Thursday, April 16, 2015

Not a good day, really.

Sorry for the ‘repeat’ seeming image today – I fixed everything I wanted to on the Luna gown this morning, and to me, it’s almost new again ! That got me wanting to try out my newly altered pattern, so I tossed some fabric in the wash. I’ve also been cleaning and tossing clutter, mostly to keep from feeling restless-hungry. Having one of those days where I’m constantly on the prowl for food, but I know it’s just mood, not actual appetite. I would gladly drink a glass of pickle juice if it’d knock that out ! 

Started to wonder what we spent last year’s tax refund on, ‘cause I couldn’t remember much beyond an $800.+ bill to put license plates on the truck, so I dug through some old Musingbook entries. Bad idea. Things weren’t well a year ago – heck, I wasn’t well a year ago ! – and it seems most of our funds went to constantly rebuying groceries and paying sky-high utility bills… then going out to eat, ‘cause we were so depressed. I’m glad things have improved so much, but darn, some of that was hard to read. 

To distract m’self, I decided to watch the new Star Wars trailer. Even worse idea. It’s not that it’s bad, far from it. It’s everything I wanted… back in 1999. Now, I just can’t. I want to, so much, I want to fangasm over a grandfatherly Han Solo like all the other geek girls, but it’s just not there, and knowing that hurts. I wanted to soar with that incredible John Williams theme, I wanted to spring up and shout and be young with none of that prequel crap in my head, but I just couldn’t. I fully expect a representative from Disney / Lucasfilm LTD. at the door Monday morning, scissors ready for my fangirl card. 

I swear, I should have just sat on the dryer ‘til my fabric was ready and sewed all day. Much better use of my time than being depressed and morose and feeling old …

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