Sunday, April 19, 2015

It doesn’t take much…

…to make my day ! McDonald’s did their best, though, to muck it up. Decided on a whim to order the Mighty Kids Meal ‘cause of the MLP toy, asked for that with a McDouble, plain. They got Beloved Hubby and Dearest Sons orders perfect, but I got chicken nuggets and a Transformer. Nuggets with no sauce - I hadn’t requested any ‘cause I ordered a burger - I could deal with, but what was I gonna do with a non-transforming Transformer ? So I went inside and traded the blue ‘bot for Twilight ! Then, was happy. 

Actually, really happy. This one looks more like animated Twilight than anything Hasbro’s ever put out for sale. She comes with a cutie mark-emblazoned comb for her brushable tail, and a note advising its new owner to scan the toy to play an online game. I don’t see anything on her to scan, and scan with what ? A mouse, a cell phone ? Doesn’t say. Didn’t matter. I had a new toy and a good lunch ! Beloved said I was like a kid at someone else’s birthday party. Whee ! Of course I’m happy – no ‘thank you’ notes to write, I got a new toy I like, and my other Happy Meal Twilight Sparkle doesn’t have wings. The new one is just a bit bigger, too. So now, I have a set. Yaaay !

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