness is a gift and celestial prod to minister and help others in the same situation. FIL, overhearing us talking, backs her up all the way. I apologized for not being able to get a place big enough for us all, and they said they not only didn’t expect us to, but didn’t want us to. While they may not have immediate plans, they have hopes that really don’t involve us. They do, however, involve Colorado. To belabor a point, she told me, quite proudly, that FIL wasn’t the only one self-medicating with substances not prescribed by doctors. Huh.

Somehow, I don’t think this eases Beloved Hubby’s mind, but there’s not much we can do if they’re resolved. We’ll help when we can, that’s about all we can do for them. I have to admire the strength of their faith, even if I don’t agree with some of her declarations. And we really can’t share living space if they’re gonna continue with their latest hobby. I’m not losing Dearest Son to a DEA raid called down on them.

As for us, we called two new places we like on Craigslist, but rather late in the day, so it’s on them to call us back. Of course, I heard nothing from my VA counsellor – baby what a big surprise…

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Netflix quiet...

A really quiet day. Beloved Hubby was home, and he mostly slept and watched Star Trek : Enterprise on Netflix. It’s not that bad. Don’t ask me why some Vulcans are in kimono and others are in second-skin catsuits, or why most Starfleet uniforms look like car mechanic jumpsuits this go round, much less why the opening theme sounds like a ‘power ballad’ Chevy ad, but it’s at least the show’s interesting.

Dearest Son’s now emptied out his ole red footlocker and is storing his ‘Keep’ stuff in it for the move. Yaay ! He’s sorted through quite a bit, and we’ll do more tomorrow. Don’t have another VA appointment ‘til November, and Friday will be here soon. I’ll be thrilled if we make back the $8 - $10. ‘no fee’ signs we’ll have to buy.

Started using my newest inhaler, Symbicort, today. Twice a day, two hits. I have the impression of an odd scent, sort of like hydrogen peroxide, but nothing I can truly put a name to. So far, so good. Can’t tell that it’s doing anything, or even know for sure I’m using it right, but I read the directions, and even rinse out my mouth afterwards, so I think I’m doing OK. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Strain lines begin to show...

Yesterday was such a shock, I forgot everything else that was going on ! One of our neighbors came over to offer support, and gave me a Hefty bag full of dark purple tulle. Leftover from their wedding. Wow. Not sure what I’ll do with it all, but I certainly have enough to experiment with now !

After calling for housing assistance from what I thought was the VA line last week, I was told they should be in contact with me for further information within a week. I asked if I should call if I hadn’t heard anything by Friday, was told that was a good idea. Of course, it was radio silence all week, so I waited until after lunch Friday… and got a rather snotty young lady who tossed a phone number at me and hung up. Too bad the number she gave me went to an office that shut down at 1pm on Friday, and it was 1:38pm when I called. It gave me the office hours and hung up on me when I tried to punch in the extension Miss Thang gave me. Wheee.

Called my VA counsellor to update her, as she requested, and got her answering machine. And the pundits wonder why people feel disconnected and isolated. She called back, and as it turns out, this is evidently high season for homelessness, the agency I was mostly dealing with is the United Way, and they’ve quit accepting new cases. Not to worry, though – I was ‘in’. I was also advised to contact Catholic Charities and some other guy who never called me back. I’m starting to think my unusually pessimistic Beloved Hubby was right about us being on our own after all. I was also told that I should have a caseworker who should call me sometime Monday. Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen !

Beloved and I are on a silent truce. Nothing more’s been said, but nothing more’s been solved, either. If I thought I was unsettled and insecure three weeks ago, it’s nothing compared to now. He’s scared the ILs have no plans other than moving in on us after we go, and doesn’t seem to realize that’s my worst fear, too. For whatever reason, we can’t just discuss things with them like adults, or ask if their plans have been finalized or at least given the nod by the people who have to give it. I may just do it anyway.

Started digging through Dearest Son’s boxes o’ toys with him, which seems like a waste of time since Beloved’s still saving half the stuff we were gonna sell for the house I don’t know if we’re still trying to rent or not. Gonna be a sale of 25¢ bits and bobs at this rate. Sewed a webbing strap to an old funeral home zipper bag to use as a change keeper – Beloved took one look at it, said, ‘You do know that’s an old funeral home bag, right ?’. (sigh) Well, it’s better than a cigar box on a table, I can’t find my fanny pack, and this is less expensive than buying a nail apron, what does he expect ? I suppose I could embroider a design over ‘ XXX Funeral Home, Dignity & Respect’, but I figured that side’d be bouncing against my hip for most of the sale. I was kinda proud of me for thinking of it, until his little comment.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Sad and creepy - story of my life, I swear...

Friend of mine sent me this joke :

Dorrie : I really hate my in-laws.
Me : Well, just eat the potatoes and gravy.

Sad and creepy, but it made me laugh. I needed a laugh.

Neighbors informed me today that FIL hung out with G the AHole drug dealer twice last week – both times during my appointments with the VA. I can’t even care. I’ll just start taking Dearest Son with me, I’ll have to soon anyway. If MIL can’t be bothered to say anything to her husband, and FIL can’t be bothered to curb his prescription abuse enough to keep from pounding their house down his neck, there’s not much I can do.

Besides, I got enough on my plate. Also today, Beloved Hubby commented that, for all the work and money it’ll take to get us out of here, we could probably save the house. My heart stopped. I know him well enough to be aware that this deceptively simple statement indicates that he’s been thinking about it for some time. I was rendered speechless for about ten minutes and I couldn’t even look at him. I know how over-dramatic this sounds, but I swear it’s true – I could just feel the darkness closing over my shoulders, pulling me back. Decades of this, endless long years ran past my vision, and it was all I could do to keep from jumping from the car. So tempted…

He was rather surprised at my reaction and backpedalled furiously. I told him I knew it was a shame to throw away the security of a home, but it’s not our home and it’s not worth the effort it’d take to make it one. We clearly can’t trust his parents to honor any of their promises, and if we stay, they stay – and we’re now completely responsible for them, without them having to pay a penny for anything. Everything will be completely on our backs. If they’ve given up on this pit, why is he still hanging on ?  And the last I heard, they’d managed to get behind between $4 and $6K. Even moving into a house would cost half that, plus there’s no way we could even come up with the low end of that figure, and that says Wells Fargo is remotely willing to deal with it or us. And I reinforced my intent to never live with FIL again. He backed up but without reassuring our goals at all, or even indicating that we still truly agree on our current course, so now I’m wondering if we’re gonna survive their latest mess. I can’t even look at the potatoes now.

The final twist was that they stole the last can of Dearest’s ravioli. The one that was there yesterday. I am not staying here. I am not living with my ILs ever again. What Beloved does is up to him. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back to the VA... at least I'm not in an ambulance this time !

My appointment went well – they neglected to log me as being there, and the automated kiosks were down, so I got forgot for an hour, but once they remembered me, things went pretty well. I got to see my hernia CAT scan, but didn’t learn a lot I didn’t already know. Surgery for that isn’t as necessary as originally thought, and they would like my health to improve before any attempt is made. I can understand that.

Got to see Salvation Army lasses for the first time – right after I’d seen vintage WWII posters of them ! They were handing out treats and coffee, but it was either bad timing or having to say ‘no’ to doughnuts (because I’d been up at 1am with Beloved, scarfin’ potato chips), so I didn’t get to partake of their generous volunteerism. Those around me who could were most appreciative.

Came back, crashed for three hours, and postponed the yard sale ‘til next Friday. Gonna have a Haunted Yard Sale, yay ! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not very good Wednesday.

Ai. I so owe you guys an apology. I am so disjointed and disconnected that most of my posts have serious repeat action – I keep saying the same things over and over because I forgot I’ve already said ‘em 20+ times. I’ll try to be a bit more focused on the ‘here and now’ instead of what I hope will happen in a week or two.

Today was not  a good one. Dearest Son had a seizure – we’re gonna have to start monitoring his meds again – and he collapsed in the living room. We tried to trust him when he said he’d already taken them, but the stakes are simply too high to continue like that. I put all his in a box, just like mine are in a lunchbox, and they’ll be stored in our room ‘til it’s time to take ‘em. I’ll try to make it something for us to share twice a day (for him, at least).

Of course, he was just coming out of it when the air company guy showed up. We’re talking just barely 9am here. He had to check my equipment and drop off cannula hoses, and didn’t seem at all taken aback with the moving mess and Dearest’s nearly-passed-out form on the floor. Or me, pre-shower before Dearest fell, still in my (luckily long) nightgown. Makes me wonder what that dude has seen in other houses…

Even with Dearest napping most of the day, we got a lot of his room cleaned up. I’m still not sure if we’re gonna do the yard sale Friday or not. I’m waaaay behind and honestly, I’m just not ready. If I stay up all Thursday night, I probably would be, but I kinda need some sleep. Got another medical (about the hernia) tomorrow, so no rest tonight, and I need to keep a closer eye on Dearest today, so I just don’t see it happening.

Can always have it next Friday. Our prices would be scaaaary !

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A very nice Tuesday.

Good day today. Ditched some jewelry – rings that were either broken or would never fit my fat fingers ever again, gifts I never really liked – to a gold buyer for sixty bucks, then bought a pneumatic nail gun tool from their showroom for Beloved Hubby for $40. I’m happy ! Honestly, I didn’t think all that stuff together was worth $20., or I’d have sold it years ago. Beloved’s super happy, ‘cause he can’t tell that the nail gun has ever been used. It works great. And I’m happy because we really didn’t spend any of our moving fund, and he really needed that thing – we just didn’t have $150. for a brand-new one.

We also picked up a stand fan from the curb on the way to the dealer, and it works great ! Much nicer than the flyweight $20. one I was always gonna buy all summer. Looked it up – this bad boy was $50. on Score !

I also got a survey, so in a few days, I’ll have $15. in my PineCone account. Riches, I tell you, riches ! And Flickr evidently agreed that I did cancel my service a couple weeks ago and completely refunded my yearly fees.    Yaaay ! Stove buyer stood us up, no surprise.

We’re kind of stalled on the big move. He really wants that house, which won’t be available ‘til the first of November, if we’re lucky. And we haven’t seen the inside, or know what the landlord’s ‘work out your deposit’ terms are yet. But for now, we’re still hoping to move as soon as possible, and to that end, save as much as we can. Yard sale is still on for Friday, I’m not buying the awesome set of Frozen dolls that I like. Once all this move mess is over, oh, yeah, mine. Waited this long, few more weeks won’t hurt.

Besides, I’ve gotten so used to waiting that instant gratification for anything larger than a lollipop at our bank frankly scares me. (grin) I stash the candy to give out later. It was so great to see my last nurse’s face light up when I handed her a cherry one. Or to surprise Dearest Son when we’re waiting and bored. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

I keep waiting for the VA Medical Center to say they're giving up on me and all my issues...

Medical appointment today ! (sigh) Turns out, I may not have asthma after all. My lungs are smaller than they should be, and I seem to have some sort of obstruction in my airways. It’s not COPD, but I have more diagnostic tests coming up in a couple months. Kind of explains my unbreakable mouth-breathing habit. I’ve been a bit tight-chested these past few weeks, typical during seasonal changes, so they’re putting me on a daily inhaler – forgot the name of it, but I’ve seen ads – and we’ll see how I respond to that. There’s also the possibility that I’m hyper-reactive, something I’ve known for years. My body never does anything halfway. Other than that, I’ve lost a few pounds and my blood pressure is nice and low, so the doctors were pretty happy with me. And I got my flu shot, it always feels good to get that done early.

Beloved Hubby went with me, and we had some very necessary away-from-the-Pit discussion time during the drive, trying to decide between house (if it’s offered, kinda late for us, but more room, no deposit although we’ll have lawn care, more utility deposits, and the possibility of IL mooch) and apartment (less space, more noise, but no possibility of lawn or ILs). He’s leaning towards the house, which I’m OK with, long as he knows I flat refuse to live with FIL again. All three times, we’ve been the ones who bent backwards for them, and all three times we’ve been eating beans while they’re hiding their McD’s bags. Not to mention all the stress and lies. I refuse to try again, I just can’t live with FIL. Which I have said, and said again today, straight up, no hinting or beating around a beat-up bush, several times with explanations why. He says he understands, here’s hoping it’s not ever gonna be an issue. Frankly, after all FIL has put us through, I can’t imagine anybody who would have the huevos to even expect a darn dime from us, but this is my FIL we’re talking about. He seems shameless. I confess, I hide Beloved’s wallet most nights, which is pretty darn sad when you think about why.

Haven’t heard anything from the Housing Vets, but it probably won’t be ‘til Wednesday at the earliest. But my phone is rarely more than five inches away, and I’ve kept it charged. It still seems a bit odd for me to have a private only-for-me phone, since I grew up with not only a single ‘house’ phone, but party lines ! Anybody else remember your mamma eavesdropping on those things ? :) Someone’s supposed to come look at the stove tomorrow, but as we’ve already been stood up twice by two other buyers, I’ll believe when I see. Although $5. will get you $5.05 that, if they show up, they'll ask for a few bucks off our stupid low price on it.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Today we looked at the outside of a house that came up as available a bit late in our preferred time frame on Craigslist. It’s in a good section of PreviousTown, still has a tenant, but it’s one of those ‘can negotiate repair work for deposit’ deals, which may benefit us, or just the landlord, depending. But Beloved Hubby was curious, and called, so we’ll see how things go, once the tenant is gone and he can give the owner an estimate and schedule. If that doesn’t go well, there’s another apartment complex we like, and we still don’t know what the VA can help us with yet. We’ll have more room with the house, but also lawn upkeep, and the possibility of the ILs asking to stay with us (no way !), so Beloved’s flip-flopping about it. At this point, I don’t even care where we go, as long as it’s just the three of us going !

FIL has moved so much stuff outside for the pending (not ‘til Friday) yard sale, I had to move some of it to get in and out of my car ! I’m half convinced that, if I go anywhere Thursday, I’ll have to park down the street, because he’ll take over the driveway soon as it’s empty.

While we were out, we redeemed a coupon at Harbor Freight for a free voltmeter. We’ve needed one since Beloved’s blew out during our many attempts to repair the air conditioning. For a freebie, it’s pretty nice. Actually bought something, a wheel to replace the broken one on our hand truck, sure to come in handy between yard sale and move.

We also hit the GoodWill next door. Yikes. That place was a complete mess, stuff scattered everywhere, and most of it broken or missing parts. It seemed everyone in there was so utterly convinced that the person next to them was gonna pull some incredible find out of the dross that they hovered over entire sections. I pulled a doll’s leg up and had three pairs of eyes fastened on me like I’d found a rare antique. Nope, just a worn baby doll that was cheap when it was new. They had a Pos’n Tressy, still in the box, for $50., but that was in the display case. Too rich for the likes of me ! I was glad I didn’t find anything, the registers were even more of a mess than the store was. Not sure if I’m going back there ever again, no matter where we move. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall yard sales are so awesome...

AAArrgjh! I just wanna say, right here, right now, that I can’t wait for the day when a can I verified as being in the pantry Friday is still there when I go to cook it Saturday. Grrrrh ! If I’d have known that would vanish, I’d have bought another when I was at Aldi’s today, no problem. Ordinarily, I would have, but I’m not buying much so we don’t have to move much (plus the usual not much to spend). So looking forward to disappearing dinner not being a problem anymore …

What’s funny is, as soon as we got back from Aldi’s, FIL wanted to go grocery shopping. Could easily have been replaced, he could easily have bought their own, he bought about eight bags’ worth. But nope. Never replaced the three cans of tuna and 2 pound box of spaghetti, either. So annoyed.

But the day wasn’t a total loss. Hit three yard sales, got me a new wallet, and two button-front shirts, two t-shirts, and a sweater for Beloved, all for less than $4. He’s already wearing one tee, the red one with the Enterprise and Star Trek logo. My fave is the blue Empire Strikes Back movie poster tee – I’m halfway hoping it’s too small for either of my guys, so I can make a pillow out of it. But from the way Beloved’s eyes lit up when he saw it, it’s doubtful.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Doll Chat !

Well, not much has changed around here since yesterday – my phone hasn’t chimed, no interesting mail, nobody begging us to live at their complex. Most of what I’ll need to do has to wait ‘til we know where we’re going, so I took today to more or less sleep. I’ve identified tons of things going into the yard sale, but there’s no place to put them, so for now, they gotta stay where they are, and hope I remember them next Friday. FIL has put out a driveway load of stuff, which is odd since both our vehicles are firmly on the driveway. Guess he’s betting on no rain. The cord holding up MIL’s clothes has sagged ‘til they’re on the ground, but there’s no real way to fix it, so I’m leaving all of it alone.

About the most exciting thing was that two dolls had fallen from their shelves, and they ended up looking as though they were having a pretty good conversation about their respective lives at different angles in the living room. Or maybe they were discussing shoes. Who knows ? 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Yawn like you mean it !

As is usual for me, my problem wasn’t sleeping, it was getting to sleep that was the issue. And I’d gone through all the calming techniques, the usual routine, the meditation…  just when I was about to get up and work a Sudoku or something, it was morning. Only woke up once, mostly to roll over. Gosh, I needed that good night’s sleep !

We put the never-used stove on Craigslist, and twice now, a very interested party made plans, then cancelled and remade ‘em. Today, she just completely stood us up. I hope whatever stove she does end up buying burns her cookies. Hmpft.

We’ve filled out a third application for another apartment complex, but not submitted it yet. The Veteran assistance people I spoke with yesterday said they’d know about what they could do for us in a week or so, but to do what we felt we needed to in the interim. We’ll probably turn it in Friday or Monday, and go from there. I have a medical apt. on Monday, too. It’s never boring for long around here !

Saw a cute article about Mattel setting up an Instagram account for Barbie – part of a Fashion Week publicity stunt – and wondering what similar accounts for other dolls would look like. No surprise, my fave is the MH one, although the Barbie one does look good. Sneak a peek here

Tonight, I’m gonna get all the boxed DP&M dolls dressed and ready for the yard sale. The bulk of prepping for that won’t start ‘til next week – we just don’t have the space yet – but I wanna do what I can now, get it out of the way. Plus, shuffling stuff from ‘ours’ to ‘yard sale’ counts as part of moving ! And the idea of getting out of here gives me so much hope and joy…

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dollar Tree hammer.

Sorry, ya’ll, for dropping the ball. It’s been beyond Hades around here. Our second application to another apartment complex was denied yesterday, and we were rather at a loss as to what to do next. Still are, to tell the truth, but… are we on some ‘don’t rent to these people, EVER !’ list ? I know my credit score, it’s ‘Fair’, well past the minimum most renters like, and I even have somewhat of a guaranteed income, more than the rent – not even counting what Beloved Hubby brings in ! Our old place said they simply wrote us off, we didn’t owe them anything over 2012's 'move out in the night', so if it’s not that, what is it ? I was starting to feel even more punished for trying to help out family (who ended up using us like a Dollar Tree hammer – useful, but ultimately disposable).

Beloved was on the campus grounds when I got the call – the young lady was so cheerful, I thought I misunderstood her, she seemed so happy that we couldn’t move in ! - and had to go back to class. I’d have hid it from him ‘til he got home, but I’d barely hung up the phone with her when he called. I think I was in a bit of shock. I was so desperate to talk to someone, I called the Veteran Crisis Line. I felt bad about doing that, as I wasn’t self-injurious at that point, but I was rapidly reaching my limits.

Turns out, they can help. In a lot of ways. So I got that ball rolling, and spoke with several people today, hopefully we’ll have more of a plan as the days go by. Luckily we’re not yet evicted, the power and water are still on, and there’s food (if FIL doesn’t quit helping himself – luckily there, we’re about down to stuff he doesn’t like !). Most of all, though, the wonderful woman I spoke with listened. I’m not saying Beloved isn’t, he’s agreed and backed up nearly everything I’ve said, but there are times you just wanna unload and let it rip with someone who won’t remember every word you say for the rest of your lives together. I also got up with my FIL-negative neighbor, who really wants to hear all the dirt, so I’m sure I’ll be dishing soon.

So, while not much has changed, I feel much better and humbled a bit from all the support I got, all because I simply asked for it. I may actually sleep tonight ! Was a bit restless last night, but now that things are moving, I think tonight will go better.  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hope this one gets accepted...

Well, we turned in another application to a different apartment complex – actually four complexes. If we’re in, we can choose which of four neighborhoods and buildings we want. Don’t wanna think of getting turned down. Besides, the 13th is our lucky day ! And since I have slightly better credit, it's under my name. Maybe that'll fix whatever pooched it at PreviousApartments ? 

Spent three hours today cleaning the kitchen, which needed it worse than the living room. Not done yet, either. But it looks a lot better. Oh, and my weird home cookin’ is having some effect – I’ve lost two pounds this week ! Twenty three more pounds to lose by year’s end, yaaay ! It’s embarrassing to be so overjoyed about being down to that weight, but I am. It’s taken a lot of work, and still has a long way to go. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sunday... a day to think about everything that ranked all last week.

I’m still ticked at FormerApartment for turning us down. Maybe if we apply using my info ? For whatever reason, my credit’s about 50 points higher than Beloved Hubby’s. Still, I’ve known them to accept people with worse history than mine, working part time at a Subway, with evictions on their records. Why do they think we’re such a risk ?

Trying not to think about it. Got all the DP&M dolls together. Finally claimed Anna’s outfit – and I’ve had her for months. Since Belle #1 is the only one that didn’t come in a box, she’s hangin’ out in Merri’s, or I should say, flappin’ around in Merida’s. Anna, Cinderella, and Ariel are all still attached to the box liners via those awful plastic t-tags, but at least it keeps them from sagging and slouching. Belle kinda flops. So I took some ribbon and tied her to the box liner, she looks much better.

We’ve listed some stuff to sell on Craigslist, and someone’s already called about the stove we never used. Spent nearly two hours cleaning the living room, and they cancelled. Oh, well. Living room needed it anyway. Only problem is, I had to shove all the yard sale stuff in our bedroom, and it’ll probably have to stay there.

Speaking of yard sales, MIL has run a string past the Garpartment’s former garage doors – Beloved installed sheetrock and siding to improve the look – and hung out some of her fancier clothes out there. We’ve already told her that the City has requirements for yard sales, but I guess she just doesn’t care. Too bad the fines would go on the CityOf bill, that’s in her name, not to the house. I wonder, though – is ‘30-year-old Church Maven from the 80s’ a hot new look for the hipster kids ? If so, I got some awesome outfits to direct them to !

When asked, MIL said she’s not having the yard sale yet, just getting ready to piggyback ours ! Oh, and did we know we can just have CityOf add the yard sale requirement fees to the CityOf bill ? (snort) You mean, they one you guys don’t pay and haven’t since we got here ? It never ends, does it ? 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tryin' to be positive... almost succeeding.

Hopped up at 6am to see Beloved Hubby off to work – but he rolled over and went back to sleep. His boss cancelled today late last night, via text. Shoot. Now I was wide awake. May as well do some laundry ! Got three loads washed, dried, and put away before Dearest Son woke up, and cleared the mountain of dirty clothes that somehow sprouted up in the living room. Next triple-load’s already waiting for me ! And at least two more await me in baskets, but one is just sheets and bedspreads.

One of the really good things about a move is that I always lose weight during one. Even now, when we don’t know where we’re going and haven’t begun to pack, I’ve lost two pounds this week, probably from being unable to sit still for long. When I watched Netflix with Beloved Hubby last night, I was also going through all my sewing stuff, to decide what to slide to the Yard Sale side of the room. Short answer : not much, since I thinned things out considerably before we moved here, and aside from thrift store fabric, haven’t bought much. I’m starting to think that’s how FIL, who eats about three times what I do, still weighs less than me. Worry burns calories !

Have decided that we’ll no longer have room for DracuLaura’s Roadster or Frankie’s bed, but don’t worry – I won’t be selling them for pennies. Maybe $5. less than what they’re going for on eBay, and no shipping ! Thinking of keeping my Little Disney Princess- sized Rainbow Brite and selling the LDP Belle I got from the thrift store instead. Or I may sell both. Not really attached to either one, and I like the Ariel LDP better – she and Belle have the same face.

Relocated the stuff in the cracked-but-intact vintage small sewing box – the box is going in the ‘Free’ bin, every yard sale needs one – which left a buncha new patterns homeless. I have too many patterns for one box ! So I emptied a second pattern box that was being used to hold machine embroidery stuff, relocated all those items, and now, my two pattern boxes hold nothing but patterns. And both aren’t stuffed to the bursting point ! Yet.

I also got bagged up a bunch of greeting cards I’m never gonna use, a ton of envelopes I got at another yard sale years ago, and some scrapbooking stickers. I even packed all the new bubble wrap that came wrapped round the Ariel doll into a bag labelled ‘Stress Relief Kit, 25¢’. If I get a quarter a bundle, I’ll be happy. I don’t often get to do this kind of shuffling and sorting before a move, it’s normally a grab-and-go kinda thing for us, so I’m taking advantage of my nervous energy and cleaning out anything I can reach, for anything I can sell or trash. It’ll make things easier when it’s time to load the ya’ll-haul. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

It is a dark time for the Rebellion...

Bad news. Maybe. The place where we used to live turned us down. And they took their darn sweet time telling us about it, we had to call them. Hmpft. Well, maybe it’s for the best. It wasn’t the greatest place to live, just the cheapest and easiest for us to get into. We’ve found two other places we like, and while we have to start the whole application process all over again, and it’ll be more expensive, we’ll have a bit more space and be in a better part of town. So maybe it’s for the best, it’s just not as easy to see right now, because I’m upset.

One of the good things about the potential new place we’re looking at is that we can get a three-bedroom for just a few bucks more than a two bedroom. It’ll mostly be a study / tool staging area for Beloved Hubby, but that’s fine with me ! We’ll fill out the application this weekend and submit it Monday. Only problem with that is, when things get tough for M & FIL, will they try to move in with us ? Frankly, after all this, I refuse to let that happen. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to see them – or anyone – homeless. But I have HAD IT with living with FIL. He’s been hiding out since all this hit the fan, and I’m actually in a better mood… because I’m not mentally bracing m’self for another series of lies every time I see him. When you’re not constantly in a half-state of dread or anger, it’s easier to be more chipper and hopeful.

Beloved says we’d charge them rent, but need I remind him of the two trucks FIL was supposed to pay for ? The one he made two payments on, and didn’t even pay to get the oil changed after that ? The other one he never paid a dime towards ? No. I will bust my big butt to get them their own place, but I am not living with them again. This dependency crap has got to stop.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

I think Merri'd make an adorable mermaid ! Heck, all the DP&M girls would.

Apologies to Howard Ashman(RIP)  and Alan Menken :

♪ Look, a new dress !

Isn’t it neat ? ♫

Wouldn’t you say this collection’s complete ?

Lookin’ around, I can say,
♪ “I hope so, ‘cause we’re bro-oo-ooke !”

Yeah, in my last big splurge for the foreseeable future, I snagged a discount Ariel for her dress. I now have at least one original issue wear gown / costume from each of the Disney Princess & Me dolls. I may plump that collection up later, as there’s at least two other Cinderella gowns and Tiana and Ariel both had a second outfit, if I find them inexpensively, but for now, I’m happy as it stands. Which is good, since all our fundage will be going towards the move and the aftermath for a while. The only other real doll things I still want are another pair of DP&M ice skates and the issue dress for Hi, Dottie. Someday…

Ariel herself will join Cinderella, Belle #1, and Anna in the yard sale we’re anticipating at month’s end, all redressed and with shoes. Of the four, only Belle’s not still attached to her box – she doesn’t have one, but I’ve been keeping her in Merri’s (Merida’s). Tia got her pearl earrings, and her turquoise shoes and crown are already in the props/shoe tote.

We were supposed to hear back from the apartment management co. today, but they haven’t decided yet. I remembered that they seemed to drag on a bit last time, too, so I dug through my digital journals…yup. Last time the ‘one day’ took four business days and a weekend, so I refuse to drive m’self crazy tomorrow (like I did today). If we don’t get the nod by Friday, there’s three other places I’m interested in that’ll fit our budget and needs, so it’s their loss if they keep on like this.

Meanwhile, I did dishes – then cooked three meals, so the kitchen looks almost exactly as it did when I went to bed last night. (sigh) Never an end…

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I only smothered the chicken. Honest !

Continued making plans, and did dishes. I even made plans while doing dishes, and neither are complete. But it made both activities fun, and it’s so nice to examine possibilities again. Beloved Hubby put in an application to the place we left to come here, and we’ll find out tomorrow. I am sooo hoping. Please hope with us !

Also tried a new recipe from Betty Crocker – Smothered Chicken Casserole - but I redid half of it. Kind of funny to see I do that to other properties beyond patterns, isn’t it ? Betty wanted me to do quite a bit of specialty (for us) shopping, but with little money this close to a move, it just wasn’t gonna happen. Instead of half and half, I used regular milk with powdered chicken bouillon stirred in. She wanted bacon bits, I sautéed lunchmeat ham cut up small. Completely skipped the broccoli, as no one here would eat it, and upped the pasta (thin whole wheat spaghetti instead of angel hair) to about 9oz. Also used frozen chicken breast halves (just three) we already had instead of four boneless thighs, and added a lot of garlic, plus the bits and salt at the bottom of a box of Triscuits ™ crackers. Rather a budget version, as I used a 68¢ can of cream of chicken soup, but that’s all I bought special for this.

Success ! Or at least, that’s what I call a new recipe with  no leftovers. May increase the milk and pasta next time, maybe cut the chicken smaller, for seconds or leftover lunch. Very filling, too. I was worried it wouldn’t be creamy enough with plain milk, but it wasn’t an issue. Maybe not the healthiest thing in the world to eat, but I’m pretty pleased.

And so ready for bed ! Dishes can wait ‘til tomorrow, right ? 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When the goin' gets tough, the tough start cooking !

Not a lot for me to say after all the tempests and troubles of the past few days. I’m physically and emotionally exhausted, but there’s this tiny spark of hope… Heck, we may just, with luck and the Universe on our side, get to move back to where we lived before ! Please hope for us !

We’ll probably have our yard sale the weekend of the 24th, not a lot of time to prepare, but I’ve worked with less. The one smart thing I’ve done so far is tell Dearest Son that he can keep all the money for any of his toys he sells. He’s ready to ditch 90% of his stuff ! Less we have to move, the better it’ll go, especially since we don’t have a big truck anymore. We’ll have to rent one, but it’ll probably be a ‘one and done’ kinda thing. We’re shopping for new beds and a new sofa, so those aren’t coming with, and the rest is desks, books, tools, clothes, and our hobby stuffs. We could even hire one of the guys across the street for a day of heavy lifting, but since we aren’t moving appliances, it may not be necessary.

We’re gonna sell the oven we never installed, the gas cooktop, the doors and windows we have stacked up, Emmy-car’s rims, and anything else we can ditch. Soon as we know precisely where we’re going, we’ll know what we need and don’t need, so there’ll probably be more. Lots more.

Lest you think we’re as thoughtless as we’re accusing the ILs of being, they already know of our plans because we tried to include them, but they couldn’t possibly care less. Too busy thinking about what they want to plan beyond that. Fine with me, I’ve about had enough. Don’t care what the rest of the family is told or thinks, they’re all thoroughly familiar with FIL’s ways, and they probably knew before we did what was goin’ down when FIL asked for money. I think part of MIL’s RV plans involve travelling up to where BIL and his family live – may the Universe help them if it happens. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Loyalty or even appreciation ? You'll go blind looking for them around here !

While the rest of me may not be happy – I somehow gained three pounds in the last two days – it’s not much happier on the outside, either. Turns out the ILs have completely (expletive deleted) us over by not making any house payments to the point where they now owe $6K to the mortgage holder, due last Thursday. When asked what they were going to do about it, as we don’t have anywhere near that kind of money to save this crappy house (again), MIL outlined her plans on moving into Aunt S’s garage while they save up for an RV and become snowbirds. You may notice that there are no plans for us in her agenda… I have no idea what FIL thinks, he’s been hiding since MIL dropped her little bomb Saturday morning. I do know they’ve been taking our groceries again, since I went to use something we haven’t eaten in weeks, and it’s gone, with the other stuff arranged so it’s not readily apparent. Everything’s falling apart and they stole our tuna and spaghetti.

Poor Beloved Hubby is nearly beside himself. He had no idea they were this far behind, and wonders if they’re even aware of what this means to all of us. Barely a year ago we dropped everything, broke the lease on a place we liked, and moved in to help them, and now it’s all ashes. So much for ‘we’ll leave you the house’ – there’s nothing to leave since they haven’t been making the payments. And I almost wonder if that was the plan to begin with, but I can’t imagine (expletive deleted) over family with such reckless carelessness. “Move in with us and pay all the bills and in a year, instead of keeping a single one of our promises, we’ll hit the ‘abandon ship’ button but not tell you about it until the water level’s about a foot lower than the prow” sounds  more like what you’d do to a gullible enemy, not the last of your local family. 'Ohana' means nothing to my ILs. 

So, that’s where we are right now. Adrift and confused and waiting for the Sheriff to post a notice on the door. I’m angrier than I have been in some time, but under it is some calm. FIL is simply playing true to form, which is why I didn’t want to move in the first place, and I think he’s finally burned his last bridge with Beloved. It’s mercenary and cold to say it, but this could actually be a good thing. Every time we’ve gone in with them on anything, from a job to cars and finally this house, we’ve walked away with nothing, they got what they wanted and expected more. We quite literally can’t do it again. There’s a reason BIL is 1500 miles away and Uncle T. is over a thousand, and they weren’t shy about saying so, plus it was something we already knew. I was stupid to hope they’d change for us, for their grandson. You’d think my parents would have taught me that people don’t change. They may modify or just plain hide their behavior to get what they want, but as soon as it’s ‘Mission Accomplished’, it’s right back to the Old Ways. Most don’t even bother to do that. Still, I really didn’t think them capable of this.

But we already have plans in motion, and they involve moving back to PreviousTown. I could almost hug the ILs for that. I hate this town. Knowing we’re moving back is like getting the best gift ever, and one you didn’t know you wanted or could even ever have, dropped with a bow on it in your lap. I hope things work out… ‘cause I can’t do a lot of heavy lifting now ! Just imagine the yard sale we’re gonna have…

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Well, that was unexpected...

Here's the deal, yesterday's stomachache didn’t go away, not after hours of lying down, not after a short nap that felt more like passing out. I was too hot, then too cold, then too hot again, and no spot, position, or arrangement was comfortable. It’s not normally that bad, the pain usually goes away after a half hour, or a short nap. After eight hours, I threw in the towel and told Beloved Hubby I needed medical attention. Ten minutes later, we were in the Ranger and on the way to the now-familiar VA ER.

By midnight, I’d had x-rays, my first CAT scan (never did see the cat, but I think I saw a sock go by), and was on an IV of fluids. My stomach still hurt, but it was eased enough (without any pain relief given) so that I cat-napped a bit. About 1am, we were told that I was getting another CAT scan, but this one required me to drink 900ml of the most noxious substance ever imagined. I still shudder just thinking about it. It'll be days before I can drink anything out of one of those mugs again. Nasty stuff. It got harder the more I drank, and if it wasn’t for a cold washcloth, I’d have lost it. But I pushed through and drank it all somehow.

Somewhere between the swill and the scan, my stomach stopped hurting. But it looks like I have a hernia, and the doctors and specialist they rang up at midnight were worried it’d burst or worse. Surgery would be almost as big a risk as the hernia. Turns out, I don’t have the symptoms of the worst cases, and after I successfully eliminated, was cleared to go home. Never got admitted. And while I have a consult later in the month, there’s not much I can do. Keep up with the exercise and yoga, eat more grains and fiber, keep my fluids up, take my meds, pretty much what I’m doing for my other numerous concerns.

(sigh) I’m starting to wonder when the VA’s gonna start thinking I’m not worth all this fuss…

On the plus side, I was home at just past noon, and slept for several hours. Had a big lunch I couldn’t finish – I think diabetes has shrunk my stomach, I could have eaten it all (and have !) a couple months ago, and been scrounging for snacks two hours later  – and tested. Of course, since I hadn’t eaten since 2pm yesterday afternoon, and skipped my medicines and insulin since then, too, my numbers were through the roof. Still, no regrets. I enjoyed my big lunch ! And I’ll get those numbers back down in a couple of days. Heck, probably by tomorrow.

Today, though, I loafed and slept and ate a little. I’d spent most of yesterday before I got sick cleaning the Study, and Beloved was very appreciative. Hey, when he cleans enough to open a good third of the room back up, I’m gonna run with it and open all I can, too !  Found two more ‘fit your measurements here’ patterns and a recipe I wanna try this evening, so I’m pretty happy.

Here’s hoping the rest of my body is happy soon, too.