Thursday, April 30, 2015

Spring Belle !

Finally ! Not sure what changed between yesterday and today – other than I’m tired of being upset and impatient about the tax refund – but I’m grateful for it, whatever it was. ‘Cause it got me over to the sewing machine, where the pink gingham ‘Hospital Gown Dress’ waited. It came out pretty well, I think, but the full lining kind of meant I made two dresses and sewed ‘em together, which took longer than expected. I’m sure I’ll do it again, as any thin, light fabric means the dolls’ painted panties show through, which I hate as much as I like thin, airy fabrics. Maybe next time, I’ll at least make it so the dress is reversible. Won’t take much more effort, just a couple seams and more ironing. Or I’ll learn to make slips ! 

The belt is a tattered piece of fold over elastic (hisss !) that I've used and reused several times. It's kind of standing in 'til I decide what I want to do for a belt or sash... but to be honest, I like the 'pop' of color it provides. 

Saw a sort of thermal blanket today that drapes over a dryer, so you can iron on that instead of dragging out an ironing board. I laughed, because that’s where I put the fold-down ironing board we got years ago from a thrift. It’s about the right height, and the space between the dryer and the wall is just right for storing it. Too tight a space to hang it on the wall, and this works.

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