Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Memories... of syrupy saccharine.

We got such a storm this morning ! Half the houses nearby have branches on their roofs now. I found that one of our trash rolly-carts had blown open and caught what seemed to be most of the rain. Gallons of it. Of course, it was the cart half-fulla trash ! I had to hold it mostly closed and tip it over to let it drain, it was too heavy to move otherwise. At least only a few bits fell out, and it was easy to clean up.

Decided to treat myself for this outrageous natural injustice (lol !) by scarfing up two designs from my wish list while they were on half-price. One was better than a similar set I’d saved as a Favorite on Etsy, so by spending $2., I was able to delete a $5. set – and l liked the sale one much better !

I then hit FaceBook, trawling for other sales, and scored six freebies. Like most freebies, I don’t know how I’ll use ‘em, but if I like ‘em and they’re free, it’s all good in my book ! But if I snagged all the freebies I see on a daily basis, I’d need a new computer or offloadable storage, that’s for sure. 

Beloved Hubby was home due to the storm, so we celebrated our upcoming tax refund (and drained Checking) a little early – with Chinese food ! Oh, so good. And leftovers tomorrow ! I do have to say, though, that the can of Diet Cola I got as part of my lunch special, Best Choice brand, was awful. Their full-sugar fruit sodas aren’t bad at all, but this diet was maybe a half-step away from Tab-level chemical nasty. Yet, just like my memories of Tab, after a few sips, I got used to it, and drank the whole can. I think it actually tasted better a bit warm. You know me, can’t stand waste.

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