Saturday, April 18, 2015

Not too disappointed - I still got fabric !

Was up bright and early today, eager to use my Jo-Ann’s ‘$5. off any $5. purchase (excepting this list of things)’ coupon they e-mailed me before Beloved Hubby needed the truck to help M&FIL move. Yes, finally, they got their new place today ! He was going to help move their stuff into the truck they rented and help offload, so if I wanted to get my stuff done, I had to hop to it. Was there pretty much when Jo-Ann’s opened, after doing the banking and dropping off some Library books. I’d be back at the Library later, to pick up several sewing books I requested held for me, when it opened, but I wanted to get our nearly overdue books back as soon as possible, and it was on the way. 

Turns out, Jo-Ann’s had next to nothing of what I went in there to buy. The rotary with the wavy blade (that the website said our specific store had 3 of) was nowhere in the entire store, and neither was the patterned felt also shown as in stock on the site. However, the fat quarters were still on sale for 75¢, so I snagged six of those and a remnant. The remnant was kind of funny – after finding nothing in the bins, I saw some gorgeous fabric tucked under the presser foot of a display Singer machine, deep forest green with stripes and so pretty Spirograph-like designs in gold and red. I examined it carefully, as another remnant had been used for stitch demos, but this was untouched, and bearing a now-familiar remnant tag. Probably Christmas fabric, like I cared, it was so pretty to me ! However, their remnant bins are just as confusing as Hancock Fabrics’, so I asked first. Theirs are always half off what the tag says, I was told, and sometimes cheaper. I lucked out, as between sales and coupons, I got six fat quarters, the remnant (a whole yard worth !), and a leftover Cadbury Cream Egg (please don’t tell Beloved or my primary care team !) for $1.74. Whooo-hoo ! Wish I could score coupons like that one more often ! 

The books are a bit more of a letdown. When will I learn that ‘fun, easy sewing for everybody !’ in books = sewing for anyone who’s sized as a single digit prime number. I’ve owned dolls with bigger hips than the ‘Size M’ in one book. Which, helpfully, offers three different aprons and four styles of make-up bag among its twelve patterns. Whee. Thank Everything I can make fun of them and return them without tying up any actual money. 

We did spend a bit more on me – not counting our usual $20. mostly-grocery run to Dollar Tree – when Beloved bought me a new mouse. My poor Microsoft one is on its last few miles, the rubbery strip on the wheel is gone and the plastic beneath is growing pitted. Which greatly affects the performance, half the time, the screen doesn’t respond to the wheel at all anymore. But since $15. and Amazon Prime will fix that Tuesday, I’m fine with it. 

Beloved and Dearest Son were only gone a few hours, and his folks are all moved in, appliances and all. We’re really proud of how Dearest dove in and worked hard, so he got a few extras at DTree. In keeping with tradition, I snagged another plastic Frozen tumbler there, this one’s more V-shaped and lavender than they cylindrical pink one I’ve used for the past month or two. We’re gonna reclaim a sofa they decided not to take, and his truck’s tonneau cover tomorrow. Would have done it this evening, but yesterday’s over-forecasted rain finally came tonight. A nice, refreshing shower that thoroughly ticked off Junior-kitty.

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