Sunday, April 5, 2015

Prototype hearts

While there’s none of the fancy felt I bought for them in this photo, this is the project I’m currently working on. They’re prototypes, made from scrap felt. I love making trial efforts, if they’re failures, I can learn (even if I learn to never try to make that again !), and I only used up old pieces that were just sitting around anyway. And if it’s a success, cool, I get to keep one, and I’ll do even better and faster next time. To me, a prototype or first effort is never a waste. 

I bought this pattern Friday, on sale from Newfound Applique, their Candy Heart in the Hoop design. Theirs, of course, looks much better. I still want to frill the back layers (the white on the first one that’s now a Frozen trading sticker frame, and the pink and blue on the candy-filled second trial), and meant to get a fancy edged pair of scissors for that, but wasn’t sure if they’d work on felt. Turns out, they were all in sealed packaging, so I couldn’t try one out in-store, so I figured I’d just use my pinking rotary instead. 

I’m going to knock out four more tonight and tomorrow, for S. and her family, for when we see them for tomorrow’s museum visit, as a ‘thanks’ for driving us. Hope they like them. I also want to make a bunch more, for my primary care Doctor’s office and my surgery team, but I won’t need to have any of those ready for weeks. By then I’ll be good at ‘em. I liked how the Mike & Ike candies looked on the designer’s sale page, so I bought two 5.5oz boxes at Dollar Tree yesterday. Should be plenty. So they won’t fall out in transport, I’m closing them in back with stickers. Both the hanging ribbons are damaged remnants, glad to have a use for those ! 

My first try, the blue and white one, taught me not to use the thin vinyl. I cut right through it when I trimmed the felt, didn’t even feel it. That’s why it’s a frame now, it can’t hold candy. You kind of have to bend and cut the picture to fit in there, so it’s ill advised to use a rare photo. Scans and prints are better for that. Used much thicker vinyl that I got in a remnant grab bag – back when Hancock Fabrics did those – and while I was concerned it was too thick for Brody to stitch through, they worked fine together. I could *definitely* feel that stuff ! And a little experience improves a lot the second time. 

Other than that, I’ve mostly cooked all day. Made a nice sausage and egg breakfast, then a vat of ham beans, and as we speak, meatloaf, baked beans, and tater tots are on the way to the table in about 20 more minutes. A menu is the best possible way to tell your family  ‘Shut up and eat it.'

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