Monday, April 27, 2015

Blah-filled Monday...

The Spin Mop set is gone, but the rest of the trash across the street lingers on. I say that, but we’ll put ours out Thursday, and it’s waterlogged sofas (two days of rain), nasty carpet, and an old water heater, just as much junk, but bigger. After Big Trash / Spring Cleaning is over, I’m calling City Of to pick up our second trash cart. It’s only six bucks a month, but hey, that’s $72. a year I don’t have to spend anymore.

Well, according to, we should wake Wednesday morning to a nice fat Checking account. Given the long list of stuff everyone wants, the largesse will only be temporary ! Have to admit, while I’ve been impatient about it, they did good by us – from mailed in forms to refund, it’s been only a month. And that’s with a reduction in staff ! I’ll do my best to stimulate the local economy with the funds, that’s a promise.

Got all the new fabric ready for the washer – I’ll be glad when thrifts stop using packing tape to bundle material. Yeah, the blue jacquard I got this weekend has some tape residue on it. I doubt it’ll come out in the wash, but it’s only about a six inch strip I’ll have to cut around, and it’s by the selvage, at least. It could have been smack dab in the middle of it !

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