Friday, April 3, 2015

It would have been a cliche to use this picture last month, so here it is now !

Whew ! A bill I thought was due this week isn’t due for two more, so yaaay ! We’ll actually have a few bucks this weekend. Not much, it was one of the smaller bills, but I’m happy when I find a quarter on the sidewalk !

Spent nearly an hour on the phone with AT&T – we never got the $150. reward from our cable subscription, and, surprise, surprise, they had no record of it. But I had evidence and notes from when I talked to the representative, so we should have it next month, and a note to verify it next week. Arrrgh. But at least the wheels I thought were in motion in December are finally moving now. And Tiffany was really nice, I couldn’t get upset at her, but I am pretty ticked at that other rep back in November who told me all sorts of misinformation.  I did the survey she asked of me, and rated her highly, her November co-worker somewhat less so. 

Slowly going through all my embroidery designs, sorting them out, combining some, ditching others, finding a few corrupted files. Luckily I always included notes or some copyright information so I can download the bad ones again. That’s one of the awesome things about most design sellers – they usually keep excellent records of what, who, and when any of theirs were purchased and allow recovery when files are lost or damaged. I don’t know why I;m always on the lookout for more when I have so many beautiful ones already… but when you sign up for freebies, you often find so much else to want !

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