Monday, April 13, 2015

Rewards card - lost, found, and spent !

Wild storm last night – I’m surprised there weren’t large tree branches out in the road this morning. It finally stopped raining about 3pm today. Wish we could send some of our swamp to California.

Yesterday’s sewing went pretty well, I think ! I may expand it into a gathered-waist dress, just for kicks, ‘cause I already have several tops for them that fit as well, in a similar style. That’s kind of the problem I’m running into when I go shopping for new patterns – I either have it already or know how to alter what I got for free into what someone else is trying to sell to me.

I’d intended to stitch out the new Luna I just bought – no way I can turn an old design into one of her ! – but Beloved Hubby was home today and so was our AT&T Reward Card ! Whoo-hoo ! Needless to say, that thing’s almost drained, but we all got a couple things we wanted. Beloved got a couple hand tools, Dearest Son got a replacement charger for his Flea Market computer and some new comics, I got that 100yd bolt of machine embroidery tear-away stabilizer I’ve been wanting. Truth be told, I’ve never had tear-away, always just sort of made cutaway work, so I’m looking forward to not having to cut so much on my next in-the-hoop project. Gosh knows I’ll have plenty of it to experiment with ! It was so cheap, too. It was the prize, twice, on those contests I kept entering and losing. 

We also hit Hastings and got the last Harry Potter movie our collection lacked, along with a new game, and looked around a lot. Then hit the grocery store for a few loss leaders before they go off sale tomorrow, and some after-dinner chips. Yaaay ! Movie’s over and chips are half-gone, and I’m too tired to even watch Brody work his magic. Here’s hoping for tomorrow !

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