Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Kitties & mouse...

Whoo-hoo ! Kitties are gone, although one seems to have pulled a Houdini on us. Since neither food nor a litter box was included – and they didn’t even bring their own from their old house, so we had to give them Junior-kitty’s for their new apartment – we had to open the door to the garage where they were staying. And it still smells like cat in there. On the plus side, I doubt M&FIL will ask us to cat-sit again… and my cold is clearing up, but I’m still coughing up gunk.

I had a surprise in the mail – a new Microsoft mouse ! Almost identical to my old one, minus the design, which was a store exclusive. And a side button which I never used, but often clunked against the edge of my computer by accident. Works great, the scroll wheel is smooth as silk, and actually moves the screen, and in the right direction, too ! Beloved Hubby ordered it for me, even put my name on it. I opened it thinking it might be a product to test. Isn’t he the sweetest ?

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