Thursday, April 2, 2015

Together again !

It’s been so beautiful out this week, I’ve had the windows open, which earns Junior-kitty’s approval. But we’re in desperate need of screens. I’ve had to chase five wasps (or maybe one wasp four times, ‘cause at one point there were two at once) back outside today. Good exercise, but a bit scary. I’ve torn up the new Hancock Fabrics ad (my shoo-wasp tool of choice) and it’s only been read twice !

I am officially broke – and I didn’t even get any potato chips ! (sniffle) Spent the last of my few funds left over from buying Luna – she shipped today !! – and got a crafty embroidery design while it was still 30% off (sale ends tomorrow) and a decorative one. I just couldn’t resist ! It’s a lab beaker with a heart coming out from the top, in three sizes. So awesome on a Ghoulia shirt… and a Belle shirt… and maybe even as a little pin for me. No regrets… plus the beaker one was only a dollar. 

 Today I realized that, there will be times when I need both Brody and KJ, and maybe even Ody, plugged in and working at the same time. Plus, the constant shuffling machines around has been difficult during recovery. I don’t think my Doctor knew that each of my machines are probably a bit over five pounds.

So I started wondering what I’d need to do to get both machines accessible on the Arena, not just in and out of temporarily stored, with access to power, where I could sit  and sew. I’d need to shuffle some fabric around, move the wheeled cubby sometimes, get a long extension cord… but it was doable. The rest of the day made it happen. I even had a long cord, just had to repurpose and move it. It’s a good thing I’m on the last week of my recovery, ‘cause moving all that stuff was a little on the risky side. 

And my Anna is here ! Decided I wanted one after all, and wrote an Amazon seller to make sure I was getting the one I specified. Seller never wrote back, they sold out anyway. Since I didn’t want to fuss with that again, I went to eBay and found the exact one I wanted for the same price, shipped. She’s a JCPenney Anna, was even on sale when I ordered her, but with her funds from Pinecone in PayPal, it was faster to hit ‘Buy It Now’ than wait for PPal to transfer to Checking – plus now, the car is down. Isn’t she sweet ? (happy sigh) Now I need to get her something pretty to wear… and maybe just a hint flashy…

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