Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wow Saturday !

AJ invites you to 'strike a pose' !
Busy day for not just us – the very large family across the street is moving out. It’s odd, ‘cause they moved in there when we moved in here. In fact, we had to ask them to please move their U-Haul out of our driveway so we could unload our first truck-bed of stuff ! I’m hoping they found a bigger place with a double-wide driveway, which they need almost more than we do. It’s actually good timing for a move, as next Saturday is Spring Clean / Big Trash Pickup day ‘round here. Wish I knew them well enough to tell them we wish happiness will follow where they’re going. 

I also counted six bees happily humming in the clover patch off our porch. I love clover flowers – and honey, too ! Hope the hive is doing well, wherever it is !

Beloved Hubby and I got some good news – the IRS noticed a small error, but we’ll get our refund soon ! With that, we got fast food biscuits for breakfast, and ran errands. Had to return a faulty tool to Harbor Freight, and decided to hit Family Dollar for some much-needed new guy socks. I scored some heavily discounted Easter candy, saw the ‘prom’ version of the Lovely Patsy ‘Midnight Magic’ knockoff MH dolls, and studied a generic Keurig coffee maker clone. At $35., it was probably one of the most expensive things in the store.

Then I got amazing news. I actually won a contest ! An embroidery design shop was celebrating its first birthday, and among other great prizes, offered a $50. gift certificate. I always enter those, but the last time I won anything, I was the only one playing, or everyone who played won. When actual luck is involved, my last win was when I was twelve. Won a really nice skittles / top set in a drawing when my father was in the Woodmen of the World society. Looked a lot like this. Anyway, wow ! Thanks again, E and Me Designs ! I’d just bought some of hers during an awesome sale, so it was great fun to find and wish-list more to go with them ! I have a whole month to use my gift certificate, so I’m gonna give it a couple days, make sure everything on my wish list is what I really want. 

Speaking of, there’s very little left for me to want, embroidery wise, now. The ones on my ‘refund’ list are rather expensive sets I’ve wanted for months, but if I get those, I’m almost done.

Got to hit the going-out-of-business thrift near the grocery store while Beloved Hubby had fun woodworking in the garage. He was challenging himself to make a chair from a single 2x6 – cheap in materials, expensive in labor. But he was having a blast ! Dearest Son went with me, and while he didn’t find anything, I claimed three magazines, three paperbacks, a hardback ‘Encyclopedia of Woodworking’, and a yard of silky blue jacquard in a floral design, all for less than $4. Yeah, their sale wasn’t that great, but the books and fabric certainly were ! Snagged a big bag of sale salad and sodas at the grocery and headed home.

Big Cobb Salads for supper tonight. Yum ! New designs, new fabric, new books, fresh food … it may be a month before I stick my head out the door again !  

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