Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I made a Luna today !

Raining again. There’s a reason I always call early spring ‘Monsoon Season’. 

Today was pretty much like a late Monday – the kitchen was a mess, laundry needed doing, and I was darn near too lazy to move. But the kitchen ‘s clean now, amazing how fast I can move when Beloved Hubby’s on the way home, and I promised to have that cleaned up before he arrived, and I’ve got the laundry sorted and ready to go tomorrow. And I got Luna stitched out. 

Got no complaints at all with the design, all the faults are at my end. This is where I often glitched before, I really can’t tell before the stitching starts if the colors I chose will work together well or not. Probably should have gone with black on the outlining and the detailing, you can hardly see the dark blue against the royal blue. And I have got to start remembering to use dark bobbin thread when most of the design’s dark colored. The bobbin white didn’t really show much until that dark blue sequence, and then it really came out. Ugh. I need to run a tension test on Brody before I stitch out anything else. 

Since Luna is, after all, the Queen of Dreams, this stitch-out is going on a nightie, probably for Tiana. Got the pattern and elastic ready to go, hopefully tomorrow. I got some Law & Order episodes on the DVR to watch, too ! Sweet dreams, ya’ll !

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