Saturday, April 4, 2015

A tale of two Alicorns...

It’s official. I can no longer buy any more felt ‘til I use some up, ‘cause the felt drawer is overstuffed and can barely close, thanks to the six sheets I bought this morning. That’s fine, because I have several things to make this weekend, and most of what I bought’s expressly for those projects, so I should soon have a well-closing drawer again.

I have so many things  I want to do ! I have to make a serious effort to not buy every design that catches my eye for ten seconds in a row, justifying it because each one is just a buck or three. I’ve been snagging the images of potential purchases and altering them – I always want to make changes ­– in PaintShopPro. There’s already been three that, once I mocked them up the way I thought I I wanted, I didn’t like them anymore. However this one, “Bright Darkness Unicorn” from Urban Threads, I really like, especially when it looks more like Luna ! And, yeah, it’s an alicorn, Urban Threads, not a unicorn. Unicorns don’t have wings. Pegasi don’t have horns. That said, I still want it, and while it’s on sale for $1.39… maybe tomorrow. Already thinking of replacing the burgundy parts of her mane with some shimmery iridescent stuff...

I also snagged a sheet of iridescent super-thin, ultra-soft vinyl, to use as uppers in an upcoming shoe project. I have tons of ideas for that AStitchForYou design. While I still need to use felt for the soles for the stretch it offers, I wanna go crazy on the uppers. Ultrasuede, vinyl, glitter felt, sparkle vinyl, double-thicknesses of regular woven cotton with a good application of Fray-Check, to match new outfits… Felt is good, and I’ve come to appreciate its qualities - inexpensive, widely available, many pretty patterns and colors out there, I could easily have spent $20. on felt alone today – but I still want to try more fabrics. By the time I’m bereft of ideas, inspiration, and interest, Timey, Dottie, Cathy, and the Disney Princesses are gonna each think they’re Imelda Marcos, 21st Century Edition. 

I also made good on my promise to take Dearest Son to Dollar Tree today. It was a madhouse, always is the day before a holiday. Double it if it’s a Saturday, with tons of squealing kids. Three registers going total retail for glory, and the lines were still threading all the way back into the aisles. I felt a bit sorry for the overworked cashiers, but mine still smiled. 

In addition to  the usual cheap snacks and groceries, I got a roll of masking tape and two boxes of Mike and Ike candy for my projects, and a badly sewn light blue tote bag, the best one out of the four in stock. Gonna rip up the bag (probably measure it for a pattern for later while it’s in pieces) and embroider that Elsa and Olaf design I love so either on the pocket it came with, or on a darker blue replacement pocket, then sew it back up. Might add my first name to the top edge while it’s sectional. Every time I buy a tote bag, it gets put to permanent use holding something, and the Joanne’s bag is too big for a day waiting at the VA between appointments. It was great for my overnight stay, but too large for that cross-stitch project and/or a book or tablet. This new tote is just the right size, and I can’t wait to customize it.

But I need to finish my projects by Monday afternoon – we’re going to the Museum with S. and her awesome kids, and I want to make something for them. I’ll try a prototype later tonight, so please wish me luck !

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