Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is everyone else's Happy Place always such a mess ?

Entered yet another contest – this is why I don’t play the Lottery, I never win ! – where the entry was showing your sewing space. If I can show it to strangers, I can sure show it to you, so this is the photo I entered. Lots of awesome entries, not surprised for my yet-again loss, I’m just a bit miffed that I ‘Liked’ everyone’s, and most images got 4 or 5 ‘likes’, I only got one. (sigh) It’s petty, and I’m not gonna let it ruin my day (I’ve got a daily weigh-in for that, thanks !) but there it is, and the sooner I own up to it, the sooner it goes away. Still, how could anyone not like a sewing space with a gigantic Luna reigning over it ? I just don’t get people.

An embroidery design seller I like got tossed off Etsy, for selling copyright violation designs, but I don’t know why she got targeted when approximately 97% of all embroiderers buy and sell designs that are no less a ‘borrowed’ image than anyone else’s. If I had a dollar for every Elsa .pes on Etsy, I wouldn’t be daydreaming about our tax refund, I’d be too busy with my delicious steak, new 50” TVs, and brand-new forest green four-door sedan that I paid for in dollar bills. On a more selfish note, I’ve gone through my Favorites and made plans to snag the copyright violation ones as soon as possible…


  1. Messy? Looks pretty organized to me!

  2. I was going to say exactly what Presto said! Your Arena looks fabulous compared to my studio! Mine is a disaster area!