Wednesday, April 15, 2015

And today, I made a Luna gown !

Belle was gonna get the Luna gown, but I got lazy and Aurora was sitting there… as it turned out, the pattern I used, an adaptation of the Hospital Gown one I created, was old and incorrect. Spent more time correcting the thing than I did sewing this one. And I’ll take it apart tomorrow – the ribbon ties I sewed into the side seams are just a bit too low, the elastic in the sleeves is useless, and I’m giving idle thought to adding lace to the sleeves and hemline. I actually lined the front part of this gown, as I need either patterned or thick fabric to keep these dolls’ panties from showing, and it worked out OK. I also wanted to camouflage the interfacing under the Luna embroidery somewhat. 

I’m still kind of proud of how Luna stitched out. Oh, there’s faults, but they’re less readily apparent now. I’d read a tip earlier not to pull fabric tighter once it’s in the hoop, it leads to puckering. Who knew that was true ? It’s a pain to get it tight and flat the first time it’s hooped, but I’m getting better at it, and there’s barely a ripple anywhere around Luna. Sooner or later, I’m gonna have to try Free-Standing Lace again, every effort I made with it before was a failure, but some were fixable. Maybe I hooped the wash-away stabilizer incorrectly, too. 

I think, in a nice print, this twice altered pattern can also work as a day dress. I may use more ribbon ties, or a colorful external casing, or elastic. I’m experiencing a sudden draw towards floral prints…

Our orders from Amazon arrived – poor Dearest Son, at first, his brand-new replacement laptop charger didn’t work, then it emitted a burning smell and leaked something. I think it’s going back. I haven’t opened my tear-away stabilizer yet, not sure what I want to use it on first. But it looks awesome, and big enough to serve as a small end table. When I run out of cut-away, interfacing, and that stuff Beloved Hubby gave me, I hope to order a roll of cut-away from them, too.

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