Friday, April 10, 2015

Where, oh where, can my reward card be...?

Another day of zero motivation. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I hope I lose it soon. Like I lost five more contests today. (sigh) 

Like in years past, I keep a running list of everything everyone adds to the often-spoken phrase, ‘When our tax refund comes in…’. Dearest Son could spend entire the not-that-big wad on computers and rehabbing old computers all by himself via Craigslist and eBay. Beloved Hubby would love tools – new ones and replacements for the ones that have broken down / worn out this year. I’m leaning towards furniture – a loveseat or second sofa for the living room, new office chairs for Beloved and Dearest, maybe a relaxation chair for upstairs. And some cash for crafts, but that goes without saying !  I’m thinking next month, I’ll buy a new mouse, as this one is worn completely out. It doesn’t scroll half the time, and often when it does, it jumps ahead randomly. Real pain when I’m reading. I swear, after four or five years of near constant use, you’d think a $15. Microsoft Downtown cordless optical mouse would last longer…

As usual, we’ll probably get a little bit of all three. Computer parts and memory, a couple of the more expensive tools, probably a loveseat, along with some nice dinners and a couple splurges that aren’t at Dollar Tree. It’ll be nice ! In the meantime, it’s fun to daydream…

Since I didn’t receive anything in the mail from AT&T about our Reward Visa card, I looked up our account on their Rewards page. It’s been approved, and should mail out next Friday, so we may have it by month’s end. You knew I wasn’t gonna let them get away with not giving me the $150. they promised me back in November ! Just wish they’d posted it a couple weeks ago.

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